About abdosy
How do you like your first pair of eyeglasses?

Early on in college, I had short-sightedness, and I quickly regarded acquiring a pair of glasses. But due to the fact that I lacked self belief and the majority of my friends wore ugly spectacles, I refused to put on glasses out of problem for how they would make me look. Finally, I had to go to a keep to purchase a pair of antique glasses due to the fact my blurry eyesight used to be badly impeding my learn about and life. I averted eye contact and stored my head down when I used to be speaking to human beings on the grounds that I wore glasses. I puzzled why shortsighted human beings could not confidently and gladly put on prescription eyeglasses. Later, I made the choice to launch a line of eyewear with a large range of patterns and aggressive costs.

Our aim is to show off your fashion and make your imaginative and prescient evident, to exude self-assurance and optimism. Abdosy’s imaginative and prescient is the identical as yours.

Be confident

Abdosy helps shoppers find out their self assurance and have a high-quality outlook on life. We desire you the great of good fortune as you revel in your first pair of glasses, enhance your vision, and quit the development of myopia.

Be fashionable

We cherish the ideas and opinions of our customers and recognize the importance of imaginatively growing eyewear. As a result, we focal point on growing special designs for clients with designers from France, Italy, and the United States. So that clients can discover the patterns that work flawlessly for them in a number situations.

Be affordable

It ought to be convenient and exciting for all and sundry to see the splendor of the world clearly. Abdosy makes use of the Direct-to-Customer (DTC) market to furnish eyewear at a decrease cost.