Hydration Multiplier For Kids is a great-tasting, Non-GMO electrolyte drink combine designed to hydrate quicker than water alone. ​Each serving consists of 50% much less sugar and 3x the electrolytes of the main sports activities drink,* plus five imperative nutritional vitamins to hydrate youngsters quicker than water alone.

*Per eight fl oz, Hydration Multiplier for Kids has 6g of sugar; the main sports activities drink has 14g of sugar.

Effective Hydration Solutions

Liquid I.V. merchandise use clever hydration science to hydrate higher than water alone, thru a couple of modes of transport. Cellular Transport Technology (CTT®) is the shipping system, used in Hydration Multiplier, designed to decorate fast absorption of water and different key elements into your body. The Amino Acid Allulose Blend is our modern clever hydration solution, used in Hydration Multiplier Sugar-Free, that hydrates greater efficiently than water on my own with zero sugar. Welcome to the future of useful hydration, from the #1 Powdered Hydration Brand in America.

Parent Pro-Tips for the Hottest Months of the Year
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It may additionally be back-to-school season, however we are nonetheless in the thick of summer. And if you’ve ever tried to put sunscreen on a infant who is unexpectedly squirming at the velocity of light, you do have to surprise what passed off to your easy season in the sun. Don’t despair, LIV fam: We’ve acquired some excellent ideas, warm suggestions and speedy hacks that will up your parenting sport whilst the warmness rages on.
Better Beach Bums (And Toes, Too)

They love enjoying in the sand, however it doesn’t take lengthy earlier than children begin searching like breaded fowl cutlets, determined to get the sand off their bodies. Toweling off can be hard and irritate tender skin, so alternatively attempt this: Sprinkle infant powder liberally to any sandy areas—feet, toes, and bum. Let it take a seat for a few seconds, then gently wipe away.
Fix Crabs in a Pinch

There’s an historical parenting adage for dealing with a cranky babe: If your toddler is performing “crabby,” put them in water, baths repair all. Not simply wading in water…drinking it too!

In these triple digit temps, children can lose tune of how a lot they have (or haven’t) hydrated; lack of hydration can probably make them extra susceptible to irritability and exhaustion. Enter: Hydration Multiplier For Kids. Available in kid-friendly favorites like Crisp Apple, Concord Grape, Tropical Punch, Cotton Candy, and limited-time-only Banana, these crowd-pleasing flavors provide quicker hydration than simply water on my own (just like their grownup counterparts). Each stick has 3x the electrolytes and 50% much less sugar of the main sports activities drink* and are an extremely good supply of quintessential nutritional vitamins like B3, B5, B6, B12 and Vitamin C. They have no synthetic sweeteners, and are gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free. It’s the ideal, scrumptious improve to their hydration hobbies for the duration of these long, sweaty days at camp, after-school care, soccer games, recess, and beyond.

This hack is frequent sense; maintaining youngsters consuming often is less complicated when they love what’s in their water bottle. And, for greater warm days, put their hydration-gone-yum in a popsicle mould for an greater enticing, heat-beating treat.
SPF Made Simple

Who amongst us hasn’t winced at the sight of a fellow mother or father attempting their excellent to slather sunscreen on the face of a wriggling baby at the park, understanding your very own second of reapplication used to be rapidly approaching? Here’s a secret: to make solar safety easier, get a sunscreen that’s in reality effortless to apply. We love this glide-on stick due to the fact its sketch makes for rapid and mess-free application, developing much less of a chore for children and their grownups. Plus, one tube will closing for many journeys outside. For under the neck, attempt a rapid and handy spray to make reapplying faster. And usually keep in mind to reapply each hour and on every occasion they dry off from the water.
Swipe Right on the Right Wipe

Here’s a parenting secret: there’s no growing older out of infant wipes. Once you have these on-hand for your infant, you see simply how lots simpler they can make life. Whether it’s wiping up sticky hands, spot-cleaning ice cream stains, or even imparting a speedy cool down at the park, they end up essential. Keep a pack equipped in your go-bag, alongside with Hydration Multiplier sticks in their favourite flavors for a fuss-free day.
The Travel Cube Rule

When it comes to packing up for an adventure, make it convenient by using stocking and storing packing cubes in advance of time. Keep one for camp necessities that you can pop into their bag, one for the whole thing you’ll use for the pool, one for the beach, and one for your hikes. Then, relying on your agenda, snatch your pre-packed cube, add it to your tote, and off you go.
Kit Your Car

Building a automobile kit for these sweltering months is so easy and so clever due to the fact believe us—you’re certain to use it. To create yours, get a easy field that will in shape in your glove compartment or auto console. Add integral objects into it: A sunscreen stick, computer virus spray, band aids, in my view wrapped hand wipes, hand sanitizer, breath mints, and some sticks of Hydration Multiplier in your favorite—and the kids’ favorite—flavors. Then clearly wait till the day when you want it, and you’ll be so happy you thinking ahead.
Gamify Your Getaway

Before the sit back of fall creeps in the air, squeeze in a street time out if you can. But with kiddos in the back, there desires to be method so all of us enjoys them rather of counting down the miles. Keep little ones from instinctively grabbing their gadgets with a easy sport of tour bingo. It’s the best way to have them searching out the home windows and enhancing commentary abilities over getting sucked into display screen time. Trust us: these video games are severely addictive, and they won’t run out of battery simply when you get to the correct part.
Make It Memorable

Ditch your dry erase board for some thing a bit greater tech savvy with The Skylight Calendar. Kids can effortlessly get entry to it and evaluation what’s in keep for the coming days, maintaining them conscious and excited. Then, add pics from your adventures with a few faucets of your cellphone to create a well timed slideshow that performs when the calendar isn’t in use. No be counted the season, the summer season reminiscences stay on.

*Per eight fl oz, Hydration Multiplier for Kids has 6g of sugar; the main sports activities drink has 14g of sugar.

Hydration Just Got More Yum: Meet Hydration Multiplier For Kids
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Here’s the thing—kids are busy, energetic, running/climbing/dancing/bouncing human beings who want hydration simply like their grownup counterparts.

But of course, you already understand this. It’s simply a rely of getting them excited to create a hydration routine. And it’s a tall order: the containers to test off consist of deliciousness, functionality, and some thing oh-so-easy for children on the move.

That’s why it’s our pleasure to share the state-of-the-art drop from the Liquid I.V. universe—Hydration Multiplier For Kids.

We determined to make hydration its yummiest yet, in 5 crave-worthy flavors to satisfaction kids’ tastebuds: Crisp Apple, Tropical Punch, Cotton Candy (blue water thanks to a sprint of spirulina), Concord Grape, and limited-edition Banana (Ooh! Aah!) with advantages galore. It’s a rehydration answer that you’ll experience properly about, powered via electrolytes, fundamental vitamins, and quicker hydration than water on my own for boundless play.

Designed for lengthy playground days, outdoor adventures, lunchbox-packing, after faculty intramurals, or lengthy iPad periods (#reallife), these hydration sticks pack a complete of lot of goodness past flavor.

And there are serious benefits, due to the fact Hydration Multiplier For Kids says “no, thanks” to compromises. We’re speaking 3x the electrolytes and 50% much less sugar than the main sports activities drink* plus five indispensable nutritional vitamins consisting of diet B3, B5, B6, B12 and Vitamin C. We packed it all in one on-the-go stick due to the fact no child stays in one area for long.

And whilst you’re passing down your useful hydration routines to the subsequent generation, make positive you’re getting your sips in too. We made it a household affair with “Just Like Me” bundles, so the little ones in your existence can hydrate alongside you. It’s a win-win.

All there’s left to do? Fuel their play.
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Curious about the taste alternatives for your choosey kids? Here’s your rapid information to the kid-friendly taste profiles.

Inspired through the Honeycrisp apple varietal, this taste bursts with irresistible notes of candy and tart, balanced by means of delicate floral notes, with a juicy finish—designed for tastebuds of all ages.

Think: robust, floral, crave-worthy

How to describe this special flavor? Banana-rama-yum. We captured the taste of banana at its height ripeness, supplying the ideal stability of sweetness and tangy creaminess, and smashed all that goodness in one on-the-go stick.

Think: tropical, recess-ready, balanced

A clean mixture of tangerine, pineapple, and Rainier cherry. Every sip is a rush of fruit-forward taste that deliciously competitors the nostalgic, childhood favorite.

Think: bright, refreshing, fantastic

A rush of hydration with deep, daring notes of Concord grape. It’s two yum’s up.

Think: bold, aromatic, a acquainted favorite

Today’s forecast: clouds of taste in liquid form. We captured the essence of circus sweet and reimagined it as vibrant, practical hydration.

Think: vibrant, tart, melt-in-your-mouth yum

What is Cellular Transport Technology?

Cellular Transport Technology, or CTT®️, is the shipping system, used in Hydration Multiplier, Hydration Multiplier For Kids, Energy Multiplier, Hydration Multiplier+ Immune Support, Sleep Multiplier, and Hydration Multiplier+ Powdered Probiotic Kombucha, designed to beautify fast absorption of water and different key substances into your body.

The water we eat is absorbed in the digestive gadget with the aid of passive transport (osmosis), whereas CTT®️ makes use of an increased approach through energetic transport (sodium-glucose transport). The top-quality ratio of sodium, glucose, and potassium creates an osmotic pressure that lets in water to be delivered to the physique formerly on in the digestive system.

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