Whisper mint is born with its last mission: Make elegant sustainable clothing to be less costly for day by day life. Deliver Happiness, Empower women, create a greater sustainable world
As a sustainable brand, Whisper Mint proudly creates nothing however Staples in Wardrobe, which is designed to be quality, timeless, versatile, fashionable.
We are honorably working in a way that advantages each the planet and people

Exceptional quality
Quality Materials–We supply solely the best fabrics, which are gentle to the contact and comfy to wear.
Expert Craftsmanship–Our knowledgeable artisans who take awesome care in each element of the manufacturing process. From slicing to sewing, every piece is cautiously crafted to perfection. Our team’s expertise, coupled with the nice materials, ensures that our clothing will stand out from the rest.

Sustainable Fashion
As a sustainable brand, Whisper Mint seeks to minimize the environmental affect of apparel manufacturing and consumption with the aid of the use of eco-friendly materials, decreasing waste, and merchandising moral labor standards.

Affordable Price
Unlike Traditional brand, Whisper Mint undertake a new pricing mannequin –F2C, which capacity at once from manufacturing unit to consumer, By putting off the want for middlemen, we can supply our clients with awesome merchandise at most aggressive prices. Our customers can experience the gain from this new model, and additionally transaction effectivity is expanded in the meantime.