Our Story
Where It All Began

In 2017 our founders began an ambitious project to capture solar electrostatic waves from our atmosphere as an alternate energy source. For this project, they designed a surge protector in case lightning were to strike too close to the system’s antenna. After designing this surge protector they began thinking about the possibility of a nuclear High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) which would not be stopped by normal surge protectors on the market. They investigated military HEMP surge protectors to see what protection they could offer. Soon, they discovered that the military standard surge protectors were only good for one HEMP before they burned out, were quite expensive and could not protect against all phases of an EMP (E1, E2, E3).

Our founders realized others would be needing EMP protection. Other people needed EMP and solar EMP protection for their homes, cars, boats, planes and other electronic devices. They spent months designing a reusable EMP shield for homes – as well as for businesses. It had to shield every electrical device inside them. Eventually, a device was invented that can take multiple HEMP strikes without failing – while being cost efficient and can also protect against all phases of the EMP.

This new device is many times more efficient than the single-use standard military design and can be fitted to the household circuit breaker box with just four wires. The device will protect homes with less than 10,000 sq. ft. of floor space serviced by a circuit breaker box. With the real possibility that North Korea, Russia or China might start WWIII, Tim decided to bring this technology to the market as soon as possible.

The U.S. Government is working toward protecting our electricity grid but that will not protect our homes. People will need working appliances and other electronics when power is restored whether by the power grid or by local generators – thus the EMP Shield was born.
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What is EMP shield?

EMP Shield Inc. has developed the World’s first Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) defense technology that can defend your house, business, an entire electric grid, and more from a high altitude EMP threat (HEMP). Our products also provide some of the worlds most advanced power surge, lightning, and CME protection, defending electronics in less than 1 billionth of a second. In fact, not only are we the only product on the market that can protect your valuable electronics from an EMP strike but, our products can withstand over 40x EMP strikes with ZERO degradation and have a lifetime warranty. The EMP Shield has been tested at the Keystone Compliance laboratory which is a federally approved and DOD testing facility. Our testing of the EMP Shield has shown the EMP Shield FAR surpasses all military EMP Protection device standards. EMP Shield is dedicated to providing tested and proven products. We are passionate to prove just how capable our devices are.

More About EMP Shield

Our EMP Shield is also incredibly scalable. We have developed them (and will sell them) to protect cars, boats, planes, industrial facilities, and even camping sites (using our portable version)! Check out our website, browse around, learn more about EMP’s, and if you love our products, purchase from our store.

Our company’s goal is not quite what you would think. Ultimately, our goal is to protect America from possible EMP and Power Surge threats that could cripple our electrical infrastructure and severely devastate the United States.

Because of the dangers of EMP and Power Surges, EMP Shield will be working to support the Department of Homeland Security in their mission to raise awareness about the threat and impact of EMP’s and protect America from this threat. To assist, EMP Shield has created the American EMP awareness Campaign. This campaign along with lots of interesting and educational information can be found on our website. We encourage you to look through our site and learn as much as you can about EMP’s and the significant impact they could have on your way of life. Please share what you learn with your friends and family and be sure to let them know where they can also find this information.

We are dedicated to our customers and to customer service. If you ever have any questions our products, services, or EMP’s, please feel free to reach out using our contact us page and stay tuned for many future updates to be coming quickly to our website.

Stay Up to Date on News That Matters
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Global events, natural disasters and conflicts abroad create a constant state of uncertainty. Stay plugged in and ahead of the curve on current events and international news to help keep your family and friends safe and informed. It could be the difference between life and death.

Asked Questions

Browse below for our most frequently asked questions
What is an EMP Shield?

The EMP Shield is electromagnetic pulse, Solar Flare, and lightning protection system designed to exceed the requirements of MIL-STD-188-125-1 for shunting over-voltage spikes.

EMP Shield™ is the World’s only tested and approved EMP protection technology for an entire electrical system.

Built to exceed military standards (MIL-STD-188-125-1), EMP Shield begins pulling excess electricity from the electrical system in less than 500 trillionths of a second.

EMP Shield is designed to protect an entire home from Lightning, CME (coronal mass ejection, power surges, and an EMP (electromagnetic pulse). Proven and tested at Keystone Compliance, a Federally approved Department of Defense (DOD) testing facility, Our EMP Shield was struck with over 40x EMP strikes with no impact to the device.

MIL-STD-188-125-1 requires that the over-voltage spike from the E1 spike begin shunting 5,000 Amps within 20 nanoseconds. All EMP Shield models start shunting over voltage in 500 trillionths of a second. EMP Shield also designed to continue protecting through the expected durations of the E2 and E3 spikes produced by a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse.

EMP Shield has also been tested to all other military EMP Standards. Our devices are also UL 1449 compliant and have been tested at Intertek. See below for all military certified testing.

How Does EMP Shield Work?

The EMP Shield can see and protect all the electronics and equipment connected to your electrical system.

This is accomplished by shunting (shorting) the over voltage coming in from the Grid and the voltage surges that are collected within your home.

Whether the electrons are collected within your home or are attempting to come into your electrical system from outside the home (the grid), the EMP Shield will see the surge and protect your electrical system. Since the shunting is completed incredibly fast (500 trillionths of a second), the over voltage is pulled away from the equipment before the voltage can rise high enough to damage any equipment. We call this new technology SightSpeed™ and it ensures no heat is generated within the electrical system which protects all electronics connect to the system.

What is an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)?

A nuclear EMP is defined as having 3 distinct pulses of voltage/current. The E1 pulse is caused by the gamma rays released during the nuclear reaction. The Gamma rays interact with the electrons and the nucleus of the atoms that make up the atmosphere, and this interaction results in freeing electrons from their atoms. The free electrons ionize the atmosphere (ionization results in electron flow), which can be seen as the flow of electricity through anything that acts as an antenna. All of the wires that make up our nations’ electrical grid make an excellent antenna, which will produce an over-voltage condition throughout the affected area. For an optimally positioned detonation (approximately 300 miles high and over the center of the US), the entire nation will be affected by the E1 pulse. The E1 pulse starts at the time of the detonation of the weapon and continues until 1 microsecond after the detonation.

The E-2 pulse starts at 1 microsecond and continues until approximately 1 second after the detonation. The E-2 pulse is caused by the inelastic scattering (matter bouncing off other matter) of the matter from the nuclear weapon interacting with the matter that makes up the atmosphere continuing to ionize the atmosphere.

The E-3 pulse starts at approximately 1 second after the detonation and can continue for several minutes. The E-3 pulse is caused by the nuclear detonation distorting the earth’s geomagnetic structure, and then its reconfiguration. As the magnetic lines are pushed out of configuration and then come back into normal configuration, electricity is generated, and flows through the atmosphere until it contacts an antenna (wires).

The antenna that is most affected will be the nation’s power grid, but all arrays of wiring (even in your house) will act as large or small antennas and will produce the flow of electricity and over-voltage conditions.

Does this EMP Shield device work in every country?
Yes, it does – but for people ordering outside the USA they need to email us or put a comment in their order as in what country they are planning to use the device. If the unit for their voltages is not in stock, we can have one ready to ship in 48-72 hours

Will the EMP Shield work on solar power systems?

Yes. We have many solar system models all specific to your systems maximum input voltages. If you have questions about which model you will need for your solar system send us an email or give us a call: info@empshield.com or 620-412-9978.
Is the EMP Shield hard to install?

No – We recommend you have it installed by a licensed electrician and/or used in accordance with electrical codes and regulations. However, it is very simple to install and most installations take 15 minutes or less.
Is the EMP Shield attached to my home’s breaker box?

Yes, the home model attaches to your home breaker box. We have 2x models. The SP-120-240-W model mounts on the wall beside your breaker box and the SP-120-240-RL model mounts inside the breaker box with a small LED box just outside the edge of the breaker box
Can we use the EMP Shield on our boats, vehicles, or aircraft?
Yes, you can. You need to email us or put a comment in your order telling what brand, model and operating voltage your boat or aircraft uses.

How does my EMP Shield purchase ship?

EMP Shield utilizes FedEx, UPS, and USPS, to give all of our customers the best possible delivery experience. Our standard shipping is free if shipped anywhere within the continental United States.

In order to deter lost and stolen packages, EMP Shield places a signature requirement for delivery on all sales over $1,000, to ensure the collection of the EMP Shields.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the shipping process, please contact 620-412-9978.
Return Policy

EMP Shield Offers a 14 day no questions asked return policy. After 14 days, there will be a $50 restocking fee. After 30 days there will be a $100 fee for returned items. EMP Shield does not accept returns from orders after 60 days.
Our Most Popular Models

Our vehicle models are by far the most popular model used around the world. Protecting more than $5 billion in property, EMP Shield is the World’s only EMP defense technology surpassing all military EMP standards. We are also one of the World’s fastest surge protectors. Our technology begins pulling excess electricity in less than 500 trillionths of a second.
Over 40 Models to Choose From

From large scale power plants to campers and generators, EMP Shield has a model to help protect your property. Defending not only against EMP’s, our Shield protects against lightning, power surges and coronal mass ejection. No other device in the world is capable of doing this. We invented this state-of-the-art technology.