Crash Landing And Drive Away Drone Countermeasures UAV Jammer

Product Informations
product features:

  1. Shielding output excessive electricity 120W, exquisite lengthy distance 1000-2000 meters to counter UAV without delay (shielding distance relies upon on the proper environment)
  2. Multi-band 6-channel countermeasures consist of UAV faraway manipulate sign 433MHz/900MHz/2.4GHz/5.8GHz and world positioning sign GPSL1&Glonass L1/GPSL2&Glonass L2
  3. Each frequency band has a built-in high-integrated protective module, which stably outputs correct protective signals, with excessive effectivity and lengthy distance.
  4. The transportable and light-weight mannequin is about 8KG, and the three special positions of the take care of are handy for shoulder relaxation and hand carry
  5. Built-in security licensed rechargeable lithium battery, can ultimate 1 to 1.5 hours (External battery can be related to extend the utilization time)
  6. The LCD display truly indicates the closing power, and well timed charging does now not have an effect on the use
  7. The special plan of exterior thickened warmness sink and built-in cooling fan hurries up the cooling of the device. Compared with different countermeasure guns, which can solely work intermittently, the TX-Q06 can work consistently for 10-30 minutes.
    The ordinary mannequin is waterproof, heat-insulating, shock-proof, and without difficulty adaptable to harsh out of doors environments


  1. Please press the energy change and LCD display to take a look at the ultimate electricity to make certain that the system is absolutely charged earlier than use two The LCD display screen can be became off when no longer in use to shop power
  2. According to the following table, press the corresponding button to pick the corresponding working mode
    (Mode three is the most in many instances used working mode for most drone fashions on the market)
  3. Use an optical telescope to goal at the drone goal in the sky
  4. The counter impact of the drone will be compelled touchdown or return in accordance to specific working modes

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  1. It is handy to devour strength due to the fact all frequency bands are grew to become on. If it is absolutely grew to become on, please strive to preserve it inside 10-20 minutes. to store power
  2. Please make sure that the machine has enough energy earlier than use to make certain everyday use of the device
  3. Please make certain that the shielded frequency band is appropriate for private use in order to enhance the effectivity of product use
  4. Please limit the usage of the machine whilst charging
  5. Please strive to keep away from apparent boundaries between the drone countermeasure tools and the drone

Technical Specifications
Parameter Name Parameter Details
Model EOTXQ06
Jamming frequencies EOTXQ06:
CH1 :433MHz
CH2 :868/915MHz
2.4G :2400-2500 MHz
5.8G :5725-5850 MHz
GPSL1&Glonass L1 :1560-1620 MHz
GPSL2&Glonass L2 :1100-1300 MHz
Jamming radius 1000-2000M
Power furnish AC110-240V to DC24V
Total output electricity 120W
Working Time around 1 -1.5hours
Device measurement 870120120 mm
Device weight 8.02Kg
Package Contents * UAV countermeasure equipment*1, * Telescope*1, * AC charger*1

As technology advances, so do the challenges in maintaining security and privacy. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, present both opportunities and threats in various fields. To address security concerns related to unauthorized drone activity, we’re excited to announce a special offer during our online store upgrade: 10% off UAV jammers. Let’s explore how these devices enhance security and why now is the perfect time to invest with our limited-time offer.

Understanding UAV Jammers:

Countering Unauthorized Drone Activity:
UAV jammers are sophisticated devices designed to detect, disrupt, and neutralize the functionality of unauthorized drones. By emitting signals that interfere with drone communication and navigation systems, these jammers provide an effective countermeasure against potential threats posed by drones, such as surveillance, espionage, and security breaches.
Protecting Sensitive Areas and Events:
From critical infrastructure facilities and government buildings to public events and private properties, the need for protection against unauthorized drone incursions is paramount. UAV jammers offer a proactive solution to safeguard sensitive areas and events by preventing drones from accessing restricted airspace and compromising security protocols.
Ensuring Privacy and Confidentiality:
In today’s interconnected world, maintaining privacy and confidentiality is essential for individuals and organizations alike. UAV jammers help preserve privacy by preventing drones equipped with cameras or sensors from capturing sensitive information or conducting intrusive surveillance activities. Whether in residential neighborhoods, corporate campuses, or government installations, UAV jammers offer peace of mind and protection against unauthorized drone intrusion.
Supporting Law Enforcement and Security Personnel:
Law enforcement agencies, security personnel, and first responders rely on UAV jammers to enhance their capabilities in detecting and mitigating drone-related threats. By deploying UAV jammers during public events, VIP gatherings, or emergency situations, authorities can mitigate risks, maintain order, and ensure the safety and security of individuals and assets.
Easy Integration and Operation:
Our UAV jammers are designed for easy integration and operation, allowing users to deploy them quickly and effectively in various environments and scenarios. With user-friendly interfaces, adjustable settings, and intuitive controls, our UAV jammers empower users to customize their security solutions and adapt to evolving threats with ease.
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