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Battle Tested. Expert Formulated Supplements.

As a main health complement provider, we consider anyone have to have get admission to to the equal high-quality and effectiveness of supplementation that expert athletes be counted on. Just as any outside baller can put on the equal footwear as Michael Jordan, each and every health fanatic need to have get admission to to dietary supplements designed for expert athletes and the information to apprehend the difference.

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We purpose to supply the best best dietary supplements backed by using science and designed to assist persons acquire their health dreams and athletic aspirations. With the proper tools, anybody can gain their preferred degree of health and athletic performance.

We apprehend that the world of health and supplementation can be perplexing and overwhelming, which is why we are dedicated to offering schooling and training to assist our clients make knowledgeable choices. By empowering folks with the understanding they want to make the nice options for their fitness and fitness, we can assist them acquire their desires and attain their full potential.

In summary, our mission is to furnish get right of entry to to the identical first-rate of supplementation that expert athletes use, alongside with the training and instruction to make knowledgeable choices. Everyone has the doable to reap their health dreams and athletic aspirations, and we are dedicated to supporting them get there.

From a game-changing pre-workout to robust glucose disposal marketers & industry-leading intra-workout, we’ve mixed science with actual world journey to custom-formulate every product.

We are obvious with all components we put into our products, and all 1st Detachment dietary supplements are:

Made in the USA the usage of organic ingredients.
Third-party micro examined for most useful quality.
Made in an FDA-registered facility.
Formulated via health and vitamin experts.
Created to produce consequences and value.
When you contact us, you will acquire guide from a 1D crew chief who works without delay with the owners. That potential you are capable to get the answers you need, from the character who can assist best. Your loyalty and pleasure are greater than vital to us, and we are right here to help

Do you have questions about 1st Detachment and our products? Find solutions to some of the most regularly requested questions here.

Where do you ship to?

We presently provide quick delivery at some stage in the continental United States and Canada*.

  • International transport might also require extra import/customs fees.

What price techniques do you accept?

You can use any of the charge strategies listed beneath to pay for your order:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • Discover

What is your stance on anabolic steroids?

As an organization, we apprehend that anabolic steroid use is a complicated trouble that raises worries about fitness dangers and the integrity of sports activities and different aggressive activities. While we do no longer condone the use of anabolic steroids, we additionally accept as true with that men and women have the proper to make their personal preferences about their our bodies as lengthy as they do now not damage others.

We renowned the dangers related with anabolic steroid use, which includes the attainable for serious fitness penalties such as liver damage, cardiovascular disease, and infertility. We inspire folks who pick out to use anabolic steroids to do so beneath the supervision of a certified clinical expert who can screen their fitness and grant training on the secure and accountable use of these substances.

At the identical time, we apprehend that anabolic steroid use can be a non-public desire and that men and women have the proper to make their personal selections about what they put into their bodies. We agree with it is necessary to appreciate these picks as lengthy as they do no longer damage others or violate the regulations and guidelines of sports activities or different aggressive activities.

In summary, our role is that anabolic steroid use is a complicated problem that raises worries about fitness dangers and the integrity of sports activities and different aggressive activities. While we do no longer condone the use of anabolic steroids, we additionally accept as true with in respecting person alternatives and encouraging protected and accountable use of these components beneath the instruction of certified clinical professionals.

What is your stance on Illegal drug use? 

As accountable contributors of society, we firmly agree with that unlawful drug use is a serious problem that should be addressed via education, prevention, and intervention. Illegal drug use can have devastating consequences, now not solely for humans however additionally for their families, communities, and society as a whole.

We agree with all men and women are accountable for making wholesome alternatives and heading off enticing in unlawful drug use. We inspire absolutely everyone to searching for out correct and dependable data about drugs, their effects, and the dangers related with drug use.

Furthermore, we accept as true with these struggling with a drug addiction must get hold of compassionate and advantageous treatment, as a substitute than punishment or stigmatization. We help efforts to grant get entry to to evidence-based remedy and rehabilitation packages that prioritize the fitness and well-being of individuals.

In summary, our function is that unlawful drug use is a serious problem that requires a multi-faceted strategy that consists of prevention, education, treatment, and regulation enforcement strategies. We accept as true with that by way of working together, we can create a safer and more healthy society for us all.

How did the business enterprise get started?

1st Detachment used to be co-founded in 2022 by means of famend physique and energy sports activities train Justin Harris of Troponin Nutrition. For over 20 years, Justin has been working with his consumers to piece collectively their very own dietary supplements due to the negative high-quality of merchandise on the market.

After years of frustration with the lack of science-based, splendid dietary supplements on hand for expert athletes and health fans alike, Justin determined to take things into his very own fingers and formulate his very own line of supplements. With 1st Detachment, Justin pursuits to supply merchandise that meet the perfect quality, purity, and effectiveness standards.

Each complement in the 1st Detachment line has been cautiously crafted to supply the specific doses of key substances wished to assist athletic performance, muscle growth, and common health. Whether you’re a aggressive athlete or simply searching to enhance your fitness, you can believe 1st Detachment to grant dietary supplements backed by means of science and validated to work.

Who is the veteran?

We at 1st Detachment are proud to have had an authentic co-founder who served as an E-5 in the U.S. Army Special Forces. Although he had to go away the organisation for non-public reasons, he stays a cherished pal and an crucial section of our community.

Our deep admiration for the army and its personnel stays a cornerstone of our values, and we are committed to helping veteran-owned health businesses. We are working challenging to set up a non-profit business enterprise that contributes to essential initiatives that gain our guys and girls in uniform.

At 1st Detachment, our veterans deserve our utmost appreciate and support. We are honored to have labored with a former U.S. Army Special Forces member and are excited about the possibilities as we proceed to provide lower back to these who have given so a lot for our country.