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Support Your Gut, Cellular
And Immunity Health
With The Right Nutrition
For Your Biology

Viome’s at-home take a look at analyzes your physiology to generate customized fitness insights to exhibit precisely which ingredients you need to consume alongside with complement tips to repair balance.

Join over 400,000 clients who struggled with:

Difficulty dropping weight*
Occasional bloating & belly pain*
Poor digestion*
Low strength & fatigue*
Anxious feelings*
Brain fog*
Joint discomfort*
Difficulty falling or staying asleep*

What Is The Gut Microbiome & Why Does It Matter?

There are about forty trillion microorganisms residing in your gut.

They assist you digest your food, modify your immune system, and even manage your thoughts (ever experience these butterflies in your stomach?).

Low-grade infection in your intestine microbiome, brought on by using ingesting the incorrect ingredients over time, can lead to continual fitness troubles at some point of your body. Using the world’s greatest gene expression database, translational science and synthetic intelligence, Viome connects the dots.

Our at-home Health Intelligence Test makes use of the today’s and most superior sequencing science handy on the market to supply you in-depth fitness insights about your intestine microbiome and its influence on your strength and cell health, immunity, and how you’re ageing on the inside.

With Viome you’ll get actionable fitness insights, personalised meals recommendations–and if you want, you can get began on your transformation with pre + probiotics and precision dietary supplements wholly custom-made to you!*

3 Simple Steps To Better Health


When it comes to getting the proper meals and supplements, don’t guess. Test! Viome analyzes your blood and stool to generate personalised fitness insights.


Insights are converted into Precision Supplements & Prebiotics + Probiotics particularly formulated for you.

Just what you need, nothing that you don’t.

Subscribe for first-rate results.**
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Follow your meals and complement guidelines for 4-6 months and experience the benefits. Your suggestions are dynamic and evolve with you—retest regularly for most desirable results.
HI Kit – Standing Forward Facing – 2022
Get The World’s Most
Accurate Gut Test Today!

Improve digestion*
Enhance focal point and sleep*
Healthy weight management*

Ready to take manipulate of your health?


$229USD(plus tax, if applicable)

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Why Viome Works Better

Than Any Other Test

Viome goes beyond your DNA

Viome’s platform consists of information from over 350,000 humans and is more advantageous by using massive scientific trials spanning over four years. We center of attention on examining mRNA (how your genes are in reality expressing) in order to see how inner & exterior elements such as your diet, stress, exercise, disease, or pathogens may additionally be affecting you. Knowing how to trade and enhance your surroundings can assist you stay a longer, more healthy life.

Viome’s technological know-how captures the whole lot that is taking place in the intestine microbiome – the key phrase right here is “happening.” Through synthetic intelligence, we are in a position to find out what ingredients and dietary supplements are best for you, your cell fitness and intestine microbiome – so you can trip most suitable health.

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Metatranscriptomic Sequencing Technology

If you’ve got ever had your intestine or microbiome tested, you probably had been examined the usage of an historic structure of sequencing known as “16S sequencing” (this is what corporations such as American Gut Project and uBiome utilize). While 16S sequencing can certainly inform you a little bit about your intestine bacteria, it absolutely would not evaluate to Viome’s complete testing.

Viome makes use of a kind of sequencing Viome referred to as “metatranscriptome sequencing,” It is a whole sequencing of the intestine microbiome based totally on a very small sample.

Every residing organism produces RNA molecules from their DNA. By sequencing all of the RNA in your stool, we can pick out and quantify all of the residing microorganisms in your intestine (bacteria, viruses, bacteriophages, archaea, fungi, yeast, parasites, and more) at the species and pressure level.

The cease result? A greater decision view of your intestine microbiome than has ever been handy earlier than and actionable customized insights for you.
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Artificial Intelligence

Through synthetic intelligence, VIOME is capable to parent exactly which ingredients and dietary supplements are presently best for you, your cell fitness and intestine microbiome – so you can journey finest health.

Our synthetic brain engine runs more than one analyses of your statistics throughout our stunning, big database of information. Carefully chosen gorgeous peer-reviewed scientific literature, professional know-how from our group of scientists, organic testing, and client comments train and train
Vi – our AI machine.

Vi in flip shares the whole lot she has realized immediately returned to you.