Ashley Black, the #1 best-selling creator and inventor of the myofascial device phenomenon the FasciaBlaster®, used to be born in a small city in Alabama in 1973. At a younger age, she was once identified with an aggressive shape of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) which would come in waves of debilitating ache at some point of her childhood. She spent her formative years in and out of doctorʼs places of work and was once informed she would want a wheelchair through age 25.

Determined this would no longer be her fate, she developed her personal coping mechanisms to manipulate her flare-ups and discovered that meals charting, warm and bloodless baths, self-massaging, stretching, and energy education have been high quality capability of ache management. She commenced to deny medicines in her teenagers and continually knew there was once a higher way. 10% OFF All Products Use This Promo Code

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Black developed a love for sports activities and grew to become a aggressive athlete – tumbling, dancing, and cheering at some stage in university and by means of her early twenties she used to be instructing 20+ health lessons a week.


Life as she knew it got here to a screeching halt in her mid-twenties after the start of her 2d toddler when she went into the health facility for a movements manner and shriveled a lethal bone contamination that 93% of humans in this situation die from. After months of excruciating pain, Black used to be launched from the health center with a prognosis of a lifestyles of incapacity and ache administration drug.

Refusing to take delivery of her destiny as soon as again, she determined to take her fitness trajectory into her very own hands. Black started reading a couple of varieties of choice medication and studying each the regarded and unexplored sides of human anatomy to discover some thing that ought to assist her.

Using herself as a guinea pig, she observed that the structural boundaries in her physique have been due to constrictions in the “sheets” of connective tissue – fascia – that connect, penetrate, envelope, and encompass each organ, joint, muscle, and machine of the body. Utilizing her non-public experience, experimentations, lookup and sheer will, Black developed a fusion of gentle tissue therapy, fascia stretching, physique mechanics, and core activation methods to deliver a holistic strategy to wellness, sports activities performance, and recovery. Her authentic insights contributed to the advent of a new realm of science: Fasciology™.

The start of the FasciaBlaster is the quintessential story of “Necessity Breeds Invention”. As Ashley and her crew of Fasciologists have been working with their non-public clients, there was once a precise want to tackle the fascia, as it can obstruct the efforts for deeper tissue work. There are many methods to tackle fascia, such as pores and skin rolling or pulling or lengthy sustained fascial stretching, fascial “flossing” even cupping and blading. But these strategies can be sluggish and cumbersome, as nicely as hard on the palms of the practitioner. There had been additionally equipment that have been marketed for fascia, however nothing she tried was once in a position to palpate the fascia the way Ashley and her Fasciologist theorized would be most effective.

Many of the consumers have been expert athletes and celebrities, so Ashley would have to journey to work with them, and occasionally she would not see them for weeks or months at a time. This used to be a large setback, so it used to be vital that she invent some thing to assist them assist themselves between visits.


Ashleyʼs mission is to develop the science and make certain that all her information is captured and carried on via Fasciologist™ after she has transitioned from this bodily world. In order to accomplish this, Ashley believes that she desires to attain the “tipping point” of mass acceptance. She plans to do this obtaining 10+ million followers and customers, extend to the international market, set up a university curriculum and teach her predecessors. She plans to again this effort by using providing the floor breaking fascia lookup at principal international scientific conferences and compelling different scientists to take her equipment and strategies and follow them to big areas of the restoration sciences in ongoing research. She additionally plans to increase recreation altering documentaries for the time-honored public to have the reality about fascia revealed. Please be part of us in sharing our expertise and products with all and sundry you know. Click right here for greater of what is going on in Ashleyʼs life.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why is healthful fascia important?
Healthy fascia is necessary due to the fact it is discovered in all the “white space” in the physique and is accountable for the fitness of the cells. It surrounds and penetrates all the buildings of the body, and when it is no longer functioning (tight, thick, disorganized) it can motive many issues in our health.
Are fascia and cellulite related?
Merriam Webster defines Cellulite as “deposits of subcutaneous fats within fibrous connective tissue (as in the thighs, hips, and buttocks) that provide a puckered and dimpled look to the pores and skin surface”. Well, wager what fascia is…connective tissue!
How do I use the FasciaBlaster®?
Use the FasciaBlaster® on naked pores and skin with oil, rubbing briskly up and down and facet to side.
Where can I use the FasciaBlaster® on my body?
You can use all of the Blaster gadgets from head to toe however the FaceBlaster™️ and OMGBlaster was once mainly designed for and are the solely Blaster units to be used on the face
Do I have to be warm to use the FasciaBlaster®?
No, however the FasciaBlaster is most tremendous when the tissue is warm. You can warmness up internally with some cardio or warm yoga, etc, and/or warmness externally with the aid of getting in a sauna, warm tub or shower, warm pads, a house heater or a sauna suit.
How difficult need to I use the FasciaBlaster®?
Start off mild and brisk! And step by step go deeper as it feels good.
Why do I want to use oil?
Oil lets in the system to float over the pores and skin alternatively of grabbing the skin. DO NOT USE over apparel as the product will NOT work.
What kind of oil do I need?
We advocate our Blaster Oil. You can CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!
These oils are formulated with Ashley’s non-public touch and can assist take your consequences to the subsequent level!!!
How do I easy my FasciaBlaster®?
Simply wash with heat water and antibacterial soap.
Does the FasciaBlaster® purpose bruising?
Yes, bruising can be expected. If the bruises appear unusual, give up the use of and see your depended on healthcare professional. If you have any unanticipated modifications in your physique or to your health, seek advice from with your relied on healthcare professional. Please refer your company to our internet site so they can apprehend extra about our products.
Can I use a FasciaBlaster product if I’m pregnant?
This is a private desire that you want to make with your healthcare issuer however in no way use a FasciaBlaster product on a pregnant tummy.
My FasciaBlaster® feels scratchy, what can do about this?
Please e mail and they will be capable to help you.
Can I use the FasciaBlaster® if I’m on blood thinners or have blood clots?
No, we do now not advise it. If you are on blood thinners or have a records of blood clots, seek advice from your relied on healthcare expert about the usage of the FasciaBlaster. We do now not suggest use with the aid of absolutely everyone who is taking blood thinners or has a records of blood clots. Any use of the FasciaBlaster or any Blaster product is at your personal risk.
If you have greater complicated questions, we advise you in reality instruct yourself.
A first-rate way to do that is with our e book and be a part of our social media.
What is the FasciaBlaster device and how does it work?

The FasciaBlaster is a myofascial rubdown device peer reviewed and posted for fascia tissue remodeling: Watch this animation of how it works:
How do I use the FasciaBlaster tools?

You use them on naked pores and skin with oil, watch our tutorials here: Ease and go layer by using layer:
How frequently have to you use the FasciaBlaster tools?

You can FasciaBlast as regularly as you would like as lengthy as you are now not sore or bruised. Listen to your physique and take relaxation days to enable your physique to adjust. Starting out with FasciaBlasting 3-5 days a week for 2-5 minutes per location to begin is ideal.
Does it hurt?

If your tissue is touchy it might also be uncomfortable when you start. Healthy tissue would not hurt, so ease in and go at your very own pace. It will emerge as progressivley extra exceptional with consistency. Try these prep methods to help:
How lengthy until I see results?

Our peer reviewed and posted learn about indicates that a hundred percent of the members confirmed growth within ninety days! Of course, every person’s physique is one of a kind so pay attention to your physique and remain on a steady FasciaBlasting time table for high-quality results.
How do I recognize what device is proper for me to begin with?

Great news, all our equipment work! You may also begin with any device and use them all on the body. We designed Introduction Kits to assist get your started, test it out here:
Which device is exceptional for the Face and Neck?

Our FaceBlaster and OMGBlaster had been designed for the subtle face tissue. Learn all about Face and Neck FasciaBlasting here:
Where can I see different experiences?

You can view our Before and After photographs here: Or be a part of our social neighborhood on Facebook and Instagram.
Who can I speak to about my unique needs?

Email our teaching group at and we will assist you on your FasciaBlasting journey.
What are the cellular opt-in terms?

No Purchase Necessary.

We will attain out with the aid of SMS. Continental US Residents Only.

By becoming a member of Ashley Black’s VIP squad you agree to acquire promotional messages. Four messages per month. Message and records costs can also apply.

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