From Loving Sneakers To Protecting & Caring For Them.

Our Story: Growing up, new sneakers supposed the world to me, however the concern of them getting soiled was once usually there. It wasn’t simply about retaining them clean. It used to be about feeling good, making them last, and sporting them confidently. Inspired by way of my Mother’s pronouncing “Nice shoes, skill you usually seem presentable.”

After years of refining the most superb process, I added Reshoev8r. It’s greater than a cleaner – it is for all and sundry who sees footwear as a reflection of themselves. Today, Reshoevn8r is depended on by using sneaker fanatics everywhere.

original package directions

Prep your Shoes

Remove shoelaces, and use furnished Sneaker Wipe to eliminate any extra grime or particles from sneaker.

Cleaning Process

  1. Prepare a small bowl with about four oz of water and add two squirts of our effective sneaker-cleaning solution.
  2. Dip the Medium Bristle Brush into the cleansing answer to liberate its full potential.
  3. Start gently growing a lather on the shoe’s top phase the usage of the brush whilst cleansing the materials.
  4. Move on to the midsole and undersole, the usage of the Medium Bristle Brush and answer scrub to loosen grime and smooth shoe.
  5. Pat your footwear dry with a towel, sense free to repeat any steps as wanted for preferred results.
  6. Allow your reshoevn8ed footwear to dry in a single day in a well-ventilated location for most freshness.

Costco Kit directions
Prep your Shoes

Remove shoelaces, and wipe or brush off any extra filth or particles from sneaker.


1: Fill a small bowl with approx. 4oz. of water, and add two squirts of RESHOEVN8R Cleaning Solution into bowl.

2: Immerse the Soft Bristle Brush into the bowl solution.

3: Being gently developing a lather on the higher section of the shoes. If necessary, repeat the method the usage of the Medium Bristle Brush to do away with greater stubborn stains.

4: Proceed to the midsole of the shoe, use the Medium Bristle Brush to loosen the dirt, and gently observe up with the Stiff Bristle Brush for a deeper clean.

5: Using the Microfiber Towel, pat your footwear dry; if needed, repeat the steps above.

6: Place your footwear in a nicely ventilated region to make certain freshness, and permit them to dry in a single day earlier than wearing.

1: If footwear are dirty, easy footwear with RESHOEVN8R following the steps above prior to the use of defensive repellent.

2: In a properly ventilated area* follow two even coats 6-8 inches from your shoes. Allow 5-10 minutes to dry in between applications.

3: Allow to dry for at least 15 minutes prior to wearing.

** Not encouraged for use on leather.

1: Spray Deodorizer spray interior every footwear 2-3 times.*

2: Allow time to dry prior to wearing.

  • To preserve a fresh, easy smell, use 2-3 instances weekly.

Signature package directions
Prep your Shoes

Remove shoelaces and insert the Shoe Trees to keep the shoe’s form in the course of the cleansing process.

Pretreat or Quick Clean

  1. Apply a small quantity of the Cleaning Solution (2 squirts) into a bowl crammed with about 4oz of water.
  2. Using the tender Bristle Brush gently scrub the shoe’s higher part, paying interest to stains and dirt.
  3. If needed, swap to the Medium Bristle Brush to tackle more challenging stains.
  4. Use the Stiff Bristle Brush for a deep easy on the soles and midsoles.

Deep Clean (Sneaker Laundry System)

For a thorough cleansing the usage of the Laundry System, observe the equal steps from above, then proceed to these steps beneath :

  1. Place the footwear into the Sneaker Laundry Bag with soles together.
  2. Close the bag securely, making sure the footwear are enclosed.
  3. Add detergent, we propose the usage of Reshoevn8r’s sneaker-specific laundry pods to make certain an positive smooth and conditioning. If the use of every other manufacturer please use a noncolor pod or liquid detergent.
  4. Place the Sneaker Laundry Bag into the washing machine.
  5. Set the washing computer to ordinary cycle with bloodless water and press start.
  6. Once the cycle is complete, put off the footwear from the bag and let them air dry with shoe timber nonetheless interior in a properly ventilated area. Do Not use a dryer, as it will injury the shoes.

7: Relace and admire your reshoevn8ed shoes.


  1. If needed, easy footwear with Reshoevn8r Cleaning Kit prior to making use of Water And Stain Repellent.
  2. In a properly ventilated area, keep can upright and follow even coats, 6-8 inches away from the surface.
  3. Allow to dry 15 minutes.
  4. Repeat these steps for three coats.
  • We advocate reapplying each and every 3-6 weeks relying on quantity of wear, or after every clean.


Suede, nubuck, mesh, mild coloured leather, knit, canvas.

*Do now not use on darkish coloured or patent leather

SNEAKER WIPES directions

  1. Tear open package.
  2. Gently wipe shoe with easy facet of Sneaker Wipe.
  3. If grime or dirt stays on shoe, flip Sneaker Wipe over to textured aspect and wipe.
  4. Repeat above steps till favored results.


Not advocated for suede, or nubuck materials.

SOLE SHIELDS directions
additional objects needed

To desirable set up these, you will want a pen, a pair of scissors, and a warmness gun.

additional gadgets needed
Installation Process

  1. On a easy sole, use furnished cleansing pad and wipe the backside of the shoe.
  2. With a pen cautiously hint the backside of the shoe onto the clean facet of the Sole Shield. (textured facet down)
  3. Using scissors, reduce the Sole Shields out following your hint lines.
  4. Peel the backing off of the Sole Shields.
  5. With the adhesive aspect down, align the Sole Shields evenly throughout the backside of the shoe.
  6. Apply mild pressure, molding the Sole Shield into the grooves of the backside of the shoe.
  7. Use the warmth gun and practice warmness whilst persevering with to mould the Sole Shields in the grooves of the sneaker whilst making sure a association bond.
  8. Repeat these steps on the different sneaker.


The crease protectors are marked with L and R for LEFT and RIGHT sneakers on the underside. Identify which is which prior to installing.


  1. Loosen laces and cast off the insoles if possible.
  2. Slide the Crease Protector into the toe field of the sneaker, and reinsert insole.
  3. Place foot in shoe and take a look at alignment and comfort.
  4. Adjust Crease Protector to match and for relief as needed.


To remove, take out the insole and squeeze the again tabs of the Crease Protector collectively and slide out of the sneaker. Replace the insole.

Cleaning Solution directions
Prep Your shoes

Remove shoelaces, and wipe or brush off any extra dust or particles from sneaker.


  1. Fill bowl with four oz of water and add two squirts of Reshoevn8r Cleaning Solution.
  2. Dip gorgeous brush into combination and scrub shoe to create a lather.
  3. Repeat step two unit favored outcomes are achieved.
  4. Wipe shoe with a easy towel and enable to air dry.

CLEANING MAT directions

  1. Place mat down on pinnacle of floor prior to cleansing to soak up extra water & answer throughout cleansing process.

After Use

Machine wash one after the other with heat water and detergent. Tumble dry on low heat.


  1. Use to wipe off suds at some point of a cleaning, wipe off undesirable scuffs, and smooth up your mess after cleaning.
  2. Repeat as wished to obtain preferred results.

After Use

Machine wash one after the other with heat water and detergent. Tumble dry on low heat.

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