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Who Are We?

Dapper Boi is a body-inclusive garb line established in 2015 by using married couple, Vicky and Charisse Pasche. They’re companions in commercial enterprise and in lifestyles and nonetheless in some way in a position to elevate twin preschoolers except going (completely) grey.
Why Did We Start Dapper Boi?

Simple. Vicky (pictured right) was once worn-out of buying in the men’s area for garments that simply didn’t adhere to her body’s shape. She was once worn-out of the getting sideways appears in each the men’s and women’s section. After a search for gender-neutral, size-inclusive apparel proved fruitless, Vicky and Charisse decided to do some thing about it. Dapper Boi was once born.

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How We Did It?

A lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Because Dapper Boi used to be started out in such a private manner, Vicky and Charisse sense deeply passionate about the brand. In the establishing they even downsized from a four bed room townhouse to 630 sq. ft. condominium (termites included) to make this dream a reality. They had to get crafty, which led to our special enterprise mannequin we nonetheless use today.
Our Mission

Ensure every body has get entry to to affordable, fashionable garments that match each their body, and extra importantly, their personality. We’ve heard lots of memories about our garments supporting human beings sense extra assured and blissful in their personal skin. And, we hope to hear tens of millions more. We agree with altering your garments can trade your life.

Size inclusion has been a pinnacle precedence for the reason that our inception. What started out as a quest to locate the ideal suit for us, led to the ideal healthy for you.

Welcome to DapperBoi.com – Redefining Fashion, Empowering You!

DapperBoi.com is not just a fashion destination; it’s a celebration of individuality, authenticity, and self-expression. We are here to break boundaries, challenge norms, and provide a platform where style knows no gender. Step into a world where fashion is a statement, and everyone is invited to be confidently, unapologetically themselves.

Inclusive Fashion for All:
Style Knows No Gender

Discover a diverse range of clothing that transcends traditional gender norms. DapperBoi.com is committed to offering inclusive fashion that embraces every body, every style, and every identity. Find the perfect pieces that resonate with your unique expression.

Signature Collections:
Unleash Your Dapper Spirit

Explore our signature collections, curated to capture the essence of dapper sophistication. From tailored suits to casual wear with a twist, each piece is meticulously designed to empower you to embrace your authentic self with confidence and flair.

Customizable Apparel:
Your Style, Your Rules

Make a bold statement by personalizing your wardrobe. DapperBoi.com offers customizable apparel, allowing you to tailor your favorite pieces to match your style preferences, ensuring a wardrobe as unique as you are.

Body-Positive Fit:
Celebrate Every Body

At DapperBoi.com, we celebrate diversity in all its forms. Our commitment to body positivity is reflected in our inclusive sizing, ensuring that everyone can find fashion that not only fits comfortably but also celebrates their individual beauty.

Fashion with a Purpose:
More Than Just Clothing

We believe in fashion with a purpose. DapperBoi.com supports causes that matter, and a portion of our proceeds goes towards initiatives that promote inclusivity, equality, and positive social change.

Style Inspiration Blog:
Discover Your Dapper Vibe

Find inspiration and style tips on our blog. Dive into a world of fashion stories, trend updates, and interviews that celebrate diversity and showcase the myriad ways individuals express their dapper spirit.

Exclusive Collaborations:
Innovative Designs, Unique Collaborations

Stay ahead of the fashion curve with our exclusive collaborations. DapperBoi.com partners with designers and influencers to bring you limited-edition collections that blend innovation, style, and inclusivity.

Explore our style guides curated for various occasions. From business casual to weekend adventures, DapperBoi.com provides fashion insights and recommendations to ensure you always step out in style, no matter the setting.

Fashion Forward Accessories:
Elevate Your Look with Details

Complete your ensemble with our curated selection of accessories. Discover statement ties, bowties, hats, and more that add the perfect finishing touch to your dapper style. Accessories are the details that express your unique personality.

Virtual Fitting Room:
Try Before You Buy, Virtually

Experience the convenience of our virtual fitting room. Use augmented reality technology to virtually try on your favorite pieces, ensuring a perfect fit and a seamless online shopping experience.

Dapper Lifestyle Blog:
Beyond Fashion – Living Dapper Every Day

Dive into our lifestyle blog, where we explore topics beyond fashion. From wellness and travel to career and culture, the Dapper Lifestyle Blog is your go-to source for living a dapper life in every aspect.

Community Lookbook:
Showcasing Your Dapper Style

Be featured in our community lookbook. Share photos of your favorite DapperBoi.com outfits and inspire others with your unique sense of style. Celebrate the diversity of the DapperBoi community and showcase how fashion brings us all together.

Sustainable Fashion Initiatives:
Fashion That Respects the Planet

Learn about our commitment to sustainability. DapperBoi.com sources eco-friendly materials, embraces ethical production practices, and supports initiatives that contribute to a more sustainable and responsible fashion industry.

Interactive Styling Workshops:
Unlock Your Styling Potential

Participate in our interactive styling workshops hosted by industry experts. Learn styling tips, discover new trends, and unlock your full fashion potential with guidance from professionals who celebrate individuality.

Mobile App Access:
Fashion on the Go

Stay connected with DapperBoi.com wherever you go. Download our mobile app for exclusive offers, personalized recommendations, and a seamless shopping experience right at your fingertips.

Exclusive Early Access:
Be the First to Dapper Discoveries

Sign up for exclusive early access to new collections, limited releases, and special promotions. As a DapperBoi.com insider, you’ll be among the first to explore and embrace the latest in dapper fashion.