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AMAZING FRAGRANCE IN EVERY CORNER – This Kevinleo scent home machine has an incredible 3000 to 4,500 Sq Ft coverage. It can be used to cover an entire home, office, spa or commercial space that will smell and feel like a 5-star hotel.
NATURAL & SAFE – Kevinleo is completely safe for PETS & KIDS so you can enjoy all of the wonderful benefits of our scent without any of the worrying. Our scents are natural, vegan, and free of solvents and raw materials derived from petroleum.
POWERFUL SCENT – Coverage area up to 4 ,500 SQ.FT by hvac system
PLACE IT ANYWHERE – This scent air machine allows you to enjoy the fragrance of your choice in a variety of settings. Place this scent air machine anywhere, but also easily connect it to a standard HVAC and have it installed as part of your home’s ventilation system (note that the hose does not come with this device, but can be easily found
Large Capacity & Powerful Scent -The nebulizer makes the scent fill rooms up to 4000 Sq. Ft creating a wonderful and relaxing ambiance for your bedrooms, bathrooms, office room, spa room or some commercial space. With our unique waterless aromatherapy diffuser which will inspire, excite and refresh you by surrounding the scents.
Satisfactory customer service – We are committed to provide customers with high quality products and great support. We provide 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year limited warranty. Please contact us through Amazon for any further assistance.

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Product Description
Experience Scents Like Never Before

Works with essential oil.No any water; Cold-Air Technology to atomiz scent oil into scent fog for your whole house with 3,000-7,500 SQ.FT coverage area by Lcd display; You can set up any work time on display for your require;

Stand alone / mount on wall, You also connect by hvac system for much area

No Diffusion?

It’s a scent machine which is different from the traditional diffuser that runs all the time. It will work for serval seconds, then pause, and work again.
Check the Power.
Replace the oil with rubbing alcohol and run it through for 5 mins Why there is little or no spray coming out?
The atomization head is blocked. Clean the machine by running rubbing alcohol.
Diffuser core with straw is missing or damaged.
Pump may be damaged. Oils Leaking?
The bottle is loose. Screw it in properly, straight and tight.
Seal is broken or missing
Important information

[GU] 1. Ensure your HVAC system is turned off. 2. Connect the product to the HVAC system using the appropriate hose (not included). 3. Turn on the product and HVAC system. 4. Add essential oils to the product’s reservoir. 5. Set the desired scent intensity and schedule using the product’s controls. 6. Enjoy the aroma throughout your home.

Legal Disclaimer

For this machine,it works well with essential oil,and can set up work time from monday to sunday. please contact us if any problem about how to operation. we have video for operation and solution for problem met when use our machine. Any question.please contact us before leaving review. our team will settle your problem fast till satisfaction.