Our Story

Pet Releaf was once situated via Steve and Alina Smith and Chelsea Gennings with the sole mission of growing effective, herbal preferences to pet fitness and wellbeing supplements, all made with honesty and integrity

As a household we have constantly had a “less is more” strategy to each eating regimen and fitness remedies and it made feel to lift that over to our pets as well. With this mission in mind, our search for wholesome pet merchandise began.

We knew there had to be a higher way.
Why we started
Pet Releaf?

As our pets persisted to age and our veterinarians solely had one desire (opioid medicinal drug prescriptions), the higher way we had expected earlier than grew to become a greater urgent want and this time it used to be with a heightened experience of urgency and motion at the back of it. Through that line of thinking, Pet Releaf began.

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To date, we have helped extra than five million pets. Our merchandise aid situational stress, hip and joint, a healthful immune gadget and more. By offering the best high-quality products, we are proud that we have emerge as the most-trusted pet CBD product agency in the enterprise – and to be certainly making a distinction in pet’s lives.

As Pet Releaf continues to develop and we extend our product offerings, we nevertheless keep on to our core precept of developing and making without a doubt wholesome CBD pet merchandise with honesty and integrity.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Since the beginning, Pet Releaf has made it their intention to exercise sustainability during the complete manufacturing process. On our mission to trade what healthful skill for pets, we solely desire to supply the easiest quality, all-natural merchandise to advantage your pet companion’s average wellness. This mission starts offevolved with the place the hemp is grown all the way to the cease consumer, your pets. From seed to sale, from plant to pet, we function in a sustainable manner each step of the way.

Regenerative & Sustainable Farming

We align with regenerative, natural farms that exercise reduce, reuse, and recycle standards for a gentler method to sustainable farming. With regenerative agriculture, the farmers are now not simply sustaining the modern land resource, however they are enhancing what is there, leaving it higher for future generations. The method to regenerative farming begins with conservation and rehabilitation which focuses on topsoil regeneration. This consists of growing biodiversity, enhancing water cycle, and growing resilience to local weather change. In return, this can support the fitness and vitality of the farm soil.

We promote water security, cleanliness, and enhance operational water-use effectivity in our agricultural provide chain in excessive water-risk areas. Our regenerative farmers now use 86% much less water when they made the change to natural hemp farming compared to the natural corn silage that was once beforehand the foremost crop in the field. Through our vertical partnership, it has allowed our extraction accomplice to construct their present day extraction facility on the farmland itself. This saves big greenhouse gasoline emissions by using disposing of the want to transport the hemp biomass to some other location.

Certified a hundred percent Wind Power

As we oversee each and every step of our manufacturing manner proper right here in Colorado, we are very selective with who we associate with. We are proud to work with sustainable producers that make use of one hundred percent renewable electrical energy and are licensed a hundred percent Wind Power.
Research & Development

When it comes to learning and growing our products, we make preferences to sustainably enhance the quality, safety, and effectiveness of our portfolio of products. One of our biggest partners/manufacturers makes use of a hundred percent renewable electrical energy and is licensed one hundred percent Wind Power. It is additionally one of Pet Releaf’s most vital insurance policies as a agency that all our manufacturing companions are presently or in the method of turning into Certified Organic.

Plant-Based Ingredient Sourcing

We are proud to say that many of our components are sourced as Certified Organic. Some of our elements are additionally sourced from businesses that stop deforestation of touchy geographies, such as rainforests. We additionally supply sustainable, plant-based substances the place and each time available. Most of all inputs, ingredients, and packaging in our furnish chains are sourced regionally in Colorado to assist minimize greenhouse gases that end result from heavy diesel trains and tractor-trailers.
Future Hemp Environmental Impacts

To continue to decorate our sustainability standards, our intention is to similarly reduce, recycle, and reinvent our packaging by using utilising a hundred percent recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable options.

Rescue Releaf | Providing Releaf to the animals who want it most!
With your help, we have donated:

over 15,000 merchandise , equal to neary $300,000,
to 200+ rescue companies and counting with our Rescue Releaf initiative.

Keep nominating your preferred rescues to get hold of a donation!

“Products with a
purpose. Providing
Releaf to the animals
who want it most!”

  • Chelsea Gennings Co-Founder & Executive Vice President of Pet Releaf

At Pet Releaf, we’re on a mission to alternate what healthful skill for pets. At the core of that mission is making sure our merchandise are extensively on hand to at-risk puppies and cats presently inside shelters and rescues at some point of the United States and beyond. The have an effect on our CBD hemp pet merchandise can have on growing the exceptional of existence and fitness statuses of these animals looking out for continually properties is immeasurable.

Since the start, we have made it a precedence to work at once with 501©3 groups to grant them with less difficult get right of entry to to Pet Releaf products. We hope that our donations can assist assist the animals in their care, the animals being fostered, and the animals being adopted.
We additionally appear to provide lengthy time period guide to these rescue groups by way of supporting them with retailing our merchandise as properly as non-stop donation thru our affiliate partnerships.

Pet CBD: Everything You Need to Know

Like a defensive mom of a new child child, proud pet mother and father will do something to make certain their fur infants are bodily and mentally healthy. These options, nowadays, encompass pet CBD products.

The hovering reputation of CBD amongst people is a primary motive for turning to CBD use in pets. However, simply due to the fact contemporary new fitness merchandise might also be recommended for these with two legs, that does no longer warranty that all CBD merchandise provide the identical blessings – or is even secure – for your canine or cat.

But is there a “special” CBD product for pets or can you supply your pets the human CBD product you are using?

Let’s have a look.
Is Pet CBD the Same Thing as CBD for People?

The advantages of CBD for people are attributable to how the endocannabinoid machine (ECS) collaborates with the cannabinoids in CBD products. The human ECS is integral for the protection of our frequent health. Cannabinoid receptors are in all areas of the body, connecting the physique to the mind.

Dogs and cats have an ECS, which skill CBD impacts them the identical way it impacts humans. It is no longer stunning that many humans the usage of CBD for themselves are thinking about whether or not it may also assist their canine or cat. While pet CBD is the identical as human CBD, there are a few fundamental changes done.
What are the Differences?

Pet treats with CBD or CBD oil for pets are formulated with pets in mind. The CBD oil you devour is possibly plenty more desirable than that of pets.

Giving your canine the genuine serving dimension is greater difficult than serving yourself. Human CBD merchandise can also incorporate elements that can damage your pet, such as synthetic xylitol sweetener. Plus, some are from marijuana plant life rather of hemp.

CBD intended for human beings has a greater attention than that for your pets. Dosage is specially integral as physique measurement performs a function in how tons CBD is proper for your pet.

However, no longer all pet CBD merchandise are the same.
Different CBD Types for Pets

The hemp plant includes over a hundred cannabinoids. These encompass cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). There are a few kinds of CBD as well:

CBD Isolate – Pure CBD molecules after the extraction of all different cannabinoids and terpenes.
Full Spectrum – Contains CBD molecules and different compounds in the hemp plant, such as hint quantities of THC. However, a full spectrum product will now not have ample THC to set off psychoactive consequences due to the fact of industrial hemp regulations.
Broad Spectrum – The center floor between full spectrum and CBD isolate. The manner includes extracting full spectrum CBD and doing away with the THC compounds.

The distinction between CBD merchandise for puppies and cats is minor however important.

High fantastic CBD merchandise formulated simply for puppies provide a number supportive benefits. Regular administration of canine CBD can assist stability your pet’s endocannabinoid system.

You can provide CBD to your canine through:

CBD oil tablets for puppies – A pre-measured tablet that approves giving your canine the equal CBD utilization daily.
Tinctures – Available in small bottles that have an accompanying dropper for the effortless administering of CBD oil to your dog. They are an notable beginning factor for the pet father or mother involved about presenting hemp-based supplements.
CBD topicals for puppies – They provide an convenient and typical ability of assisting your dog’s pores and skin irritations. Topicals are utilized immediately to the dog’s pores and skin for immediately localized relief.
CBD edibites for puppies – An convenient alternative of giving a canine CBD in an easy-to-chew, exciting supplement. Edibites are on hand in unique flavors.


Cats have a notable touchy digestive system, so you want to buy a product in particular formulated for them. Plus, what works for every other cat would possibly now not be fine for yours, so do no longer be afraid of checking out specific transport techniques when introducing CBD to your pussycat friend.

Delivery techniques of cat CBD include:

CBD oil tinctures – If you have over one cat with unique serving sizes, tinctures are an remarkable way to manipulate how a great deal you administer. Tinctures are handy in both hemp oil or liposome hemp oil formulations for a answer personalized to your cat’s preferences and needs.
CBD chews for cats – They are smooth chews best for a cat’s touchy teeth.

Can I Give CBD to Other Pets?

While some canine CBD merchandise are no longer made for cats, both can be used for different pets. Some examples of these include:

Guinea pigs

You have to discuss to a vet about the use of CBD with your pet to see if it’s the proper alternative for your furry cherished one.
What are the Most Common Uses of CBD for Pets?

Here is a precise listing of the most frequent makes use of of CBD. While there are extra uses, these seven observe in a majority of conditions.
May Help Relieve Inflammation Due to Normal Exercise and Activity

CBD carries aspects that assist a wholesome inflammatory response. This is one of the essential motives the compound is so beneficial for a range of conditions.

The compound interacts with CB2 receptors, which are in immune cells. Activating these receptors conjures up various immune responses. One of them is helping a wholesome response to inflammation.
Helps Pets Cope with External Stressors

CBD may also assist aid pet stress due to hospitalization, travel, moving, and different exterior stressors. Pets, like humans, can additionally go through stress, anxiety, or even particular phobias due to their environment. The actual anxiousness supply would possibly be different, however it leads to particular bodily reactions and stress, simply like in humans.

Anxiety in dogs, for example, can motive repetitive behavior. Symptoms of anxiousness in puppies include:

Chewing shoes, furniture, and rubbish
Persistent barking

CBD has been shown to assist pets cope with exterior stressors and minimize these symptoms.

Traditional anxiousness medicine aims the 5-HT1A serotonin receptor of the body. Anti-anxiety medicinal drugs goal the receptors for a brief raise of serotonin tiers in the brain. This leads to multiplied temper and decreased emotions of concern or anxiety.

Research suggests CBD works the equal way with the aid of growing the serotonin degrees in the intelligence temporarily. Doing this gives assist from environmentally precipitated stress.
May Help Ease Occasional Discomfort and Aches

The ECS is deeply concerned in managing aches. Today, CBD is famend for its homes that may additionally assist ease discomfort.

It does this via stopping the absorption of anandamide, which is a chemical that helps minimize pain indicators in the brain. The motion will increase anandamide ranges and leads to a variety of effects, along with a discount in occasional discomfort.
May Promote Homeostasis

Homeostasis is the suitable functioning of the body. It takes place when the physique is in stability and all organic structures are functioning at most advantageous levels.

Stimulating the ECS with CBD can also assist promote homeostasis in the body. So many pet proprietors are the usage of CBD as a normal complement to promote the universal fitness of their pets.
Will CBD Make My Pet Sleepy?

The largest gain of pet CBD merchandise is that there are few regarded facet results and no regarded overdoses of a full spectrum CBD product in animals.

Although there are tiers of THC in a full spectrum CBD product, it does now not include ample THC to make your pet sense “high”. CBD merchandise can legally incorporate much less than .3% of THC, which can’t produce any psychoactive effects. On the different hand, it’s vital now not to provide your pet marijuana merchandise that incorporate excessive ranges of THC. Common facet outcomes of a THC overdose encompass your pet turning into uncoordinated and wobbly. They may also be very vocal, disoriented, and hyperactive.

CBD may additionally make your pet experience sleepy due to its calming effects. If you trust your pet is too sleepy, attempt decreasing the quantity of CBD given. Consult your vet about CBD if your cat or canine is on any prescription medicines that are metabolized in the liver.
Is CBD Okay to Give Daily?

Yes, it is k to provide your pet CBD each and every day. Regular administration may additionally assist modify their ECS, similarly enabling CBD’s homeostatic residences that go alongside with it. Daily consumption may additionally additionally assist help a wholesome immune gadget and daily wellness.
Choose the Right Brand of CBD Products for Your Pet

What manufacturer must you believe when you are equipped to make investments in pet CBD products?

Make certain you lookup the manufacturer at the back of the products. The first-rate manufacturers have a exquisite popularity for the usage of all-natural, excessive excellent ingredients. They additionally observe applicable policies and legal guidelines and take greater steps to get certifications from companies such as NASC, and USDA.
Keep Learning More About Pet CBD

While pet CBD is taking off as a famous holistic supplement, it is pleasant to lookup as lots as you can about its use. Consult a skilled veterinarian, in particular one specializing in natural, natural redress earlier than you supply your pet CBD.