Our crew is led via a grasp distiller from Jalisco and two brothers from Nashville, Tennessee. And our dream is to carry the world’s first-class craft tequila to the US.The first time we met, we located that we shared the identical dream, however realized that accomplishing that dream would require every of us contributing our abilities and working together. We realized we shared the equal values no longer simply about the manufacturing of the tequila, but about how what we desired to do would make the world a higher place, for each the humans who revel in our tequila as properly as the humans who make it.

Interesting fact: all the personnel at the distillery are women, which is uncommon in a male dominated field. But we did not pick this distillery due to the fact they have been all women, we selected it due to the fact they make the satisfactory tequila, and we love the reality that when you purchase and assist our tequila, it presents jobs for ladies in a lovely agrarian neighborhood in the inexperienced hills backyard of Jalisco.And our environmental practices are simple—no chemical substances are used to develop the agave. We assume that makes for a higher tequila and for a higher world.We agree with that accurate instances with buddies make the world a happier place. And what higher way to get the top instances started out than with desirable tequila?When we seemed at the tequila we had been enjoying, we wondered, “are we ingesting the first-class tequila made?” And that query started out a quest.

We started out studying and employed a tequila scout (we had no thought that used to be a thing).

Tequila is a heritage liquor, that means it can solely be made in Mexico by means of licensed distillers (the identical way actual Champagne can solely be made in the Champagne vicinity of France).

We explored the panorama of tequila distillers and located that most of the great craft tequila by no means reaches the United States. Most of what we get right here in the states—even the “premium” brands—is from massive company distillers.
The goal:

To create the world’s first-class craft tequila for human beings who love tequila and carry it to the United States.

After thousands of tequila tastings (rough job, we know), we located the pleasant craft maker in the world—a grasp distiller from Jalisco, Mexico—and labored with her to create and refine our recipe.

That recipe is the smoothest consuming tequila made and the satisfactory reachable in the United States—TC CRAFT.

What makes TC Craft so good?

To name ourselves a craft brand, we want to damage with convention. We have to do matters better.

That skill alternatively of harvesting 5-7-year-old agave like the huge tequila brands, we permit ours to mature for a full 9-years. Our agave is grown except chemical pesticides or herbicides.

Instead of strain cooking our agave to store time and reduce costs, we bake ours in clay ovens, slowly coaxing out the sugar in the nectar and growing flavor.

We use pure Jalisco highlands spring water and herbal agave yeast as a substitute of business yeast. There are no components or fillers—just agave, spring water, and wild agave yeast.

We distill in small batches to preserve tight manage of the process, by no means over-distilling, so we maintain as a whole lot of the delicate, nuanced taste of the agave.

For our Reposado, Anejo, and Extra Anejo, we age in white oak whiskey barrels for longer than the regulation requires—again, to improve taste and smoothness.

Ultimately we do all of this due to the fact we choose to make some thing that we’re proud to share with our friends, and each choice we make displays this.

That’s why it says on the lower back of each bottle, “Only for our friends.”

We love sharing America’s first-rate craft tequila with you, our friends, and invite you to be a part of us in bringing the correct instances to yours.

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