The Apollo wearable is a purchaser well being system supposed to assist manipulate stress, difficult existence transitions, and to promote a wholesome lifestyle. Apollo Neuro is no longer supposed to deal with or remedy any clinical stipulations and is now not a replacement for expert scientific care. These statements have now not been evaluated by using the United States Food and Drug Administration [FDA]. Individual consequences vary. Speak to your health practitioner if you have questions and to talk about options that may additionally be terrific for you.

Take manipulate of your stress for a happier, more healthy life
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Welcome to Apollo Neuroscience

Apollo Neuroscience is pioneering a new class of wearable technological know-how that actively improves health, the usage of touch remedy to promote stress resilience, sleep, focus, recovery, and more. We trust that the human physique is powerful, resilient, and has the capability to heal. When we can faucet into our potential to stability and calm the apprehensive system, we can take higher manage over our intellectual and bodily health. Feeling properly doesn’t have to be a struggle.
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Welcome to Apollo Neuroscience Watch
Why we constructed Apollo

We constructed the Apollo Neuro science due to the fact modern-day fitness equipment regularly don’t reduce it. Meditation, mindfulness, and breathwork can also help, however are frequently no longer sufficient on their own. And they’re without a doubt difficult to research and and even tougher to work into your every day routines, in particular when you’re already busy and feeling stressed. The Apollo wearable places you returned in the driver’s seat.

Unlike different wearables, this is no longer a biometric monitoring device. Apollo is a therapeutic wearable, designed to be worn discreetly on the wrist, ankle, or somewhere via clipping it to your clothing, that works by way of sending mild vibrations to the physique that sign security to the brain. It’s a safe, non-invasive way to relax, get the sleep you need, focal point your attention, and locate your flow. Using the Apollo wearable constantly over time helps to retrain your worried system, supporting you get better from stress and sense higher overall.
Stress alleviation for current life
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The human physique is magnificent and adaptive, however it is no longer designed for the way we live. In the ultimate forty years we have viewed a fee of extraordinary alternate in how we work, live, and have interaction with one another. Rates of anxiousness and melancholy are at an all-time high, and two thirds of these dwelling in the industrialized world have hassle sleeping.

Why? Because alternate has come fast, and the human physique hasn’t had time to adapt. It’s no longer shocking that a lot of us are struggling to focus, that we experience anxious or have hassle managing our moods, or we discover sleep to be elusive.

We constructed the Apollo wearable to assist our our bodies trap up with present day times. While many digital improvements have yielded unintended penalties on our fitness and wellbeing, we’re devoted to constructing science with intention – for the top of our health, our relationships, and our happiness.

“We constructed Apollo Neuro to assist remedy a imperative trouble – mindfulness by myself is no longer ample to keep us from the intellectual fitness crisis. We as people are no longer evolving speedy adequate to deal with the toll that present day lifestyles is taking on our bodies and minds.”

Kathryn Fantauzzi

Co-founder and CEO, Apollo Neuroscience
Meet the founders
Dr. David Rabin and Kathryn Fantauzzi working in their office

Dr. Dave specializes in the cure of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Depression, Anxiety Disorders and Substance Use Disorders. A trauma expert, Dr. Dave used to be on a mission to assist his sufferers obtain extra manage over their stress response in the moments that they wished it. He targeted on leveraging the notion that our feel of contact can sign security to our brains, and that this feeling catalyzes a cascade of restorative effects, like decrease respiratory rate, lower coronary heart rate, higher digestion and sleep, and elevated intellectual function.

Apollo Neuroscience used to be born from lookup in neuroscience and psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. David Rabin MD, PhD, higher acknowledged as Dr. Dave, is a neuroscientist and board-certified psychiatrist who has been analyzing the results of continual stress on intellectual and bodily fitness for 15+ years.

The science at the back of Apollo Neuro developed from Dr. Dave’s query in the lab – should we use our body’s herbal response to contact to fix stability to the worried system, and if we could, would we be capable to measure it? The reply used to be yes.

After early checking out confirmed promising results, Dr. Dave reached out to his wife, Kathryn Fantauzzi, whose speciality is getting exact science and technological know-how out of the lab and into people’s lives, faster. Kathryn joined the University of Pittsburgh lookup group in 2016 to increase funding for medical lookup on the Apollo Neuro technological know-how discovery.

Together, Kathryn and Dr. Dave set out to construct an accessible, easy-to-use device that would empower humans to take manage over their reactions to stress and make more healthy choices. With astonishing consequences from a couple of scientific trials, the Apollo wearable suggests upgrades in coronary heart fee variability (HRV), cognitive performance, sleep, bodily recovery, and more.
Meet the Scientific Advisory Board
Scientific Advisory Board, a crew of forward-thinking leaders throughout the fitness sciences, is devoted to constructing safe, non-invasive merchandise that supply you the potential to shift your kingdom and in the end take cost of your very own wellbeing.

Calm body, clear mind.

The Apollo™ wearable doesn’t music your sleep and stress, it actively improves it. Utilizing low frequency sound waves felt as soothing vibrations, the Apollo wearable used to be developed via neuroscientists and medical practitioner for higher sleep, stress relief, and focus.

Wear it anywhere
Choose to put on your Apollo machine on a band round your wrist or ankle, or on a clip connected to your shirt collar, bra strap, or waistband.

Take manipulate of how you feel
In the Apollo Neuro™ app, pick from seven special Apollo Vibes™ — Unwind, Fall Asleep, Calm, Focus, Recover, Energy, Social — to enhance how you feel.

Feel the vibes
Feel the soothing waves of vibration via the Apollo wearable that restoration stability to your worried system, enhancing sleep, and lowering stress.

Consistency is key
The extra you use it, the higher it works. Studies exhibit that sporting the Apollo wearable for three hours a day, 5 days a week, for the duration of the day and night, will construct resilience to stress and enhance cardiovascular metrics.

“Sleep is the single most vital component for bodily and intellectual health. Apollo is the solely scientifically validated wearable that in reality offers you extra sleep returned every night. Imagine what your existence ought to seem to be like with three greater hours of sleep every week and, for the first time, that can be a actuality for you.”

“Apollo has been a sport changer in my capability to focus, be present, and sleep on demand. My sufferers love the reality that Apollo is drug-free, has no terrible facet effects, and is definitely effortless. If each person out there is involved in getting greater satisfactory sleep, then they want to contain this gadget into their day by day life.”

Stress resilience, backed by means of actual science

Born from neuroscience lookup at the University of Pittsburgh, Apollo Neuro’s stress-relieving science has been independently examined throughout heaps of customers in the health facility and in the actual world thru seven whole medical trials, with 9 extra presently underway.


Build an automated customized agenda that offers you electricity and center of attention via your day, helps you unwind in the evening, and experience a deep, pleasant sleep at night.

Progress tracking

See the advantages you are experiencing with the Apollo wearable for Sleep, Stress Relief and Focus, primarily based on how shut you are to accomplishing the encouraged utilization of at least ninety minutes in the course of the day, and at least ninety minutes for the duration of the evening/night.


Connect to fitness monitoring wearables like Oura Ring and Apple Health to make your Apollo ride greater customized for you.