3000+ aspiring product designers/UXUI designers from worldwide enrolled – ACT FAST ! If you are a UX designer looking to enhance your skills in order to compete for the next job in the science and technology field, this course on Product Design in AI is the perfect option for you.

Product Design in AI | Artificial Intelligence and Users
The Most Comprehensive UX & AI Course – Learn to Design for Artificial Intelligence as a UX/UI Designer of the Future

What you may learn

You will analyze to practice AI standards in product design, apprehend variations between normal & AI graph and create user-centered AI systems.
You will research to tackle moral concerns, apprehend the fundamentals of laptop learning, and enhance conversation in AI product improvement teams.
You will research to discover consumer needs, dreams and comments in AI design, to create simply really useful and user-centered products.
You will study to analyze and stop bias, shield privacy, and decorate protection in AI merchandise to make certain responsible, honest and honest systems.
You will study to plan and prototype AI systems, advance and take a look at them with consumer comments to enhance the consumer experience.
You will research to recognize the commercial enterprise goals and technical feasibility in AI product improvement to align your designs with organisation goals.
As a aggressive learner in this route and a future AI designer, you must stroll away with at least three AI tasks for your sketch portfolio.
As a passionate product clothier and lifetime learner, you have to get lifetime get entry to to full route substances committed to AI designing


No programming journey is needed
Background in UX/UI is helpful


Are you involved in getting to know how to comprise synthetic talent (AI) to your future designs and developing progressive products? It is now not too late and in fact, you are early! If you are a product designer, or UX/UI designer, searching to decorate your competencies in order to compete for the subsequent job in the science and science field, this path on Product Design in AI is the ideal alternative for you.


100+ on-demand videos,

500+ downloadable slides and direction materials,

hands-on tasks for your layout portfolio,

and a certificates to show your information in AI Design,

you will be equipped to function your self as an specialist in the subject of product diagram in AI.

In this complete direction on AI design, you will examine now not solely how to prototype AI-powered merchandise that meet the wants of your goal users, however additionally the moral and criminal concerns worried in designing AI structures or products. You will additionally analyze how to deal with frequent AI graph problems such as bias in information and algorithms.

*Note that this route is no longer about how to use AI to aid in your layout process, however about
how to sketch for AI-powered merchandise and AI systems.

By the give up of this course, you will be well-equipped to flip your thoughts into profitable AI-powered products, and take your portfolio to any other stage with your newly won expertise and trip in product diagram in synthetic intelligence.
Who this path is for:

Beginner in AI designing
Product Designer
UX/UI Designer