Why We’re Different

As the innovator of the headrest protected industry, we have the fantastic product on the market. When you buy one of our products, you get peace of thought that your valuables are impervious and you’ll have speedy get right of entry to when you want it most!

The Headrest Safe™ has a everyday diagram that lets in it to in shape all vehicles. There are three approaches to get rapid get entry to to The Headrest Safe™. First a biometric reader that makes use of your man or woman thumbprint or fingerprint. Second, a four to eight digit passcode. Third, the tried and real approach of a key.

After unlocking The Headrest Safe™, you’ll pull down on the invisible seam. There’s no way that everyone ought to understand it was once there. And even if they did, there’s no way they should get it open besides the use of one of the three strategies to unlock!

We solely use the high-quality substances available; automobile grade coverings, 18 gauge metal safe, sixteen gauge metal door and a metal lock. Our merchandise are effortless to self-install. Once established your Headrest Safe locks in location so solely you can dispose of it. Order yours nowadays and see for your self how we stand out from the competitors.

Step 1: Order

Don’t put your self via the guilt and be apologetic about of no longer having a impenetrable location to shop your valuables or firearms in your vehicle.
Step 2: Install

You’re one step nearer to having the exceptional of each worlds in phrases of protection and rapid access. As quickly as you get hold of The Headrest Safe™, you can without problems set up it yourself.
Step 3: Relax

You can take your firearm, cash, medications, and greater with you in your car and loosen up understanding it will continue to be out of the palms of kids, valets, or intruders.

The SILS System™: Secure, Invisible, lockable in-vehicle storage
Peace of Mind
See The Headrest Safe™ firsthand inner our customer’s vehicles

A Handgun Is Stolen from a Vehicle Every 15 Minutes!

With extra firearms being stolen from cars than somewhere else, it’s quintessential to preserve yours safely saved and out of sight of prying eyes. With The Headrest Safe™, you don’t have to fear about your treasured objects falling into the incorrect arms or your auto protected being burglarized due to the fact you’re the solely one who is aware of it’s there. When your gun is securely stored, you don’t simply guard your self and your cherished ones, you shield your community, too.
Hiding Your Gun Isn’t Enough

In-vehicle gun security is extra vital than ever when you are quickly unable to elevate and away from home. A crook is aware of precisely the place to seem to be at some stage in a smash and grab—enabling them to be in and out with your property in minutes. The Headrest Safe™ is the pleasant in-vehicle safe on the market due to its discreet storage diagram and great materials—criminals and prying eyes won’t even comprehend there’s a secure to damage into.
Don’t Sacrifice Safety for Convenience

Keep your valuables secure and tightly closed with The Headrest Safe™. You might also experience apprehensive and anxious that your valuables are at threat of being stolen when you depart your vehicle. But now not with The Headrest Safe™. We supply you the strength to save cash, valuables, medication, a firearm, or some thing else it truly is necessary to you in your vehicle—without the fear of “what if?

The Headrest Safe™ is the widespread for anti-theft automobile safes

When it comes to carrying your valuables or firearms in your vehicle, most humans sense they have to pick between protection and convenience. With The Headrest Safe™, you can have the nice of each worlds. Peace of thinking that it is impervious and rapid to access! We take security seriously. Our merchandise meet the requirements for headrests required of the unique gear manufacturers—meaning they’re simply as protected as your originals. And due to the fact of its common design, it matches nearly all vehicles.

Order Yours Before It’s Too Late

You in no way comprehend when manageable thieves will strike. Stop traumatic about protection for your valuables. Instead, have peace of idea and self belief that your valuables are invulnerable and protected with the closing in-vehicle safe. The Headrest Safe locks your gadgets away so solely you comprehend they’re there.


Where are you located?
We have one primary region in Homewood, Alabama.
What are your commercial enterprise hours?
We are open Monday–Friday from 8:30 am–4:30 pm CST. If you require assistance after hours, please experience free to publish a shape on our Contact page.
Can I talk with someone?
Of course! We are reachable Monday–Friday from 8:30 am–4:30 pm CST at 205-438-6107. Or you can e-mail us at info@TheHeadrestSafe.com. You can additionally contact us on our Facebook page, The Headrest Safe, and on Twitter @TheHeadrestSafe.

Can I region my order over the phone?
Unfortunately, we are solely accepting on line orders positioned on the Shop web page of our internet site at this time.
How will I understand my order has been processed?
Once your order is placed, you will acquire a affirmation electronic mail with the important points of your order. If you choose textual content messaging, that choice is additionally available. Most orders are processed inside forty eight hours of the order being placed. The estimated shipping time is 2–5 commercial enterprise days after your order has been processed.

Does the The Headrest Safe™ in shape any automobile or truck?
Yes. Our unique, adjustable put up machine adjusts to any width headrest. Our headrest replaces the present one in your vehicle. Simply take the headrest in your automobile out and comply with the Installation Instructions to put ours in. The Headrest Safe™ locks into region with a toggle bolt that deploys when inserted into the seat.

Is The Headrest Safe™ secure?
Yes. The Headrest Safe™ locks into vicinity with a toggle bolt that deploys when inserted into the seat. Afterward, solely the proprietor has get admission to to put off it.
Is The Headrest Safe™ safe?
Yes. The Headrest Safe™ has been examined primarily based on the requirements required to be met by means of authentic tools manufacturers. Our product met these standards, so you can tour with peace of idea understanding your Headrest Safe headrest is simply as protected as your original.
Can The Headrest Safe™ be eliminated after it is mounted onto the seat?
Yes. You need to first free up the safe, then you can do away with the toggle from inside.
How lengthy is the battery existence of the lock?
Under everyday use, the battery have to final about one 12 months and is no longer rechargeable.
How do I get alternative keys?
Ensure your Headrest Safe is registered with the serial number. Then you can contact us for a substitute key.
How do I application my lock?
Learn how to software your lock by using looking at the step-by-step video on our Videos page.
How do I reset my lock?
Learn how to reset your lock by way of gazing the Problem Solving video on our Videos page.
How can I release my safe?
Learn how to release your secure by way of staring at the Problem Solving video on our Videos page.
Where is the serial variety located?
The serial wide variety is placed on the face of your lock, above the opening knob.
What dimension firearms (dimensions) can the snuggie hold?
The snuggie is 8.00″ excessive by using 6.00″ huge by way of 11.00″ deep.
Is The Headrest Safe™ adjustable?
Yes, it is like any different car headrest and is totally adjustable.

What is your return policy?
The Headrest Safe™ is one hundred percent dedicated to offering the exceptional feasible product for your valuables. The Headrest Safe™ affords a 30-day money-back guarantee. The refund will consist of the full buy rate of your headrest except delivery (if paid). Your 30-day return length starts on your date of buy with a legitimate product registration.