The Power of a Homemade Meal

At Shef, we’re rebuilding the meals device from scratch, redefining who can take part in the meals economy, and returning private connection to the making, eating, and sharing of food. We are an on-line market for local, meals security licensed cooks to join with clients in their neighborhood and earn a significant profits promoting home made dishes.

Homemade is the aroma of your childhood kitchen, the laughter round a household table, the style of regionally sourced produce; it’s memories, nostalgia, and tradition. It’s constructing bridges between cultures and humans that make us whole.

More than anything, the electricity of selfmade meals comes from the love and care of these who make it, all opening up their hearts to grant the present of a home made meal to you.

A movement

Shef is section of a developing motion to construct a extra inclusive meals device for all. We are proud to aid and champion advocacy efforts to extend domestic cooking legal guidelines throughout the u . s . a . so that proficient cooks in all places can earn a significant profits from their very own kitchens.
In the three years on account that we delivered our very first order, we have now improved to serve greater than 70 million humans in eleven states and almost three million dishes have made their way onto tables throughout the country. Each organized with love and care by way of passionate neighbors and reminding us that there’s no style like home.

Our Founding Story

We’re Alvin and Joey, two sons of immigrants from Iran and Italy who grew up ingesting delicious, home made meals from scratch. Our memories are these of so many immigrant households who make their way to the United States, crammed with uncertainty, hope, and desires of constructing a higher lifestyles for their cherished ones.

We each come from cultures the place meals is an journey intended to be shared, and foods nourish no longer solely your body, however additionally your heart. No rely the place we were, the jobs our dad and mom have been working, or the struggles they encountered, it used to be ingredients round the dinner desk that saved us together, loved, and happy.

We each frequently assume about how Shef ought to have been an financial lifeline for our households had it existed when we had been developing up. Shef is our way of bringing a community-based meals machine to life, the place all and sundry can have get right of entry to to a significant income, and the place all and sundry can feed their neighbor and guide one any other – one meal at a time.

The fitness + protection of our neighborhood will constantly come first

All shefs promoting via our platform are enormously grateful for your assist and take their duty to furnish you with safe, healthy ingredients very seriously. In the three years in view that we delivered our first order, we have elevated to serve extra than 60 million human beings in eleven states and almost three million foods have made their way onto tables throughout the country.
Every shef on our platform is
Food Safety Certified

All shefs are required to omit an permitted meals security certification examination and be difficulty to meals first-rate checks. In areas that have now not but carried out domestic cooking laws, shefs are required to prepare dinner out of business kitchens or different legally permissible facilities.

What protection protocol at Shef appears like
Every shef is problem to meals nice checks.
Every shef is required to put on a face mask, hairnet, and gloves whilst cooking.
Every shef is required to use a thermometer to take their temperature prior to meals preparation.
Anyone who is feeling sick, who has a temperature above CDC suggestions (100.4° F), or famous any different COVID-19 signs and symptoms is requested to inform us so that we can get rid of them from the platform till it is protected for them to return in accordance with CDC guidance.
Ongoing meals protection education

Our group works carefully to assist shefs on their journeys as meals entrepreneurs, this capability everyday teaching conversations, workshops, and sources on first-rate protection practices.

What is Shef?
Shef connects gifted cooks with neighborhood customers.

We trust in offering the shefs in our neighborhood — folks who have usually dreamt of constructing their very own meals enterprise — the possibility to make a significant earnings via doing what they love! We additionally trust that each and every individual must have get right of entry to to a wholesome, selfmade meal at an lower priced price. Building a neighborhood committed to financial empowerment and cultural inclusivity — that’s why we started out Shef.

Talk to us
Reach out to our purchaser help each time you have an issue.

We’re solely a speedy e mail or textual content away. Our crew appears ahead to hearing from you and answering your questions.
Pursue your passion
We’ll assist you with payments, logistics and patron aid so you can focal point on what you love: cooking exquisite food.

We’ll additionally grant you with advertising help so that clients can fall in love with your meals from day one.
Craft your menu
Our group has specialist photographers on workforce to assist you take stunning images of your dishes.

We’ll assist you craft a compelling menu and supply suggestions on pricing your menu items.
Get advice
We have lots of pointers and records factors on hand for you to use when designing your meals business.

Join our weekly informational calls to study how to enhance your menus and construct a profitable enterprise on Shef.
Cooking safely
Food protection training
All candidates are required to omit an permitted meals security certification examination earlier than becoming a member of our cooking community. Once you skip this course, you’ll be one step closer to cooking and promoting your meals safely!
Trusted with the aid of heaps of people
Shef is used each day with the aid of hundreds of clients round the United States. We work difficult to assist our shefs experience taken care of and supported all through the complete process.

Frequently requested questions

What is Shef?

Shef is a community-based platform that permits cooks to promote selfmade meals to their neighbors. Over the ultimate couple of years, we have helped shefs feed lots of human beings round the country. If you are involved in mastering extra about how you can feed your community, please contact us at

What is cooking on Shef in reality like?

Cooking on Shef is easy. You set your availability and your clients order from your menu on Shef. We’ll notify you of all the orders in an easy-to-read list. Once you’ve completed cooking, you’ll safely cool your dishes and put together them for delivery. Once your clients acquire their food, you’ll get the hazard to hear how a lot they loved it.

How does transport work?

Delivery varies in every market primarily based on nearby requirements, however we will assist you perceive the first-rate transport technique reachable to you. We’re right here for you each and every step of the way!

How many days a week can I cook?

It’s totally up to you! Each market has a distinctive range of shipping days available; you can cook dinner and sell on all of the transport days or simply one of them. No pressure, sense free to go at your very own pace!

Once I begin cooking on Shef, can I take a ruin from cooking?

Yes, of course! You control your very own schedule. If you’ll like to take a break, it is totally fine. We’ll be right here to aid you on every occasion you are equipped to come back!

How do I get paid?

We accomplice with an on line charge processing system, which routinely problems repayments quickly after every day that you cook!

Who are Shef’s customers?

Shef’s clients characterize a vast cross-section of humans from various backgrounds, ethnicities, and walks of life. Similarly to many of our shefs, many clients are immigrants and expats who use Shef to experience remedy food from their domestic countries. Customers additionally have a tendency to be adventurous and love to strive new cuisines and dishes. They are usually planners who contain Shef ingredients into their weekly routines, playing home made dishes at some point of the week with their households and cherished ones. Just as we do with all our shefs, we welcome each purchaser into the Shef neighborhood with open arms.

Who can prepare dinner on shef? I don’t have culinary training, do I want that?

We work with a large vary of shefs, some of whom have labored in eating places and others who have by no means cooked professionally before. The one factor all shefs have in comon is a ardour for cooking! Please note: you should be over the age of 18 and eligible to work as a 1099 contractor. You are additionally required to comply with all felony necessities relevant to the kind of meals you are promoting in your location, and go thru our multi-step software method earlier than you are thoroughly permitted to promote meals on Shef.