In far flung mountain highlands of Asia, a crew of Buddhist monks referred to as the Luohan performed enlightenment and ascension thru meditation and pure living.

In this primeval forest, the monks determined a uncommon superfood prized for its sweetness and its capacity to increase chi, or existence energy. This sacred fruit was once named monk fruit and was once used for centuries to extend chi and well-being, incomes it the nickname “The Immortals’ Fruit.”
Lakanto’s mission is to carry chi to all existence with the aid of growing innovative, delicious, sugar-free products. We encourage human beings to attain their absolute best manageable in fitness and health by using assisting them find out their chi.

Proud Sponsor of the American Diabetes Association

Lakanto is proud to be a company sponsor of the American Diabetes Association® (ADA). The ADA’s work to assist the 133 million Americans with diabetes or prediabetes is carefully aligned with Lakanto’s desires now and from our conception.

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Today you may also recognize Lakanto for one, or many, of our scrumptious merchandise and Monkfruit sweetener, however there was once a time when sugar-free wasn’t continually so sweet.

When the founder of our company, Mr. Saraya, developed diabetes, he sought a sugar choice that didn’t have an effect on his blood glucose (blood sugar) AND tasted great. In the early 1990s, his search led him to monk fruit. He noticed its workable to remedy his trouble and to assist different human beings with diabetes. Mr. Saraya labored to convey his Monkfruit sweetener to the world and Lakanto used to be born.

Of the sweetener preferences available, the Lakanto monkfruit formula is the closest healthy for the full taste of sugar!

Lakanto is dedicated to supporting these residing with diabetes and their households by using growing merchandise that are sugar-free, delicious, and nutritious. Unlike most fruits, whose sweetness comes from fructose, Monk Fruit’s sweetness comes from herbal mogrosides that are three hundred instances sweeter than sugar. Modern lookup suggests that Monk Fruit extract does no longer bring up blood glucose or insulin, making it a ideal sugar alternative.

Lakanto has lengthy been dedicated to supplying sugar picks that cater to various tastes, existence and dietary needs, and our Monkfruit Sweetener with Allulose is no exception. The Monkfruit Sweetener with Allulose gives you acquainted sweetness and greater choice.
What’s Allulose?

Allulose is a kind of sugar that resembles fructose, which is the sugar that happens naturally in fruit. Allulose is additionally recognized as d-psicose (pronounced ‘sea-cose’), d-allulose, or pseudo-fructose. Allulose can mimic some of the traits of sugar, such as the capability to caramelize and brown. Unlike many artificial sugar replacements, allulose can without problems be determined naturally in wheat, figs, raisins, maple syrup, and more.
Allulose vs. Sugar

Allulose is about 70% as candy as sucrose (table sugar). When blended with the sweetness of Lakanto Monk Fruit, allulose acts as the best sugar alternative barring the want for immoderate calories.
A Molecular Look:

Chemically, allulose is a monosaccharide, which skill it is a single sugar molecule. While it shares the equal constructing blocks as fructose and glucose, allulose has its very own awesome molecular structure. Allulose belongs to a type of carbohydrates recognized as “ketohexoses.” Its special shape units it aside from different sugars, contributing to its outstanding properties.

Functional Benefits
Weight Management Support
One of the attractive factors of allulose is its workable to aid weight management. Its low-calorie content material makes it a precious device for these searching to limit calorie consumption whilst nevertheless taking part in sweetness.
Dental Health
Allulose doesn’t make a contribution to enamel decay like frequent sugars, making it an exponentially higher preference for dental health. That is why allulose is from time to time used in merchandise like gum and toothpaste rather of sucrose.
Blood Sugar Management
For people worried about blood sugar levels, Allulose can be a proper ally. Its wonderful results on blood sugar makes it an candy choice for each person searching to stabilize their blood sugar and strength tiers during the day.
Prebiotic Characteristics
Allulose has additionally tested prebiotic characteristics, which may additionally show to be some other special gain contributing to intestine health. Preliminary lookup suggests that allulose may also truely motivate the boom of sure really helpful micro organism in the gut.
Safety Studies
You may be questioning about the security of Allulose. Well, its protection profile has been wholly evaluated, and it has been proven to be a protected and wholesome choice to sugar for the frequent population. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) first2 deemed Allulose Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) in 2016.

The Zero Calorie Sweetener:
One of Allulose’s most exquisite points is its low-calorie content. It carries solely about 0.2 to 0.4 energy per gram, in contrast to the four energy per gram observed in sugar. None of these energy are digested with the aid of our bodies, so that comes out to a internet zero for humans. This calorie discount is big for these searching to manipulate their weight.
Navigating Allulose Labels:

Allulose is additionally regarded as d-psicose, d-allulose, or pseudo-fructose. On product labels, it is most frequently listed as allulose or d-allulose.
Listed as a Carb?

Keep in thinking that allulose is generally listed as a carbohydrate on vitamin labels in the United States, however its calorie content material is decrease than regular sugars, and it isn’t digested by using our bodies, so it contributes zero internet energy to the ordinary product.

If you are following a low-carb diet, perception “net carbs” is crucial. Net carbs symbolize the whole carbohydrates that our physique can destroy down. This ability fiber and sure sugar alcohols don’t have an effect on the internet carb matter of foods. Since allulose isn’t metabolized by using the body, it suits into this equal class and can be subtracted from the complete carb count.
FDA Labeling Update

Because it is absorbed and metabolized in another way from different sugars, in 2019 the FDA exempted Allulose from the record of complete and brought sugar quantities on the Nutrition and Supplement Facts labels. It nevertheless requires list it as a carbohydrate (as are dietary fiber and sugar alcohols). Although, with 0.4 kcal per gram, Allulose has about 1/10 the energy of different carbohydrates, none of which our our bodies can digest.

Why erythritol?

You may additionally have observed the “with erythritol” label on some of our products. A lot of human beings are curious as to why we use this herbal sweetener if we’re already the usage of monk fruit. To reply that, we want to discuss about monk fruit first. Monk fruit extract is noticeably sweet, with three hundred instances the sweetness of sugar, all with zero carbs. Sweet!

The trouble is, that makes changing sugar a lot greater tough than most of us have time for. If you simply exchange sugar with pure monk fruit extract, none of these basic recipes would work, as the ratios are so out of whack. Erythritol on the different hand, is solely about 60%-80% as candy as sugar. When exactly bonded with monk fruit extract, we’re capable to intently in shape the taste and element profile of sugar. Now THAT’S sweet! Sweetness Profile Comparison
What’s erythritol?

Grapes and melons, wine and cheese, bread and mushrooms…sure, they’re tasty pairings, however what else do they all have in common? They’re herbal sources of erythritol. It’s a sugar alcohol located in a lot of fruits and vegetables, with zero calories. That makes it a naturally, deliciously ideal pairing with the ultra-sweet monk fruit.

Erythritol has been commercially produced for over 30 years as a herbal choice to sugar, however it wasn’t till Lakanto delivered the pairing with monk fruit that Monkfruit Sweetener grew to become a real replacement. While there are many sources of the sweetener, we create ours from the fermentation of glucose and yeast. The bonding method with monk fruit happens after fermentation occurs.
Erythritol at a Glance


Erythritol is a byproduct of many fruits and greens

Zero Calories

Provides sweetness besides the excessive caloric output of sugar¹

High Digestive Tolerance

Unlike sugar, is now not fermented by way of the human body, decreasing possibility of gasoline or laxation¹ ²

Diabetic Approved

Due to lack of calories, diabetics can devour the sweetener barring spiking blood sugar levels⁵

Tooth Friendly

Smile! The American Dental Association and FDA each aid erythritol in vicinity of sugar for dental health¹


When bonded with monk fruit, it lets in humans to revel in sweets besides overconsuming sugar

How secure is erythritol?

Because of the special name, it’s convenient to see the phrase “erythritol” and conjure ideas of an synthetic substance created in a lab. But as you now know, that couldn’t be in addition from the truth. It’s a bit like calling water “dihydrogen monoxide.” Sounds intimidating, however it’s simply water!

At Lakanto, we pay shut interest to any research launched about all our substances – in addition to conducting our personal lookup – to make certain that we provide the pleasant feasible products. If solely the massive sugar organizations may want to say the identical thing, huh? And whilst a record of skepticism on the food’s security did come up in current years, it used to be generally dismissed³ through experts. We are supporters of our customers’ standard fitness and well-being. We advocate you to suggest for your very own fitness and to discuss to your medical doctor and or fitness care practitioner about your dietary choices.

In the forty years considering it grew to become a famous sweetener, erythritol has been safely used throughout the globe. Both the FDA, European Scientific Committee on Food, and World Health Organization have all licensed the product’s safety.⁴

Lakanto itself was once born in an effort to assist human beings stay healthier, happier lives through supplying a top rate sugar replacement. Since our introduction into the U.S. in 2014, we’ve developed a passionate following of Lakanto enthusiasts who have viewed marked upgrades in their life-style goals. We maintain ourselves to the absolute best standards, continuously re-evaluating and enhancing merchandise based totally on the wishes of our fans. And the herbal erythritol has proven time and time once more to safely supply the goods.