Liposomes for Maximum Absorption

Many famous dietary supplements have negative bioavailability, significantly limiting their effectiveness. Liposomes are the solution, encapsulating lively substances and defending them till they attain the bloodstream.

Our patented Liposomal shipping gadget significantly will increase the effectiveness of our products. For example, our Liposomal Green Tea Extract is validated to be 10x greater bioavailable than different Green Tea extracts.

4 Pathways to Restore NAD+

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NAD+ Supplements

NAD+ Complete is the solely 3-in-1 NAD+ booster with NAD+, NMN & NR. Each one makes use of distinctive pathways for uptake in the body.

Minimize NAD+ Consuming CD38

Energizer AM is a effective mixture of anti-aging molecules that expand ATP to energy your cells, improve sirtuins & minimize CD38 which consumes NAD+.

Decrease Systemic Inflammation

Defender is formulated to limit systemic infection which consumes NAD+, forestall cell senescence, and enlarge tiers of NAMPT which cells use to create NAD+.

Destroy Senescent Cells

Activator is designed to get rid of senescent cells that amplify infection and eat NAD+, alongside with AMPK activators that amplify NAD+ manufacturing internal cells during the body.


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John Shoffner – J2 Racer – Age 52
“I’m a commited bio-hacker with robust dreams closer to longevity. NAD+ upkeep is excessive on my list. I suggest this protocol to humans each risk I get.”

Tenchi So – Competitive Triathlete
Age forty – Renue Age Defying Serum
“As a Triathlete who spends time outdoors… I nonetheless have supple and youthful searching skin.”

Alexia B – Professional Athlete
Age 39 – Pure Powder
“I have been taking Pure powder for about two years, and it feels like a improve of power each time. I be aware a distinction in my yoga exercise and power coaching when I take it, my physique recovers faster. This is me at 39, and I experience like I have the electricity of an 18 12 months old!”

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Our intention is to grant you with the the absolute best quality, most great vary of bioavailable durability merchandise at the absolute lowest price.

We seek advice from with a large vary of professionals and scientific physicians to recognize the modern research, and we mix that with your remarks and that of different clients on our Forums, Facebook, Youtube and Reddit.
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Bryan Nettles 2023
Bryan Nettles, Founder – sixty three years young

Nutrition and exercising have been a important focal point for me for the duration of my life. My passion is in science and research, mainly as it relates to healthful aging. Supplements, in addition to fitness, food plan and sleep, have performed an vital position in my health.

I agree with that we can take motion to enhance our high-quality of life, so that we have many extra years to revel in with family, pals and cherished ones.

My mission is to train and inspire human beings on how to stay lengthy and strong. You can begin to enhance your fitness at any age or stage of life.

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Research Director, Dr. Rebecca Crews

Dr. Rebecca Crews is the Research Director at Renue through Science, main the company’s engagement in transformative research. She is dedicated to scientific integrity in the fitness and health area and information transparency with consumers.

She holds a Ph.D. in Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition from Tufts University and has over ten years of diet science lookup experience, exploring more than a few dimensions of human well-being in tutorial and authorities laboratories.

Rebecca believes that enterprise participation in lookup is crucial for advancing vitamin science and growing science-based options to assist human beings stay longer and healthier lives.
Dr Clarkson Driggers MD
Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Clark Driggers

Dr. Clark Driggers, serves as the Chief Medical Advisor at Renue By Science, specializing in wellness, anti-aging, and regenerative medicine.

He is the founder of ReNU MD, a clinical exercise for anti-aging and regenerative medicine, presenting an epigenetics-based method to customized healthcare, thru in-person and telehealth appointments.

He believes in taking a proactive method to managing your health, addressing all of the hallmarks of aging, so that you can stay a longer more healthy life.

Learn More About Dr. Driggers or go to his internet site ReNU MD.
Company History

NAD+ boosters
Sublingual Delivery
Nasal and Oral Sprays
Liposomal Delivery
NAD+ Skincare

We commenced promoting NAD+ boosters in 2017. Since that time, our product line has elevated greatly, imparting a vast vary of NAD+ restoration products.

We continuously try to enhance the effectiveness of our products. So we test a lot. We have made wonderful strides enhancing the bioavailability of NAD+ products, and revel in a brilliant recognition amongst our speedy developing consumer base as a result.

We have many greater merchandise in the works for 2023 and 2024! See all products.

Quality is A Top Priority

Product nice and trying out are a priority. We make use of meticulous and tremendous third birthday celebration trying out on our products.

Each product goes via uncooked cloth testing, purity and balance trying out – in addition to checking out the ultimate product, which many businesses do now not do.
Raw Material Testing

▸ Purity ▸ Heavy Metals ▸ Endotoxins ▸ Mold
Product Assurance

Measuring the volume of energetic ingredient per pill or jar.
Stability Testing

Periodic checking out to make certain degradation is minimal.

After production, we ship the completed product to take a look at that the tablets or jar has the quantity certain on the bottle. That product assurance check has the batch range of the bottle, so customers can verify the bottle they buy without a doubt has the volume of energetic components unique on the bottle.

Liposomal Delivery
What are the benefits of liposomal delivery? Are liposomes honestly better?
When taken sublingually, about 30% of a a hundred twenty five mg dose receives absorbed below the tongue, with the the rest being swallowed. At greater dosages, the p.c goes down, as the capillaries are full and have constrained transport.

A a good deal larger percent makes it to bloodstream with liposomal delivery. Liposomes additionally guard the payload from degradation as soon as in the bloodstream.

Lastly, Liposomes launch the payload over a tons longer duration – up to 24 hours. This is higher when taking large dosages.

The speedy shipping to the bloodstream with Sublingual can be an gain when taking earlier than exercise. The electricity surge most customers sense is additionally first-class affirmation that it is doing something.

What are the liquid and powdered liposome variations in bioavailability and stability?
Our liquid and powdered liposomes have about the identical availability in the bloodstream, however the powdered liposomes launch the payload extra slowly over 24 hours. We don’t understand if that makes it extra high quality than a quicker release.

Powdered liposomal merchandise have a shelf existence of over two years, alternatively than the 12 months or so for liquid liposomal merchandise when saved at room temp.

What’s the distinction between Liposomal vs. Delayed & Extended Release Caps?
Delayed Release & Extended Release Caps shield components from belly acid only. They delay, however don’t without a doubt maintain ingredient release.

Liposomes shield the payload thru the GI tract and into the bloodstream, then launch extra slowly up to 24 hours (depending on the liposome).

In addition to a large make bigger in bioavailability, they are in reality sustained release. Any complement recognized to have bad bioavailability have to use liposomal delivery.

Are any of your liposomal merchandise heat-sensitive?
The liposomal powder tablet merchandise are now not warmth sensitive.

The liposomal gels alternatively have to no longer be uncovered to warmth exceeding a hundred and fifteen tiers Fahrenheit for extra than a few days. Liposomes ruin down a bit when uncovered to prolonged durations of excessive heat.

Sublingual Delivery FAQ
How do you take the sublingual NMN?
For pure powder NMN sublingually, scoop the NMN into your mouth and keep it below your tongue.

If you are taking a tablet, maintain it beneath the tongue.

If you are the use of a liposomal gel product, you can squeeze it into your mouth and keep below your tongue as well.

Try to preserve the merchandise beneath your tongue for 30-45 seconds.

If you swallow it sooner, the liposomes will nonetheless provide safety via the belly and it will be absorbed thru the gut into your bloodstream.

How does sublingual transport work?
Sublingual transport (under the tongue) gives fast absorption thru the blood vessels below the tongue as a substitute than via the digestive tract.

The absorption of molecules delivered via the sublingual route is increased than oral route and is solely surpassed by using liposomal shipping or with the aid of direct IV injection.

Where do you supply your NMN from?
We buy the uncooked components from 4 specific suppliers, that are all in China.

EVERY manufacturer of NMN purchases the uncooked elements from China. That’s the equal with most different nutritional vitamins and supplements.

Safety and purity are our pinnacle precedence and we have carried out stringent and rigorous checking out strategies to make certain this. We take a look at each batch upon receipt in the US and procedure further. We then take a look at each and every batch of completed product, and publish the outcomes on our internet site with batch wide variety so clients can confirm that the completed product they buy used to be in truth tested, now not simply a pattern of a uncooked ingredient that may additionally or might also now not have made it into the completed product.

We are the ONLY manufacturer that checks completed merchandise and posts outcomes with the BATCH NUMBER on our website.

Ours is processed, tested, and packaged in the USA. Almost all nutritional vitamins and dietary supplements you purchase use uncooked elements that originate in China however are examined and packaged in the USA to make certain safety.

How do you make sure the purity of your sourced NMN?
We check each batch of NMN in the US earlier than processing it.

You can see the check effects on the product page, under the “Testing” tab.

You can locate the batch variety of your object to confirm that the completed product used to be tested.

We are the solely company that assessments finished product and posts outcomes with the batch quantity on our website.

All of our merchandise are processed, tested, and packaged in the United States.

Is there any proof of NMN’s benefits?
There are dozens of research displaying extraordinarily promising consequences in mice, such as radically extended endurance, new blood vessel growth, glucose tolerance, and tons more.

In humans, there have been 12 NMN research to date. Click right here for summaries of the research and hyperlinks to the full lookup papers.

There are additionally endless numbers of non-public testimonies and testimonials. Join our /Renue subreddit to join with others, ask questions in the neighborhood and examine about the experiences humans are having with these supplements.

Do I want to take TMG with NMN?
In sure cases, taking NAD+ boosting dietary supplements can burn up tiers of methyl companies in the body.

TMG is one of the most essential methods to fix methyl organizations due to the fact as the title implies, it has three methyl organizations to donate as NAD+ receives used, it is damaged down into Nicotinamide (NAM).

To get rid of extra NAM, a “methyl” is connected to NAM to structure methylnicotinamide (MeNAM) so it can be excreted.

Consequently the greater NAD+ that is used, extra MeNAM wants to be excreted which can put a stress on the pool of methyl groups, leaving much less for different integral methylation functions.

There is no lookup that says ordinary dosages (less that 1,000mg) of NMN or NR use up methyls and require TMG.

However, various physicians have encouraged it, and many human beings decide on to take it alongside NMN or NR, simply as an insurance plan policy.

In addition, TMG has a entire vary of different workable benefits. We now provide TMG as phase of our product line.

What age have to I begin taking NMN?
NAD+ tiers decline with age after round 25 years old. The purpose of taking NAD+ precursors like NMN is to raise your tiers returned to what they had been when you had been younger. But age isn’t always the solely component that motives NAD+ to decline – for example, stress, inflammation, environmental toxins, lack of sleep. Therefore, NMN is secure to take at any age. An NAD+ blood check is the solely way to verify if your tiers are suboptimal, however it can’t damage to take NMN even if you are nevertheless young.

Do I want to refrigerate LIPO NMN?
Our LIPO NMN is shelf secure and refrigeration is now not necessary.

Do I want to take LIPO NMN with food?
No, you do not want to take it with food. If you opt for to take it with food, you can do that and it will now not affect its effectiveness.

How does the dose of LIPO NMN evaluate to pure powder NMN?
Up to 30% of pure NMN powder, when taken sublingually (under the tongue) makes it to the bloodstream. With Liposomal delivery, we agree with it is over 90%. So the quick reply is, LIPO NMN is possibly round 3x greater efficient.

Does it count number when I take LIPO NMN?
Liposomes defend the payload and launch it slowly over 24 hours and for this reason there is no spike of the complement in the bloodstream. We have heard no reviews but of every person having sleep disturbances with LIPO NMN, so you are free to take it every time you prefer.