Fanciful, nostalgic and more romantic…Meet Selkie! By former Wildfox Co-Founder, Kimberley Gordon. This ready-to-wear series is an creativeness driven manufacturer and encourages creative self expression. Selkie provides a vary of stand out celebration dresses, and after birthday celebration sweatsuits. With timeless portions sizes XXS-5X they are made to keep, and portions you will treasure forever. Selkie is a low waste company, producing small inventories to take a look at the success of items, then the use of pre-sale to predict how a great deal to purchase on famous patterns for future rounds. This ensures no hazardous dumping or contribution to landfill.

Each series tells a story and gives a dreamy world thru its imagery.

“As a younger female developing up in the UK and then in Santa Barbara, I fell in love with folklore. My love of make accept as true with has infiltrated my work and play for as lengthy as I can take note and in the end helped encourage my preceding garb line, WILDFOX.”

Brand ethos

Selkie is a Female startup, owned via a girl and run via a woman. When you shop, you are assisting girl enterprise owners. 40% of US groups are women-owned. Women started out 1,821 internet new corporations each day closing year. -Mar 18, 2020

Selkie starts offevolved at a diagram degree in Silverlake, LA through Kimberley Gordon. Kimberley is the authentic founder of the former WILDFOX brand. She works hand in hand with a proficient manufacturing group in China to create fanciful portions you will choose to preserve forever. Read about why we are so proud of our manufacturer, and producing with them in China!

Selkie is dedicated to dimension diversity, becoming on each dimension small and giant girls to make sure higher healthy for extra shapes.

Selkie targets for cultural range from the inner out, these days with Kimberley who is British/American, Chinese partners, and Chinese craftsmen, Selkie’s core corporation is a small crew consisting of a numerous crew of women, and continues to are searching for new cultural views from it is personnel and committed fan base.

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Selkie is low waste! We reduce very small runs of stock and pre promote many of our exceptional retailers to make certain that every garment is going to anyone that loves it. We do no longer produce mass bulk. Some clothes have solely 15-20 ever made! This is why sizes promote out shortly and our followers are quick to store every drop.

Selkie is no longer one hundred percent sustainable due to the use of polyester, however we are consciously dedicated to discovering environmental methods to evolve- and now not simply as a advertising and marketing ploy. Fabric have an impact on is complicated, we motivate you to lookup exceptional fabrications and their affects on the environment- all fabric have an have an effect on except they are vintage, so it is difficult to avoid. But with stress from you on manufacturers you love, the greater we can at the same time exchange the way factories deal with their fabric and start to decrease the high priced rate tag connected to sustainable practice.

With each series we purpose to enhance our footprint. Going sustainable is luxurious (without mass production), which makes it challenging to stability whilst retaining a appropriate charge for you, our customer! With increase and buying energy we get nearer to affording our environmental goals.

Learn About our Manufacturer!

First and major our producer is WRAP licensed and BSCI certified;

“Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) is an independent, objective, non-profit group of international social compliance specialists committed to advertising safe, lawful, humane and moral manufacturing round the world thru certification and education. WRAP is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, USA and has branch workplaces in Hong Kong and Bangladesh and extra representatives in India and Southeast Asia (Thailand & Vietnam).”

Established in 2003, Selkie’s companion is a clothier garb manufacturer, who boast some of the most notably revered runway manufacturers in the world! Their headquarters are placed in Jiangyin, Wuxi, the famend mild enterprise core of China. The first port metropolis in world history!

Our Manufacturer ambitions to flip the concepts of Social Responsibility into a company culture. For that reason, social compliance requirements are fastidiously utilized inside the company. They execute manufacturing of items and offerings in line with the perfect internationally commonplace Social Compliance standards. Therefore, they are dedicated to guaranteeing their personnel have all the rights to which they are entitled with the aid of regulation and different relevant standards, conforming to all occupational fitness and protection rules, and constantly appearing with a view to keep away from environmental pollution anywhere possible.

All of Selkie’s prints are created in house, and all fabric are cautiously and ethically sourced from exclusive areas of China.

BSCI CERTIFIED; (what this ability for your clothing) and WRAP Gold certified!

No Discrimination

Fair Remuneration

Decent Working Hours

Occupational Health and Safety

No Child Labour

Special Protection for Young Workers

No Precarious Employment

No Bonded Labour

Protection of the Environment

Ethical Business Behaviour

Read the important points of a BSCI certificates here

In Irish, Scottish, Icelandic and Scandinavian folklore, the Selkie is a female of the ocean who lives internal a seal skin. When she comes up to the rocks she slips out of her pores and skin to bask in the sun. If a man is in a position to steal her pores and skin whilst she sleeps, she is compelled to grow to be his spouse and stay on land. But, if the selkie finds her pores and skin again, she transforms returned into her proper shape and at once returns to the sea, free.

This was once Gordon’s favourite story her mother would inform her as a child, and after dropping Wildfox, at some stage in her darkest moments, she remembered it. “I thought, it is a new commencing story, this is sort of like the 2d chapter,” she explains. “And I thought, there have to be so many female out there who favor to discover themselves, or are searching for themselves again, and perhaps this organization can be a illustration of my age group, who are searching for pleasure later on.” Like the selkies of folklore, Gordon observed her pores and skin and regained manipulate of her life. Now, she’s free.

Lily of the Valley

There’s a second at the cusp of Summer, when Spring is now not but over, nonetheless pleasant with its breezy, cloudy mornings, yet, in tandem, the charm of Summer beckons, and the craving for balmy, mystical nights grows stronger. Across the decades, this feeling echoes, however none as playfully as the 1960s—the technology that embraced style, makeup, and hair with unparalleled exuberance. And so we think about our remaining Spring drop framed via a vacant, weathered mid-century residence, perched atop the sprawling hills of Los Angeles. Within its timeworn walls, two swingin’ squatters who’ve made their way West, T Bird in the drive, final dime spent on champagne and puffy dresses, frilly knickers, and a tank full of gas, their heads overflowing with Hollywood dreams. She continues masks by means of the door and tries on new faces- who will she become? The worlds her oyster…spread on a cracker, cocktail olive on top.

Reinvention is at the coronary heart of this huge city, it begs you to convey that hidden self to light. Find your self here, in the cool of the night when the entirety is getting variety of groovy, put together your jello salads and pour your soiled martinis, pack up your favored little dresses, and find out any individual new inner you. We hope this ethereal series will take you on a day out of self-discovery.

– Kimberley Gordon, Founder & Creative Director

selkie. sel·kie. additionally sil·kie. noun.

A creature or spirit in Scottish and Irish folklore that has the shape of a seal however can additionally expect human form. Alternative forms[edit] saelkie, selky, seilkie, sejlki, shelky, silkey, silkie, sulky

A usual folk-tale is that of a man who steals a woman selkie’s skin, finds her bare on the sea shore, and compels her to come to be his wife. But the spouse will spend her time in captivity longing for the sea, her authentic home, and will regularly be considered staring at longingly at the ocean. Once she discovers her skin, she will right now return to the sea.

Filled with color, exuberance and power, this series is for the Selkie girls everywhere, putting themselves free.

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