Breakthrough Mentoring Programme Shows you the Secret to Architect & Test Complex UI Applications at Scale in any UI
Framework (React, Angular & Vue), And Then Up-level Your Career

About Us

We formally started out in 2017 as a JavaScript consultancy situated through Pete Heard a software program engineer and consultant. Our purpose used to be to assist agencies construct scalable apps that have been less difficult to prolong and hold by way of the usage of an architectural and trying out methodology that used to be developed via Pete.

We grew to 7 engineers in 2018 however did no longer sense that we have been supplying a provider which was once going to work for us, or our purchasers lengthy term. In 2019 we pivoted the enterprise when we realised our competencies had been in educating and teaching and ought to assist our consumers quicker if we digitised the methods that we had already been the use of for them commercially.

We attempt and assist our college students get to results shortly and succinctly except overloading them with inappropriate information. All of our education is primarily based on the actual world information we won from constructing business software program in income pushed enterprises. We strive and encapsulate many of our standards in effortless to apprehend intellectual fashions and processes.

Become a UI Architect

Accelerate your seniority and income by way of studying modern-day competencies in framework agnostic JavaScript UI development.

Get a verified device to radically enhance your potential to make contributions to, and lead in complicated software program improvement projects.

Start Taking Control of Your Code

We assist engineers examine leap forward strategies that get massive results. You will locate our college students skilfully leveraging the proper framework features, wondering in abstractions, and constructing complicated UI code that scales.
Go from this

IconBeing compelled to work on a sprawling codebase
IconMaking software graph selections with no strategy
IconNever being in a position to locate repeatable approaches to shape your code
IconBeing burdened and frustrated; then feeding on bright new frameworks and programming religions
IconHaving a profession that is a mish-mash of today’s buzzwords

To this!

IconHaving the components to construct UI apps the usage of a regular strategy no depend what framework is ‘trendy’.
Icon Figuring out how to center of attention on the proper things, and be in manipulate of your code
IconBeing glad due to the fact you have saved themself the time and effort by means of mastering transferrable information that they can use forever
IconGetting a clear, consistent, predicable quit to give up technique for UI Architecture and Testing mastery

How our teaching and
mentoring programme
works, stay teaching and mentoring programme

Our teaching and mentoring programme makes use of four indispensable constructing blocks to assist you study UI structure and trying out in an immersive environment. Our guided mastering trip will support, instruct and speed up you to mastery. Here’s what’s included…
Incremental Methodology Training

You watch bite-size video classes which provide an explanation for our architectural methodology and intellectual fashions step through step. Then you take a quiz to verify your perception of our core concepts.

Battle-tested Exercises

Theory barring exercise is pointless, so we carefully designed real-world exercises. They assist you construct muscle-memory strategies that will allow you to constantly resolve complicated architectural challenges.

Live-strategy Calls

Sometimes you may additionally favor to ask a query from anybody who has been there and accomplished it already. Our stay crew teaching lets you ask us questions about the methodology we instruct or whatever else; from micro-frontends to UI group leadership..

Community & Private Mentoring

You additionally get get entry to to our non-public neighborhood the place you can get assist from different college students online, and get get right of entry to without delay to the UI Architect coaches each and every day to assist you put in force what you research in your manufacturing apps.

Senior, CTO’s and Technical Leads Coached

A neighborhood of professional gurus gaining knowledge of the guidelines of scale
In-Team Methodology Adoption

Our strategies are efficiently brought into our college students teams
Developer Productivity Increase

Proven acceleration in our college students capacity to enhance code at pace
Why Framework Agnostic?

The recommendation and education you will locate in books, courses, equipment and weblog posts is usually too precise due to the fact it solely appears at it from the attitude of UI Frameworks like React, Angular or Vue.
But developing code is no longer about frameworks, it is about your brain. Your intelligence thinks in standards and abstractions. For this motive we have to honestly construct our apps back-to-front.
So, our education is optimised to supply you precisely what you want to develop a framework agnostic JavaScript UI architecture. This is constructed on crucial software program plan idea which would not lock you into the UI frameworks.
We exhibit you how to assume like a UI architect with the aid of displaying you the sensible steps to develop your code line via line in a way that is sustainable lengthy term; no remember how a lot the tech changes!

Put That Cookie-Cutter Training Down!


Not discovering what you want in our premade sections? Use Custom Content to create your personal layout.

Cross Stack

Our strategies are transferrable between tech stacks, libraries and frameworks; examine as soon as and use forever


Same team, equal platform, identical teachers; keep away from wasted time on unstructured training.

Cloud Based

No messing round with strolling matters locally, all the equipment in one region to get going fast.

UI Architecture Academy

The UI Architecture Academy is a leap forward mentorship programme which helps senior degree (4+ years exp) and up analyze a way to systematically, and predictably scale UI apps in any framework (e.g. React, Angular or Vue). Learn the regulations of testable UI Architecture and the relevant software program plan principle to scale your UI apps to any measurement and complexity!

Think Like a UI Architect

Our methodology and education is comprised of crucial principles you want to grasp UI Architecture. To locate out extra down load our 28-page information NOW!

Dear UI Engineer,

As JavaScript builders me and you each KNOW, that having entire and complete mastery over software structure is the most vital factor we can do to propel our careers forward.

To be capable to ship net functions reliably, persistently and confidently is the pinnacle of what we aspire to do. It is now not solely why we are paid, however it makes us fulfilled as experts too!

But… I KNOW, you get pissed off due to the fact as your codebase grows your UI structure doesn’t.

Maybe you have carried out all the vibrant UI frameworks like React, Angular or Vue. Or possibly you reached out to libraries like Redux and RXJS to assist you control your state. Maybe you have begun writing complicated end-2-end exams in anything take a look at framework is the flavour_of_the_month.

Sadly, these matters had been supposed to assist you however they haven’t…

Because your code is turning into a jumbled mish-mash that makes you experience queasy.

You MUST recognize what I am speaking about … right?

That gradual anxious feeling that comes up in your intestine due to the fact your code and its shape is turning into greater complicated and MORE tough to work with as time goes on. Instead of turning into EASIER.

Perhaps… this is you?

You by no means comprehend the place to begin with your architectural UI decisions. You are involved that errors you make now will price you later down the line
You preserve discovering that as your take a look at automation receives longer and extra complicated your want to check goes DOWN now not UP
You don’t have a repeatable technique to architect and take a look at your code so the two matters can be executed at the identical time fluidly, rapidly and with consistency

The component is… a expert UI developer must NOT be having these problems.

They SHOULD have the capability to constantly grow, scale and take a look at a drastically giant codebase. With maintainability, scalability and extraordinary code no be counted how huge it gets.

But… the unhappy reality is many of us simply haven’t figured out how to do this… yet!

We maintain focussing on all these fancy ‘UI frameworks’ and these equipment solely to be let down time and time once more at the sight of our personal careworn and sprawling codebases!

“He Who Chases Two Rabbits Catches None” – Confucius

Well, in no way concern my engineering buddy … this is going to change!

Imagine this…

What if you ought to study to setup a JavaScript UI codebase so that your potential to scale it was once no longer limited.

What if you ought to understand the proper normal principles, optimised for JavaScript that would let you make quickly and correct decisions. What would it suggest if you can maintain developing your code sustainably besides complexity?

What if…

You should comply with a tested manner that would assist you end up a UI Architect by means of studying to leverage the deep relationship between structure and testability.

In a way that… brings you pleasure no longer PAIN?


All of these matters are what a desirable UI architect can do! Being a UI architect is a skill, and like all skills… they can be learned!
Simple Rules for Complex Problems


My title is Pete Heard; I am the founder of Logic Room a REAL consulting and education business enterprise primarily based in Reading, UK.

At Logic Room we assist engineers seriously change their careers by using educating them how to destroy down complicated engineering issues the usage of easy and repeatable processes.

Let me inform you how it started…

It was once 2014 and I acquired a new gig as a marketing consultant engineer; I was once ‘told’ with the aid of the supervisor interviewing me that his group was once constructing a complicated UI app and had the cleanest code!

I excitedly joined the task however inside days I realised his group had BIG problems…

I shortly discovered out the engineers WERE doing all the right matters technically. However they had been all complaining that their structure was once complicated and their checking out efforts had been getting worse over time no longer better. NONE of them had been comfortable with the results!

There is nothing that annoys me greater than seeing clever engineers who can’t join with their work. So … I determined to restore this problem…

I realised that the one foremost trouble that they regarded to have used to be that their method to improvement and code shape assorted wildly between every engineer.

Some of them had been writing unit assessments to show their code as a substitute of writing end-2-end tests. Some of them have been the use of object-oriented processes some of them the use of functional. Some of them had been the usage of numerous records fashions in their structure whilst some had been the usage of none.

It used to be a patchwork of distinctive conceptual procedures that no one appeared to agree on. I realised what this crew wished was once a methodology that would holistically let them build, architect AND check their code in one easy process. This ‘guard-rails’ approach would NOT center of attention on UI frameworks however as an alternative on architecture, due to the fact through doing away with the UI framework from the structure we would supply complete manipulate to the engineers.

I started documenting a blueprint and strategy for this group and we IMMEDIATELY acquired awesome results. Because it used to be giving absolutely everyone the identical primary philosophy and basis to work from. We had been capable to abruptly all begin speaking and architecting our code and checks in a regular and easy way!

I have spent many years due to the fact that venture refining this blueprint, and nowadays this is what I choose to discuss to you about…
The Solution IS as Simple as You Know It Should Be

I have by no means met an engineer who’s advised me they are really pleased with their potential to develop code persistently – no depend how massive the codebase gets.

What do you desire from your career?

Do you like losing time cobbling collectively your strategy to constructing JavaScript apps and being continuously informed what to do through all the frameworks?

Do you choose to maintain pretending that you like checking out when simply you assume it sucks?

Would you like to be in a position to do work YOU LOVE? At the pace you NEED TO?

It IS feasible to develop your apps reliably.

The hassle is; every person continues instructing you the element and technicality of tooling and frameworks rather of the ‘PHILOSOPHY’ of structure and testability.


RIGHT NOW, earlier than you my fellow engineer…

You have the OPPORTUNITY to buy from me the specific method, blueprint and APPROACH that I have developed which will….

GUARANTEE … that WHEN you construct your UI apps you can do it consistently, lengthy term, with fluidity and with grace. But most importantly… happily!