A New Probiotic for When You Drink

Using the energy of genetic engineering, ZBiotics makes depressing mornings after consuming a issue of the past.

Meet ZBiotics®

You do not have to sacrifice a precise night for a higher morning.

When you drink alcohol, an undesirable byproduct referred to as acetaldehyde varieties in your gut, developing specifically tough emotions for you the subsequent morning.

ZBiotics® Pre-Alcohol Probiotic Drink is the solely product that breaks down acetaldehyde whilst you drink, assisting you sense higher the morning after.

How It Works

Real science, no longer just supplements.

Your liver is terrific at digesting acetaldehyde — the fundamental offender in these hard mornings after drinking. But unfortunately, most acetaldehyde accumulates in your gut, growing troubles the subsequent day.

So we used biotechnology to construct a solution: a genetically engineered probiotic that produces the identical kind of enzyme as your liver. Simply put, it replicates your liver’s herbal technique the place it matters most: your gut.

ZBiotics Mission:
GMO for Good

Genetic engineering has given us extremely good things:
life saving medicines, stress-resistant and more
nutritious crops, manufacturing strategies that use less
resources and do not require the killing of animals.

But this science stays tough to understand
outside of large companies and college labs.
The result? People have come to question
the proper this science can do for the world.
We favor to exchange that.

ZBiotics’ mission is to use genetic engineering to construct some thing new: merchandise that enhance day-to-day residing in approaches humans can trip for themselves.

ZBiotics is out to create extremely good experiences for
our customers, and to do so responsibly;
giving humans the statistics they want to
make their very own knowledgeable choices about our
products. It’s a new method to genetic

ZBiotics FAQ

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Top Questions About ZBiotics
What is ZBiotics® Pre-Alcohol Probiotic?

ZBiotics® is a patented, genetically engineered probiotic that acts like your liver and helps you land on your ft the day after ingesting alcohol. It’s engineered to wreck down an undesirable byproduct of alcohol known as acetaldehyde – the major wrongdoer in these tough mornings after drinking.
How does ZBiotics work?

ZBiotics is designed to replicate the herbal procedure of your liver, however do it in your gut. We took a ordinary probiotic micro organism you already devour each and every day, and we bioengineered it to produce the equal kind of enzyme your liver already produces. That enzyme breaks down acetaldehyde – an undesirable byproduct of alcohol that accumulates in your intestine when you drink.

Your liver does no longer have get right of entry to to your gut. But by means of inserting ZBiotics without delay in your gut, the purpose is to increase your body’s herbal potential to digest acetaldehyde while you drink and whilst you sleep. ZBiotics won’t have an effect on intoxication, however it helps you live on your subsequent day.

Learn extra about how ZBiotics works.
When do I drink ZBiotics?

The beforehand the better. Ideally you drink ZBiotics earlier than your first drink.

ZBiotics’s probiotics want time to “wake up” in your gut, so we say the formerly the higher if you can have in mind it. We drink ZBiotics simply earlier than going out – proper earlier than our first drink. But ZBiotics ought to be lively if you drink it any time in the course of the night, so even if you’ve already loved a spherical or two, go for it, and ZBiotics will assist for any drinks after you drink ZBiotics.
How do I alternate or cancel my subscription?
To make adjustments to your subscription, log into your ZBiotics Subscription account at any time to alternate your pack dimension or quantity, your frequency, the variety of weeks till your subsequent order, your price small print and/or your transport address. You can even exchange the date of your subsequent shipment, get your subsequent cargo despatched now, or pass by a shipment.

To cancel your subscription, log into your ZBiotics Subscription account and pick out “Cancel Subscription” on your subscription product.

Please be aware that you might not be capable to cancel an order you’ve already been charged for via the account portal so if you want to make an immediately cancellation on an order that’s already been placed, please ship us an e mail at subscriptions@zbiotics.com.
How lengthy does 1 bottle of ZBiotics closing after I drink it?

1 bottle of ZBiotics taken earlier than ingesting will cowl you for at least 18 hours. 1 bottle is properly for a complete day, even if you are beginning with brunch mimosas and have dead night plans after as well!

Drinking ZBiotics
How do I drink ZBiotics?

1) Drink 1 bottle of ZBiotics.
2) Enjoy your night.
3) Get some sleep.

Drink ZBiotics earlier than or in the course of ingesting – the until now the better. Just provide it a shake and drink the complete thing. The probiotics are designed to end up lively whilst you drink and whilst you sleep, supporting your physique digest acetaldehyde as they’re passing thru your gut. Then they genuinely go away your physique after a day or two, barring altering your physique or impacting your microbiome. A happier, more healthy you, thanks to ZBiotics.
What’s the darkish stuff at the backside of the bottle?

It’s the proper stuff.

It’s simply the herbal sedimentation of the probiotic and the flavoring that occurs if the bottle is left resting for a while. Just supply it a couple shakes to re-suspend and you are excellent to go.
Is ZBiotics flavored? What is its consistency?

The taste is a bit tart with minimal aftertaste.

The texture is simply like water. The probiotic need to make the liquid barely cloudy until it settles in the bottle. So supply it a shake and watch all the elements combine collectively earlier than drinking.
What is acetaldehyde?

Acetaldehyde (pronounced “asset” + “AL” + “duh” + “hide”) is a chemical we most regularly ride as a byproduct of alcohol metabolism. It’s linked to plenty of undesirable consequences on our bodies, however most oftentimes it’s related with the difficult emotions you get the day after drinking.

When we drink, our our bodies ruin down alcohol in two steps.

First: from ethanol to acetaldehyde.
Second: from acetaldehyde to acetate (essentially vinegar).

The first response (ethanol to acetaldehyde) strikes quickly, however the 2nd response (acetaldehyde to acetate) is much less efficient, mainly in the gut. That’s due to the fact your intestine has extensively decrease quantities of acetaldehyde-digesting enzyme. So when we drink, acetaldehyde tends to construct up in the gut, which is awful news, due to the fact regular accountable consuming habits like hydrating and ingesting are not likely to enlarge your body’s capacity to digest acetaldehyde. So you’re in all likelihood going to sense it. Good news, ZBiotics is right here to help.

Is ZBiotics safe?

Yes. ZBiotics is absolutely safe.

It’s sincerely a aggregate of a herbal proper micro organism you probable already consume each day with a herbal enzyme your liver already makes. It’s tailored to pass by straight thru your body, barring seeding your intestine or altering your microbiome.

And of course, it’s been closely tested. The security of ZBiotics has been demonstrated via years of laboratory checking out and evaluation with the aid of America’s pinnacle meals toxicologists. Furthermore, its protection and marketability are utterly FDA-compliant, and key protection facts is publicly on hand in the peer-reviewed Journal of Toxicology. If that’s no longer enough, recognize that ZBiotics has now been tried via heaps of people, together with each group member of ZBiotics (some over one hundred times), besides issue.
How need to I save it? Does it want to be refrigerated?

Room temperature. No refrigeration needed.

Store ZBiotics at room temperature with the cap on. Do now not refrigerate. Try no longer to open it till you’re geared up to drink it; opening it should doubtlessly let contaminants from the air into the bottle.
What if I drink ZBiotics the morning after drinking?

It likely may not do anything.

ZBiotics won’t do a lot if bump off extensively after a spherical of drinking. ZBiotics’s key ingredient – the probiotic that breaks down acetaldehyde – wants time to “wake up” in your intestine and grow to be active. That’s why we make ZBiotics our first drink of the night.

Does ZBiotics expire?

ZBiotics expires 18 months after bottling. Check out the USE BY date on your box.