Why Should You Get a Medical Card?

Access for 18-20 Year-Olds
If you are 18 years of age or older, you do no longer have to wait to get get admission to to clinical marijuana. Parental consent is no longer required. Recreational customers ought to be 21 or older.

Increased Possession Limits
Patients are allowed to purchase, carry, and personal large portions of marijuana than leisure users. In some states, clinical card holders are allowed to develop at home.

Save Money on Medical Cannabis
Most states have huge taxes on marijuana products. Medical card holders are exempt from most of these taxes.

Greater Product Accessibility
Medical hashish sufferers get get entry to to a wider vary of products. Choose from extra various ratios of cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, and CBN, which can assist minimize inflammation.

Cannabis Tourism
Your clinical card may also be usual in many different states. This permits you to get entry to many new products, new strains, and get your remedy whilst traveling.

Legal Protection of Consumption
With a clinical card, your capability to purchase, store, and eat hashish is legally protected, as lengthy as you purchase from a licensed dispensary.


About Marijuana Doctors

MarijuanaDoctors.com used to be based as the depended on gateway for sufferers looking out for scientific marijuana therapy in criminal clinical marijuana states. We furnish sufferers visibility and transparency in choosing a medical doctor and putting an appointment for a clinical marijuana contrast inclusive of exact profile information, scheduling information, and scores and reviews. We apprehend the uncertainty related with the manner and that clinical marijuana is regularly the solely high quality remedy for many illnesses for which regular medicinal drug offers little alleviation or is accompanied by using uncomfortable and hazardous facet effects. Marijuana Doctors Coupon Code

MarijuanaDoctors.com is committed to legitimizing the system for the reserving and resolution of scientific marijuana physicians via standardizing the standards and determination technique for medical practitioner allowed to be part of our relied on community of exceptional physicians.

We additionally center of attention on presenting complete scheduling and advertising and marketing offerings for physicians that are each already set up clinical marijuana medical practitioner and these searching to increase their practices into choice medicine.

We join sufferers with scientific marijuana dispensaries and budtenders that can reply their urgent questions about medicinal hashish products. Budtenders can listing their dispensaries on our site, giving sufferers get right of entry to to their location, contact information, product information, menus, order on-line and more. We additionally join sufferers and dispensaries with the aid of permitting our sufferers to time table appointments with nearby budtenders to assist locate the ideal medicinal hashish merchandise for their treatment.

Users of the web page should be 18 years of age to use our appointment reserving services. Additionally, the records supplied on MarijuanaDoctors.com is designed to complement, no longer replace, the relationship between a affected person and his/her very own physician.


MarijuanaDoctors.com’s Mission Statement

MarijuanaDoctors.com seeks to assist sufferers with documented scientific conditions, such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, persistent ache or any different disorder that is accredited by means of their country of dwelling as a qualifying clinical circumstance for cannabis, hit upon and e book appointments with licensed medical practitioner who are inclined to propose marijuana as a remedy for their ailments. We do no longer promote the informal or leisure use of marijuana or any different prescription medication. We condone solely the use of marijuana as a medicine for diagnosed illnesses in accordance with kingdom law, as we trust it is a verified cure for many scientific conditions.About

About MarijuanaDoctors.com As An MSO

Marijuana Doctors is a Medical Service Organization (MSO) handing over requirements complying with HIPAA and defending affected person information. Our gadget connects sufferers to doctors and pharmacists alike, developing the first ecosystem the place sufferers can surely navigate their kingdom clinical and leisure marijuana programs. Our agency has built-in and automatic the clinical marijuana suggestion system – from discovering the necessities inside the patients’ states, scheduling appointments with qualifying physicians, discovering a dispensary to fill scientific marijuana recommendations, ordering domestic deliveries from taking part dispensaries or making use of in-store pickups, and month-to-month renewals of these services.

Marijuana Doctors seeks to teach sufferers in states the place clinical marijuana is legal. Our intention is to be the one-stop useful resource for patients to have their scientific marijuana desires met in one location. In order to fine serve our patients, we will furnish facts about clinical marijuana laws, availability of medical practitioner in patients’ areas, on-demand get entry to to medical doctors and pharmacists, statistics about allotting options, shipping services, ancillary products, effortless on line ordering, and automatic product ordering. As we proceed to amplify our affected person resources, we are excited to provide 360-view excursions of featured dispensaries, the cultivation process, the manufacturing process, and of products. Our sufferers are in a position to do everything—from lookup to ordering to reordering—from the alleviation of their homes.

As an MSO, Marijuana Doctors can facilitate these offerings on behalf of scientific agencies with clinical marijuana licensure in qualifying states. We have created safety tests and balances to make sure that deliveries and income can solely be bought legally, taking the strain off our patients.

As leisure marijuana will become legal, we are joyful to increase our on line buying and scheduling offerings to sufferers in these states. Our organization will proceed to extend our services, integrating new offerings and including global territories to our expansive listing of resources.

As your go-to useful resource for marijuana, we will preserve including the data you want to make receiving the clinical marijuana you want to deal with your qualifying situation as effortless as a click.


Partner With Marijuana Doctors to Reach More Patients

Marijuana Doctors is dedicated to fostering connections between scientific marijuana sufferers and cannabis-friendly docs throughout the country. As a main clinical marijuana physician community and clinical marijuana advice resource, Marijuana Doctors gives cannabis-friendly docs and customers internal get entry to to the modern day enterprise information and advertising affected person certification and schooling opportunities.

Advantages of Joining the Marijuana Doctors Family

Are you a scientific care issuer involved in moneymaking work or partnership possibilities with Marijuana Doctors? You’re in luck. We invite you to be part of our community today!

  • Exposure is a numbers game. The extra the better. Ask us how we can extend your practice’s visibility. Thousands of sufferers go to our community each day.
  • We remove the greater work. We display and prequalify sufferers so you don’t have to. Ask us how handy it is to get prequalified affected person appointment requests delivered by using email.
  • At Marijuana Doctors, we’re all about compliance. We value, respect, and control all data in accordance with HON, PCI, HIPAA, and other industry-specific regulations.
  • Access the entirety you want to see scientific hashish patients, which includes medical doctor statements, suggestion letters, and more.

Click right here to ship us a message for extra records on how to get started out with our referral network. Marijuana Doctors Deals Code

Let’s Grow Together!

We can assist you meet your expert objectives. Whether it’s advertising and marketing and outreach, scientific marijuana affected person certifications, affected person education, or enterprise insights and product recommendations, Marijuana Doctors is the answer for your commercial enterprise or practice.

Joining the Marijuana Doctors community makes it less complicated for medical practitioner and scientific clinics to grant scientific hashish consultations to sufferers with the degree of care and effectivity they deserve whilst incomes greater profits from the remedy of domestic or office.

The scientific marijuana enterprise is heating up and displaying no symptoms of cooling off. Let us assist take your exercise or commercial enterprise to the subsequent level. Every week we grant hundreds of scientific sufferers with get right of entry to to the greatest medical marijuana doctors in their vicinity for first-time and renewal clinical marijuana prescriptions, recommendations, and more. We’re additionally a desired CBD and leisure hashish resource.

Medical Marijuana Laws for Doctors

The criminal dangers to doctors concerning issuing hints for clinical marijuana appear to be pretty minimal. In 2015, Medscape mentioned that after contacting more than one countrywide and regional scientific malpractice insurance plan carriers, as properly as clinical societies in numerous states, it ought to no longer discover any cases of medical doctors dealing with malpractice complaints due to scientific marijuana recommendations.

There have been reviews of medical practitioner dropping scientific licenses due to writing guidelines in a manner that was once regarded unsuitable or unsafe. Two docs in Colorado, for example, had been suspended by means of their country board and eventually surrendered their scientific licenses. One of them reportedly furnished a pregnant lady with a advice no matter by no means having examined her. Another reportedly issued hints to sufferers after assembly them in locations such as inns and tattoo parlors, in accordance to Medscape. The medical doctor in the latter instance by no means scheduled any follow-up visits with these patients. Marijuana Doctors Save 10% Coupon Code & Promo & Deals

Medscape additionally pronounced that the U.S. Department of Justice advocated in 2013 that felony motion no longer be pursued towards docs who endorse clinical marijuana. The federal authorities continues to classify marijuana as a Schedule I drug, however its principal priorities consist of stopping unlawful distribution to minors and stopping income from marijuana income from together with crook enterprises.

Medical Marijuana Laws for Patients

If you are a first-time clinical marijuana patient, you ought to comprehend that clinical hashish legal guidelines don’t enable physicians to write prescriptions for marijuana. They can solely write suggestion letters that exhibit you qualify to use the drug. In order to acquire your medicine, you will want to go to a legally diagnosed dispensary.

If you stay in a nation the place it is felony to smoke medicinal weed, you nevertheless want to be conscious of your neighborhood marijuana laws. You may additionally have an stumble upon with a regulation enforcement officer, and you want to be aware of your rights. When you medicate, make certain you use frequent sense. Marijuana needless to say has a one-of-a-kind smell, so strive to keep away from being in public after you smoke. If you are driving, get pulled over and the officer smells weed, it may want to lead to an embarrassing situation. Also take into account that even if your weed is legal, it’s nonetheless unlawful to pressure below the influence. Marijuana Doctors Promo Code

If you develop your medicinal marijuana, the fewer flora you have the much less enchantment you’ll draw from human beings who may imply you harm, such as thieves or neighbors who would possibly choose to make trouble. Have a true thinking of the quantity of hashish you’ll need, so you can safely restriction what you cultivate. Marijuana Doctors Save 10% Coupon Code & Promo & Deals

States Where Medical Marijuana is Legal

The following is a listing of felony clinical marijuana states that have legalized clinical marijuana and mounted a country clinical marijuana program. Each clinical marijuana country that has outlined a clinical marijuana software lets in for accredited clinical marijuana sufferers to get hold of a scientific marijuana advice from a licensed physician, observe for a State-issued Medical Marijuana ID Card, develop scientific marijuana and/or buy clinical marijuana for medicinal use per every states clinical marijuana guidelines.

If you’re searching for greater facts on how you can acquire prison clinical marijuana after being accepted by using a licensed physician, please go to our dispensaries section. It will assist you hit upon and locate get right of entry to to your medication in a secure and impervious fashion. Marijuana Doctors Deals Code

Please study via your respective prison clinical marijuana kingdom skills and prison scientific marijuana laws. Each scientific marijuana nation has a distinctive technique concerned in acquiring your clinical marijuana nation card and every clinical marijuana kingdom has a exceptional reality part to study greater about the scientific marijuana application and to see if you can gain through selecting scientific marijuana as your choice structure of remedy to higher your great of life. Marijuana Doctors Promo Code

We have compiled the following index of clinical marijuana statistics to serve as a marijuana library to all our customers for criminal clinical marijuana reference of their state’s laws, guidelines, skills and packages concerning Medical Cannabis.

Medical Marijuana States Pending Legislative Vote

The following is a lists of non prison clinical marijuana states. This listing of states is to inform the public on the criminal popularity of their proposed clinical marijuana state. Most of the states on this listing have already decriminalized scientific marijuana and are looking ahead to ultimate approval of their states clinical marijuana invoice to pass.

Please examine via your respective non felony scientific marijuana kingdom qualifications, decriminalization laws, country facts, marijuana penalties and universal understanding sections to discover out if you too can advantage via deciding on scientific marijuana as your choice structure of cure to higher your great of life. Marijuana Doctors Coupon Code

We have compiled the following index of non criminal scientific marijuana states to serve as a marijuana country decriminalization library to all our customers to use as a felony scientific marijuana reference of their state’s laws, guidelines, skills and packages involving Medical Cannabis.


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