ARMRA Colostrum™ protects, rebuilds, and strengthens your body’s barriers for defense against everyday threats and
enhanced vitality.

Reviving Foundational Health
We’re rebuilding fitness from the inner out.

With the present day surroundings evolving and daily chemicals, pollutants, pathogens, and processed components threatening our intellectual and bodily state, our our bodies want safety now greater than ever. At ARMRA, we use proprietary, Cold-Chain BioPotent™ Technology, and leverage immune talent to protect, restore, and beautify entire immune fitness and cell performance. Harnessing the electricity of colostrum and its 400+ bioactive nutrients, we convey collectively science and superfood science, empowering you to face the contemporary world head on.

We’re ARMRA. The revival of health.

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Sarah Rahal, MD
“I created ARMRA to heal myself. It was once developed with the utmost intention, integrity, and appreciate for evolutionary knowledge due to the fact I put this into my very own physique each single day. Nature crafted via us, for us.”
ARMRA is the brainchild of Sarah Rahal, MD – a double board-certified pediatric neurologist with information in environmental fitness and quantum biology. Dr. Rahal is regular seeker of knowledge, research, and what lies past the reputation quo. After years of scientific work in the sanatorium and jogging a busy pediatric practice, she used to be alarmed via the increase in persistent ailments she noticed throughout younger patients. Dr. Rahal unearthed the trove of over 5,000 lookup publications testifying to the effective fitness advantages of colostrum, nature’s first bioactive food; yet, remained generally unknown to the masses.

Galvanized via a catastrophic health disaster that nearly took her life, Dr. Rahal cast a route down R&D to increase ARMRA Colostrum’s proprietary science and shop herself. She spearheaded the colostrum category, launching ARMRA in 2020 with a mission to share get right of entry to to this easy device that holds the strength to radically radically change fitness for anyone, and strengthen flourishing at scale.

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Her foundational method to medicinal drug anchors her to the significance of honoring the evolutionary knowledge of the body, the unmatched electricity of the physique to restore itself, and the urgency of equipping the physique with the proper vitamins to do so.

Dr. Rahal skilled at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York. Prior to founding ARMRA Colostrum, she used to be Assistant Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics, and the Director of Pediatric Headache Medicine, at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in NY.

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We Are Committed to Doing Good, So You Can Feel Great About Feeling Good.
ARMRA is dedicated to creating merchandise with transparency, scientific rigor, and safety. Our merchandise are clean, safe, backed by means of huge research, and manufactured below the most rigorous trying out and pleasant requirements in cGMP and FDA-certified facilities.

We agree with in defending our fitness from all angles. That’s why ARMRA is proud to associate with CarbonFund as a Carbonfree® Business— offsetting over 79,000 kilos of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

Carbonfree® Business
Our partnership has helped 
off-set over 79,000 lbs of CO2 emissions annually.

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Made In USA
ARMRA™ Colostrum is manufactured beneath strict fantastic requirements in cGMP and FDA-certified amenities and undergoes rigorous third birthday party testing.

The Pillars of Health
These pillars aid our core beliefs at ARMRA as a business enterprise and as international citizens. They hold us targeted on our mission to rebuild and guard health.

100% Pure and Thoughtfully-Sourced Colostrum
ARMRA makes use of the purest colostrum from grass-fed cows raised on family-owned U.S. dairy farms. Our calf-first sourcing ensures we solely accumulate overflow colostrum after child calves get fed all that they need.

Low-Heat Extraction Technology
We leverage our proprietary Cold-Chain BioPotent™ Pasteurization Technology to pay attention colostrum’s over 400+ purposeful vitamins in their most herbal and bioavailable form. And we get rid of useless compounds like casein and fat, making sure maximal efficiency and a product that is flawlessly matched for human physiology.

Health That’s Accessible
Good fitness is one’s most treasured asset. At ARMRA, we champion democratizing get admission to to that via supplying one easy and handy device that can dramatically enhance the fitness of each person who takes it. By restoring fitness at its foundation, we empower human beings to aspire and stay their fullest lives.

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The Revival of Health
We’re rebuilding fitness from the internal out.

With the cutting-edge surroundings evolving and day-to-day chemicals, pollutants, pathogens, and processed components threatening our intellectual and bodily state, our our bodies want safety now extra than ever.

At ARMRA, we use proprietary, low-heat pasteurization technological know-how and leverage immune talent to protect, restore, and decorate entire fitness and cell performance. Harnessing the strength of colostrum and its 400+ bioactive nutrients, we carry collectively technological know-how and total meals science, empowering you to face the contemporary world head on.

We’re ARMRA. The revival of health.

Transformational outcomes are felt, and seen.
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At ARMRA, we stand with the aid of our dedication to safety, transparency, and scientific rigor. While over 5,000 posted research record the advantages of bovine colostrum and its capacity to optimize fitness at all tiers of life, ARMRA’s proprietary colostrum concentrate, specifically, demonstrates foremost efficacy in head-to-head studies. Additionally, ARMRA Colostrum provides tested fitness advantages validated through dual-arm, third birthday party scientific lookup trials.

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Gut Health
ARMRA ColostrumTM restores most effective digestive health. It’s the only product that naturally fortifies all 4 layers of your intestine mucosal barrier, along with the intestine wall, immune cells and antibodies, mucosal protection, and the microbiome.*

Skin & Hair Radiance
ARMRA ColostrumTM affords effective anti-inflammatory advantages for your pores and skin and hair with a host of over 400+ living, bioactive vitamins such as antioxidants, total meals prebiotics, boom factors, vitamins, and regenerative peptides.

Skin Health:
Reactivate collagen production, reverse age-related changes, assist minimize wrinkles, and enhance pores and skin radiance. ARMRA Colostrum strengthens your skin’s protecting barrier to protect towards pollutants, toxins, and UV mild damage.*
Hair Health:
Promote hair follicle growth, nourish the scalp, restoration the hair microbiome, limit inflammation, and guard towards chemical-induced damage. ARMRA Colostrum is the first non-drug answer to wholly tackle the modern, root reasons that compromise hair health.*

Metabolism & Weight Loss
ARMRA ColostrumTM strengthens your intestine barrier, defending towards toxins, chemicals, and pollution that power inflammation. It improves nutrient absorption, stabilizes blood sugar, and balances hormones to decorate fats burning and ignite your metabolism.*

ARMRA ColostrumTM is a herbal powerhouse of over 400+ bioactive compounds that promote lean muscle boom and phone regeneration. It improves fitness, stamina, and endurance, and speeds up recuperation time, whilst the boom elements shift cell metabolism from glucose closer to fat, accelerating your body’s fat-burning capacity.*

Mood, Focus & Energy
ARMRA ColostrumTM tiers up entire Genius fitness and optimizes the gut-brain axis. It promotes imperative Genius hormone production, fuels cell metabolism, and strengthens your intestine and Genius limitations to beautify cognition, mood, focus, and naturally-sustained energy.*

Bovine colostrum is the problem of big scientific hobby with over 5,000 posted research detailing its fitness benefits. This physique of lookup is always increasing as researchers delve deeper into the transformative energy of this bioactive total food.