Our Story

Pet Releaf was once situated by means of Steve and Alina Smith and Chelsea Gennings with the sole mission of growing effective, herbal choices to pet fitness and health supplements, all made with honesty and integrity

As a household we have constantly had a “less is more” strategy to each weight loss plan and fitness redress and it made feel to elevate that over to our pets as well. With this mission in mind, our search for healthful pet merchandise began.

We knew there had to be a higher way.

Why we started
Pet Releaf?

As our pets endured to age and our veterinarians solely had one desire (opioid remedy prescriptions), the higher way we had estimated earlier than grew to be a extra urgent want and this time it was once with a heightened experience of urgency and motion in the back of it. Through that line of thinking, Pet Releaf began.

To date, we have helped extra than 5 million pets. Our merchandise assist situational stress, hip and joint, a wholesome immune gadget and more. By presenting the best possible first-class products, we are proud that we have emerge as the most-trusted pet CBD product business enterprise in the enterprise – and to be genuinely making a distinction in pet’s lives.

As Pet Releaf continues to develop and we make bigger our product offerings, we nevertheless keep on to our core precept of developing and making truely wholesome CBD pet merchandise with honesty and integrity.

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