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A espresso of the month membership that curates extremely good micro-lot coffees from round the world. Tanzania, Kenya, Colombia & beyond.
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Each month aspects 12 oz of freshly-roasted coffee, taste notes, a postcard, and espresso history. The world of espresso delivered sparkling to your door.
Coffee Of The Month Club

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amazing coffee®

Think of us as your espresso tour guides, sending you first-rate & exclusive coffees you can not discover somewhere on-line or on the shelf.

Each month, find out a new espresso from a new country
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Each Box Includes:

A curation of the world’s great single foundation coffee

A postcard from every month’s country

Tasting notes & espresso records for every batch

Coffee Match Guarantee: Love the coffee
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Travel the world one cup at a time®

We supply top rate single beginning coffee from farms round the world and pay properly above truthful change costs for the beans, supporting to make certain ethically sustainable farming practices and the best possible high-quality espresso yr after year.

Atlas Coffee Club
Atlas Coffee Club used to be headquartered to inform the story of espresso from round the world. Exploring a new u . s . every month, our espresso subscription is a trip of exclusive discovery, highlighting the regional variations in each and every cup. Curating solely the best coffee, we roast every batch to intensify tasting profiles special to their native developing region. Made to order to warranty freshness, our subscription is the final possibility for natural taste discovery and international variety.
Our mission is to share the world of coffee. Satisfy your wanderlust with your espresso dependancy and fulfill your espresso dependancy with your wanderlust. Come discover the world one cup at a time.
Club Culture is designed to be your Coffee Community. Brewing Tips, Coffee Resources, Travel Guides, Unique Cooking Recipes, Interview Features, Music Playlists, and Cultural Write-Ups.

Atlas Coffee Club is​ a travel-themed espresso of the month membership that explores the world’s pleasant coffee; Tanzania, Burundi, Congo, and beyond. Each month Atlas Coffee Club highlights a new espresso developing u . s . a . and suggests ​the special ​differences in each ​taste ​and culture​.​distinctive to the​ every espresso region. Made to order to assurance freshness, ​a subscription is the final probability for natural taste discovery and international variety.
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P: 512.522.1337
About Atlas Coffee Club:
Atlas Coffee Club serves as world espresso tour guides…
Created to ​share espresso from round the world​, Atlas Coffee Club supplies an journey you can not discover on the cabinets at your nearby grocery store. ​With over 50+ nations that produce delicious​ ​coffee offerings​, a​ subscription ​to Atlas Coffee Club offers a trip in special taste discovery and tradition from some distance off countries.
​From ​Tanzania, Ethiopia, Burundi and beyond, ​Atlas Coffee Club curate​s only​ the greatest coffee​, paying above market fees to make sure ​th​at​ farms can produce excessive great espresso 12 months over year,​ ​and roast​s​ every batch to intensify ​flavor profiles exceptional to the​ every espresso region. Made to order to warranty freshness, ​a subscription is the last probability for natural taste discovery and world variety.

We Curate The World’s Best Tea

A tea of the month membership that curates extremely good single foundation teas from round the world. Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kenya, & beyond!
Person unboxing their tea subscription box
Delivered To Your Door

Each month aspects two special teas with taste notes, a postcard, and steeping tips. The world of tea delivered to your door.
Cups of tea subsequent to a palm tree
A World Tour of Amazing Tea

We ship you splendid teas you won’t locate somewhere else. Every month a new us of a and scrumptious flavors to discover with your cup of tea.

Single Origin Tea

We pattern thousands of top class and award-winning teas from round the world each 12 months and ship you our absolute favorites.
A inexperienced tea plant held through a farmer
Ethically Sourced

We supply our teas from small farms with actual people, assisting their sustainable farming methods to carry you the greatest teas handcrafted with love.
Cup of black tea from India
Fresh To Your Door

Taste the special neighborhood flavors on each cease of your world tour of tea. Slow down every month to discover a new place, trip a exceptional culture, and experience one of a type tea.

When you be a part of our tea of the month club, you’re becoming a member of a numerous neighborhood of tea lovers.

Our subscription container appeals to a large vary of tea drinkers from rookies to aficionados due to the fact we do extra than supply first-rate teas from round the world to your door—we create an trip with every cup you sip.

As a membership member, you’ll experience a world type journey of tea exploration, with tasting notes to information your palate, steeping hints to make sure you get the most taste out of each and every cup, a united states records card to research extra about the place your tea comes from, a postcard to commemorate your tea journey, and more!

What makes Atlas the quality tea subscription?

Each month you’ll acquire high-quality teas from round the world alongside with a connection to the history, culture, and neighborhood that makes your scrumptious every day cup possible.

Whether you’re new to the world of tea or you’re a bona fide tea addict, we’ll assist you locate the proper field for you (or the ideal considerate present for a tea lover)! Select your preferences and begin discovering the exceptional unfastened leaf teas from 50+ tea-producing international locations round the world.

When’s the remaining time you sipped tea from Thailand? Laos? Malawi? Try the membership these days and discover your new preferred tea!