nurecover® – Portable Ice Bath

esigned a easy high quality way to revel in bloodless water remedy LITERALLY somewhere from your; House, Patio, Garden, Balcony, Work, Holiday, Apartment.

● 5 Layers of thermal insulated cooling technological know-how (& heating)
● one hundred percent physique insurance (Unlike bathtub tubs)
● Easy to get in and out
● Inflatable cushion to take a seat on
● Easy drainage system
Free Lid Included

Our ice bathtub is a massive insulated cool bag that maintains your water cold. After long-term trying out the use of bloodless faucet water, we located you do not even want to add ice, as it is nonetheless cold sufficient to get the advantages from bloodless water remedy at 15°C tiers and below.

Our staggering specs


  • eighty cm diameter
  • eighty cm top
  • 3.5 kg
  • four hundred L capacity
  • Suitable heights up to 2.1m (6’7)
    What’s Included?

1 x Ice Bath Pod
1 x Protective Lid (Or two with the 2-in-1 air-tight lid)
1 x Carry Case (only covered with 2-in-1 air-tight lid)
6 x Durable Support Legs
1 x Water Cushion
1 x Hand Pump
1 x Drain Hose
1 x User Manual

What if I do not like it?

Every order comes with the following:

  • 60-Day cash Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Damage Warranty

If you are sad with your order, we will assist with the return and refund you.

Benefits of use
Improved circulation

Freezing baths simply may make for a pleased heart.

When you submerge in bloodless water, blood rushes to your critical organs. Your coronary heart then desires to work harder, pushing blood via your vessels and giving your bod the integral oxygen and nutrients it needs.

Keep in idea that going on a 10-minute stroll can provide you a comparable blood-circulatory boost. Really don’t desire to stroll it out? Try an ice bathtub instead.
Stronger immune system

There is some scientific proof that ice baths work as an immunity booster. One 2016 learn about posted in the journalPLoS Onefound that human beings who take bloodless showers are nearly 30 percentage much less probable to name in ailing for work or school.
Deeper sleep

The bloodless water can have a superb impact on the central worried system, which helps you sleep and experience higher after spending ten to fifteen minutes in it.
Improved recovery

Cold water immersion can additionally assist athletes experience like they’re getting better better. A 2017 learn about located that MMA opponents who dunked in bloodless water after working out mentioned being much less sore than these who didn’t.
Reduced stress & anxiety

According to 2018 research, bloodless stimulation (specifically in the neck region) stimulates the vagus nerve, thereby decreasing coronary heart charge and probably lowering stress.

In a 2014 evaluation of hydrotherapy treatments, researchers concluded that bloodless exposure (like a bloodless compress or ice bath) can improve the capability and feature of your central fearful machine (CNS). A practical CNS can assist you sleep better and simply experience better.
Reduced inflammation

It can numb ache receptors and carry down inflammation, so you can nearly assume of it as like a drug-free anesthetic
Boosts Metabolism

Cold publicity will increase the brown adipose tissue in the body, which is accountable for changing strength into warmth to preserve the physique heat – this is what offers you the metabolism boost.

How does it work?

When you are uncovered to bloodless water, your blood vessels constrict and get smaller. And when you get out of the water, the exchange in temperature motives them to swiftly re-open, which can assist to flush the muscles’ metabolic waste products.

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See what our cool clients say..

“This has modified my life..

I cannot suggest this enough. It feels so exact to have at domestic and I can use it at any time except having to pressure to my gym.”
“I’m 6’4 and had masses of space..

At first I concept – no way I am becoming in that however after talking to purchaser carrier they stated it matches humans up to 6’7. It’s authentic due to the fact I had hundreds of room.”
“I love it, I use mine everyday..

“I’ve been the usage of a bloodless plunge seeing that I was once a teen however listening to that I ought to get one at domestic used to be a recreation changer. Absolutely superb tool, a need to have for everyone.”
“Almost higher than the costly health club one..

“The fantastic feeling in the world having this accessible at any time of the day. I do not have to go to my spa middle anymore, I simply dip in and out of this I love it.”

When must I use the ice bath?

Ice baths are extremely good after a exercise for up to 10 minutes.

Taking an ice bath, specifically after electricity training, will assist speed up recuperation and limit fatigue with the aid of stopping inflammation, stimulating the central apprehensive system, and growing regulated breathing.
“My ice bathtub has been high-quality to say the least..

“I used to be sceptical at first however after the use of it for the first time I have not stopped the use of it daily since. It has truely modified how I sense and I endorse it to everyone.”