The Story of Charge Bikes

The concept of constructing the ideal electric powered bike didn’t manifest overnight. Rather it was once from years of journey constructing ordinary bikes, gazing the challenges and listening to clients about the issues and problems that avoided them from driving bikes more.

We commenced Charge in 2004 with the mission of making biking handy and produced an assortment of well-priced, long lasting bikes that had been each effortless and enjoyable to ride.

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When electric powered bike science emerged, we right away identified that including an electric powered motor made bikes even higher and greater on hand to extra humans – disposing of even extra obstacles to cycling. Suddenly hills aren’t a trouble and you can cruise without difficulty to work in everyday garments except wanting a shower.

Weekend Rides That Won’t Tire You Out

The Comfort’s title says it all. Our best-seller, this fashionable electric powered cruiser bike is constructed for fun, leisurely rides that are energizing besides being exhausting. It points pedal help and a throttle so you can pedal when you prefer and cruise when you don’t.

Get There and Back, No Sweat

Whether strolling errands or commuting to work, the City electric powered hybrid bike helps you soak greater pleasure alongside the way. Simple to store, light-weight and maneuverable, it makes the hills and valleys of every day existence less difficult and extra enjoyable.

Explore Without Limits

Dirt, sand, snow—wherever you prefer to go, the XC electric powered bike is geared up to take you there. With big, grippy tires, stable shocks and a effective motor, it’s prepared for the rides of your life.

More Power to You: Chantel Hyde

“I assume the Charge e-bike is top notch for a broad range of humans whether or not you simply choose to have fun, or you’re any one like me who has had huge surgical operation and who wants a lot of bodily remedy and is making an attempt to construct returned muscle mass and strength”

Women in Charge

Recognizing how the biking enterprise regularly underserves and underrepresents women, we’re partnering with (and celebrating!) the many inspiring, authentic, and influential female in our ambassador application who add so an awful lot vibrancy and originality to our brand.

A Whole New Electric Bike Brand

We’ve created a total new electric powered bike company that’s made to go you—in each way. We make a small however mighty lineup of stylish, comfortable, affordable, and long lasting e-bikes for humans who choose an simpler and greater fun way to trip thru the hills and valleys of life.

With this in mind, Nick Larsen, founder of the Charge brand, teamed up with longtime pal and Cannondale’s VP of Product, Peter Vallance, to create the perfect electric powered bike.

Nick and Peter rethought each and every element of the electric powered bike experience, from shopping for to assembly, to storage and ownership, searching for clever options to the ache factors they had witnessed over the a long time constructing and driving bikes.

All with the aim of making these general facets on all bikes at an cheap price.

The crew did not quit there. They additionally knew that most bikes are shipped these days in portions and require numerous, tricky meeting steps with a variety of tools. That wasn’t going to fly, specifically if we desired to promote bikes at once to buyers who would have to collect them on their own.

So the crew designed a container that approves us to ship bikes almost totally assembled, with 4 effortless steps that takes simply minutes to put collectively with solely one tool.

Plus, as section of our dedication to environmental conservation, the packaging used to be deliberately designed to decrease waste via disposing of all the foam and plastic wrap, the use of solely a hundred percent recyclable materials.