iconsign forehead lamination kit

No More Mascara Anymore!

  1. Creating quantity and size that by no means fails, The ICONSIGN Eyelash Lift is the ideal at-home answer for brief straight lashes.
  2. Allow your eyelashes to attain their full possible except the want for highly-priced extensions or day by day use of mascara and curlers.
  3. The easy lifting technique takes solely a few minutes and can be without difficulty carried out by means of your self from the relief of your home.

Once complete, you are left with superbly lengthy and lifted herbal lashes for almost two months!

Now you can wake up to flawlessly curled lashes each morning, besides the delivered hassle!


a little bit about us

The foundation of Iconsign’s name: We are trend trenders. Icon Of New Fashion, Sign Of Beauty Trend (ICON-SIGN). In 2005, Mrs. Anne Lucises mounted her laboratory and produced the first lash raise product on the market named ICONSIGN. Later Mrs. Anne Lucises situated the ICONSIGN save and hooked up an exceptional factory.

Our flagship product, the vegan ICONSIGN LASH LIFT KIT! used to be conceived to supply absolutely everyone the strength of salon fashion lashes at home, except the mess. At ICONSIGN, we trust lifting and tinting must be convenient and phase of everyone’s splendor regimen. For us it is simple, ICONSIGN due to the fact “New Fashion Beauty Trends”.

Until 2022, ICONSIGN has warehouses in USA, UK, Australia, EU and Middle East, customers’ orders can be delivered quickly. ICONSIGN is dedicated to giving each and every consumer a ideal purchasing experience!

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ICONSIGN two IN 1 Brow Perm And Tint Kit

  1. Full set of forehead raise and tint tools: Tint Lotion, Perm Lotion, Fixation Lotion, Glue, Mascara Brush, Long Cotton Swab, Eyebrow Knife, Eyelash Scissors.
  2. Long Lasting: Keep eyebrow raise and tint for 45-60 days!
  3. one hundred percent Vegan: ICONSIGN has insisted on the usage of pure natural, non-polluting plant uncooked substances for 12 years, besides any damage to the skin!
  4. Adequate inventory: In order to make sure that clients get hold of the product in the quickest time, we will manner the order inside 24 hours and supply it inside three days at the earliest!

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ICONSIGN two IN 1 Lash Perm And Tint Kit

  1. 2-In-1 Lash Lift And Tint Kit: Our lash package includes no longer solely expert lash lift, however additionally secure tint kit.
  2. Black & Coffee & Brown Dye Colors: The black dye package makes your lashes fuller and darker for an alluring trend look.
  3. Safe & Professional: Unlike different chemical product, our lash carry and tint package is specifically formulated with excellent and non-irritating ingredients.
  4. Suitable for Home Use: Imagine that one package excellent attain to the expert salon grade, and it is so effortless to use that you can attempt it by myself in your home.

Is there nonetheless have any motive no longer to purchase the lash carry and tint two in 1 kit? Click “shop now” under to location an order!

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Is it secure to elevate your lashes and brows at home?

Yes! You will be definitely satisfactory lifting your lashes and brows at home. Our merchandise are absolutely safe, irritant free and there are no harsh chemical compounds hiding in any of the ingredients.

  1. Is ICONSIGN Cosmetics Cruelty Free?

Yes! We do now not use any of our merchandise on animals for checking out purposes. We additionally do no longer work with any producers that do animal testing. None of our substances or completed merchandise are examined on animals.

  1. Do you provide free samples?

We do not provide free samples for any of our merchandise at this time.

  1. How do I unsubscribe from your Emails?

In the footer of all of our emails there is an unsubscribe button, Click that and verify you desire to unsubscribe. However, if you do you may leave out out on the present day offers and releases at ICONSIGN!

  1. How can I contact you?

We’d love to hear from you! You can contact us immediately by using info@iconsignbeauty.com or fill out the shape on our contact page.

About ICONSIGN Lash & Brow Lift Kit:

  1. How lengthy does ICONSIGN Lash Lift take?
    Our company new rapid formulation has streamlined the lifting technique so ICONSIGN Lash Lift can be carried out in beneath 15 minutes! This makes lifting your lashes at domestic simpler than ever.
  2. Is ICONSIGN Lash Lift tough to maintain?
    Not at all! ICONSIGN Lash Lift is a maintenance-free solution. Forget the trouble of your eyelash extensions and stay in a world the place you can carry your lashes, then overlook about them for a month or two!
  3. How lengthy will ICONSIGN Lash Lift last?
    Once complete, you will have superbly lengthy and lifted herbal eyelashes for round two months! This relies upon absolutely on your eyelash lifespan which can be somewhere between 5 and 10 weeks.
  4. Which raise pads have to I use?

For a tighter/more dramatic lift, use the smaller elevate pads. For a softer/more herbal lift, use the greater elevate pads.

If you do not be aware of which pad to choose, we advocate beginning with the M pads.

If you discover the pads are turning into unstuck due to the fact they are too long, you can reduce the ends of the pads so they match your eyelid.

  1. Can I add tint into the carry process?

Yes! If you would like to add tint into your lifting process, we advise doing so after doing away with the restoration lotion from your eyelashes.

  1. How do I function a patch test?

Place a small quantity of every product on both the inner of your elbow, the interior of your wrist, or in the back of your ear. Leave for 10 minutes, then wipe off. Wait 24 hours, if pores and skin inflammation occurs, do no longer use the kit.

  1. Can I use an eyelash serum after Diablo Lash Lift?

Yes! If it is oil-free, Eyelash serum is a magnificent notion as it will assist to fortify and extend your eyelashes equipped for your subsequent ICONSIGN Lash Lift.

  1. Can I use water-proof makeup?

Unfortunately, If you put on water-resistant mascara or eyeliner, it is tough to remove, and you can solely use oil-based make-up remover which may additionally weaken your lift. You can nonetheless use everyday mascara or eyeliner, however we’re positive you may quit the use of mascara anyway after seeing your eyelashes with a ICONSIGN Lash Lift!

  1. Can I bathe with a ICONSIGN Lash Lift?

Yes! ICONSIGN Lash carry is absolutely water and eye-rubbing friendly. However, for the first 24 hours we advise maintaining water to a minimal to enable your eyelashes to set in their new lifted position!

  1. How frequently can I operate a lash lift?

If your raise did not go to diagram or you would like a barely distinct curl. Please wait at least four weeks earlier than performing the lifting procedure once more to keep away from over-processing your eyelashes.

  1. Can I lash raise whilst pregnant?

We do not propose lash lifting whilst pregnant. Although it is regarded safe, pregnant ladies ride a alternate in hormones which may additionally have an impact on the outcomes of the lash lift.

Billing & Payments:

  1. How do I practice a cut price code?
    To follow your discount, enter the code in the bargain code textual content box, which is positioned at the proper facet of the checkout page.

If you are putting the order on your phone, you can enter the code into the cut price code textual content container after tapping ‘Show order summary’ at the pinnacle of the checkout.

  1. Why was once my card declined?
    If your card is being declined, please make certain you are the use of one of our prevalent charge strategies and that you have sufficient money to cowl the order. Also make certain you are inputting the right safety code, if the decline persists you will want to contact your financial institution or use a specific price method.