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Because she would not select the spotlight, and her story deserves to be told, this web page used to be written by way of her employees.

Seven Baby™ is one of the many creations of Jenny Bosco in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Although Jenny is presently a full time at-home mom of 5 children, she’s recognised to spend forty hours or greater per week working on or enhancing her many Mothers Lounge brands. It all commenced in 2005 when she invented the Milk Bands™ breastfeeding bracelet which is bought in lots of shops worldwide. When she launched Milk Bands™ in 2005, Jenny wrote:
“I had determined that I desired my toddlers to be breastfed and after having most important setbacks on breastfeeding my first born, I used to be anxious to strive once more with my 2nd toddler which became out extra pleasant. BUT, due to lack of sleep, no longer being skilled sufficient on breastfeeding and unable to discover a respectable way to music what side, what time or how lengthy they would breastfeed (my children have been “on demand” feeders) it grew to become irritating for me. I used to be now not searching ahead to breastfeeding my subsequent toddler till I had a logical answer to some of my breastfeeding problems. One night time in January of 2005, my sister-in-law known as me very upset with the identical troubles I had confronted whilst nursing and now not trying her to quit breastfeeding I was once decided to come up with some thing and the “flip-able” breastfeeding bracelet thought was once born! Milk Bands™ have given mothers all round the world the empowerment to breastfeed their infants and do it nicely and I recognize that Milk Bands™ will assist you too.”
Jenny Bosco

Jenny has a ardour for making an attempt to make mom’s lives less difficult in all that she does and believes that her merchandise will make a distinction in yours. Since 2005, Jenny has launched more than one mom & child product strains which include Udder Covers™, Seven™ manufacturer infant slings, Carseat Canopy™, Nursing Pillow, and has future product traces in the works. Her preferred section of the commercial enterprise is designing. She’s had a hand in each and every cloth print, logo, photograph shoot, and photograph used with any of her brands. Jenny continues to be the visionary for the company’s bold future.

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