easy has by no means smelled so good

With us, laundry is not a chore; it is a second of joy, a trace of rebellion, a sprint of sass, and a entire lot of confidence, wrapped up in a single pod.

Laundry Sauce is extra than simply a brand—it’s a statement, an alter-ego. It’s an elevated, sexy, scentual, enjoyable and playful strategy to laundry that encourages you to upward shove above the ordinary, to be extraordinary.
say goodbye to mediocre laundry

We’ve usually been pushed with the aid of a wish to encourage others to turn out to be the great model of themselves. With Laundry Sauce, we desire to radically change some thing as mundane as laundry into a platform that encourages you to step past the average, to be extraordinary.

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the artwork and science of smell

Our Principal Perfumer and Scent Artist sought to create the darkish and mysterious, and the clean and open. Our fragrances are stimulated with the aid of the prosperous texture of ingredients, proposing high-end, sophisticated, and surprising distinctive substances that olfactively convey to lifestyles new expressions of the modern-day individual. The end result is a sequence of scents with each herbal and responsibly sourced ingredients, turning in a contact of sophistication.

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Laundry Detergent Pods


1 Pod = 1 Regular Load.

2 Pods for massive hundreds or excessive potential machines. Number of Pods relies upon on desired scent energy and load size.

Dry palms earlier than eliminating Pods from the package.

For front-loading machines, region liquid laundry detergent pod at once to the lower back of the backside of the wash drum, now not into the exceptional compartment marked for detergent.

For everyday top-loading machines, fill your wash drum with water first, then region liquid laundry detergent pod at once to the again of the backside of the wash drum, to evenly distribute the detergent in the water earlier than it hits your clothes.

Add garments and begin the machine.

Line dry or tumble dry on low warmness putting for most scent strength.

For high-quality results, do no longer overload your washing machine.


Nonionic Surfactants, Anionic Surfactants, Fragrance, Enzymes. Contains Fragrance Allergen(s).

Ingredient Disclosure

Laundry Sauce’s Research & Development Team is constantly working to limit the affect our merchandise have on the surroundings whilst nevertheless keeping the cleansing overall performance our clients expect!

Scent Ingredients:

Our scents are blended in North America with herbal and artificial ingredients, containing no animal products, no parabens, no phthalates, no chemical substances (Perfumery) additives, no pesticides, no GMOs.

Detergent Ingredients:

Our detergent components are blended in North America, made with a proprietary combo of enzymes and polymers that are designed to battle hard stains and rejuvenate your garments via lowering material pilling, 70% biodegradable, bio-degrading into innocent compounds that go on to gasoline the circle of life, whilst having no parabens, no phosphates, and no phthalates.

Laundry Detergent Pod Membrane

The laundry detergent pod membrane is made from a water soluble casing known as Polyvinyl Alcohol Polymer (PVOH), which dissolves upon contact with water and is ate up by way of microorganisms.


Do now not unwrap or reduce open the laundry detergent pod. Never deal with a laundry detergent pod with moist hands. Keep the container closed when no longer in use. Store laundry detergent pods in a cool, dry region out of attain of youngsters and pets.

Keep liquid laundry detergent pods out of the attain and sight of children. Keep liquid laundry detergent pods closed in their authentic container when no longer in use. Do now not reduce or puncture liquid laundry detergent pods. Keep liquid laundry detergent pods, when now not in use, away from moisture and keep away from dealing with them with moist hands. If liquid laundry detergent pods stick together, do now not strive to separate them. Liquid laundry detergent pod might also reason pores and skin irritation. Liquid laundry detergent pod may also motive eye irritation. Do now not ingest liquid laundry detergent pod. Call the nearby poison manipulate middle at once (+1-800-222-1222 in the USA) if the liquid laundry pod is swallowed or receives in the eye.

Safety Data

For our Liquid Laundry Detergent Pods, please assessment the following Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Welcome to LaundrySauce.com, where the mundane task of doing laundry transforms into a sensory experience. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of LaundrySauce.com, exploring the innovative approach, eco-friendly practices, and delightful scents that make laundry not just a chore but a ritual.

Revolutionizing Laundry Care:
LaundrySauce.com isn’t just about detergent; it’s a revolution in laundry care. Their approach combines cutting-edge technology with a commitment to sustainability, redefining how we think about and engage in the age-old task of washing clothes.

Signature Scents and Formulas:
One of the hallmarks of LaundrySauce.com is their signature scents. From lavender to eucalyptus, each formula is meticulously crafted to infuse your laundry with delightful fragrances, turning the act of washing into a sensory delight.

Eco-Friendly Innovation:
Embrace green living with LaundrySauce.com’s eco-friendly solutions. Their concentrated formulas minimize packaging waste, and many products feature biodegradable components, ensuring your commitment to cleanliness extends to the well-being of the planet.

Customized Laundry Experiences:
Tailor your laundry routine with LaundrySauce.com’s range of products. From liquid detergents to powder blends, fabric softeners to stain removers, their lineup allows you to customize your laundry care according to your preferences and needs.

Gentle on Fabrics, Tough on Stains:
LaundrySauce.com understands that clothes are an investment. Their formulations are gentle on fabrics, preserving the integrity of your garments while still being tough on stains. Say goodbye to compromises between cleanliness and fabric care.

Sensitive Skin Solutions:
For those with sensitive skin, LaundrySauce.com has dedicated solutions. Explore their hypoallergenic and fragrance-free options, ensuring that everyone in your household can enjoy the luxury of freshly laundered clothes without irritation.

Efficiency and Convenience:
Experience the efficiency of LaundrySauce.com’s products. Their formulations are designed for maximum cleaning power, meaning you use less product per load. This not only saves you money but also minimizes your environmental footprint.

Educational Laundry Guides:
LaundrySauce.com goes beyond selling products; they empower you with knowledge. Explore their educational guides on stain removal, fabric care, and sustainable laundry practices, ensuring you get the most out of your laundry routine.

Sustainable Packaging Initiatives:
Join LaundrySauce.com in reducing packaging waste. Their commitment to sustainable packaging initiatives includes recyclable materials and eco-friendly designs, showcasing a dedication to minimizing the environmental impact of laundry care.

Laundry as a Ritual:
LaundrySauce.com encourages you to see laundry as more than just a chore. Transform it into a ritual of self-care, a moment of mindfulness, where the simple act of folding freshly cleaned clothes becomes a celebration of the care you provide to yourself and your belongings.

Exclusive Promotions and Bundles:
Take advantage of exclusive promotions and bundled offers. LaundrySauce.com values customer loyalty, offering special discounts, extended subscriptions, and enticing bundles to enhance your laundry care routine.

Join the LaundrySauce.com Experience:
LaundrySauce.com – Where Cleanliness Meets Luxury. Join the Experience Today!

Elevate your laundry experience with LaundrySauce.com, where each wash is a sensory journey, and every formula is crafted with care. Join the movement that transforms laundry from a chore into a delightful ritual, and let LaundrySauce.com be your partner in the art and science of cleaning. Your laundry day revolution begins here.