The Daylight Company is a manufacturer and distributor of lighting and crafting products. They offer a range of products including LED task lights, daylight lamps, and crafting accessories. Their products are designed for various purposes including sewing, quilting, cross-stitching, needlework, and general crafting. The company is known for its innovative and high-quality products that are aimed at making crafting and other activities easier and more enjoyable. They have a global presence and their products are available in many countries worldwide.

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We deliver sunlight hours indoors

Light is a herbal useful resource that is broadly speaking taken for granted. We know, however, that the proper mild in the proper region can have a dramatic, fantastic impact on your lifestyles and work. We additionally recognize that natural daylight hours can assist enhance work overall performance and efficiency. Since the 1980’s, we have made it our mission to format the first-rate lamps we can, to make a extensive enchancment to people’s lives.
Listening to our customers

Our perception of your precise lights needs, gathered over 30 years, is the groundwork on which we have created our vary of lamps. Whether you are an artist, crafts person, beautician, electronics engineer, or a character with sight loss, we will have a lamp which will enable you to work with some distance higher accuracy, ease and comfort.
We create unique challenge lights solutions

Our lamps are practical and in particular designed for the assignment in hand and have been continually expanded over the years. All our lamps stay genuine to three guiding principles:
quality of mild

Natural daylight hours blended with the proper brightness and spread of light

Positioning the lamp precisely the place the mild is needed

We create current lamps that seem and work flawlessly in your domestic or expert environment

daylight magnifying lights
Our Markets

Our lamps and magnifiers are in particular designed for customers in 5 markets, even though they are used in many environments and assorted tasks:

Why Daylight?
Why Daylight?

All our lamps simulate herbal daylight, which is the first-rate for readability and color matching, and the most relaxed for the eyes when doing precise task. They have been designed to be actual to our three guiding principles: imparting the pleasant fantastic mild in phrases of color temperature, unfold and brightness; the proper ergonomics, and eye-catching current design.

Advantage of LED

LEDs are small and compact and have actually modified the way lamps are designed and manufactured.
LED lamps use on common 80% much less strength than traditional incandescent bulbs. They are shock and affect resistant and have a very lengthy lifestyles of up to 50,000 hours. They emit very low warmness permitting humans to work, examine and play for many hours. It right away switches on to its full power. The mild can be dimmed and the color temperature can be adjusted – for example: a lamp can have specific settings whether or not the person needs a daylight hours mild or a hotter light.

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Dioptre vs Magnification?

Dioptre refers to the curvature of the lens. The greater curvature, the thicker the lens and the greater magnification.
Objects seen below a 3 dioptres lens will show up 75% (or 1.75X) larger than normal.
5 dioptres lens renders objects 125% (or 2.25X) bigger
8 dioptres lens renders objects 200% (or 3.0X) bigger
12 dioptres lens renders objects 300% (or 4.0X) bigger

I have an difficulty with a Daylight lamp

You have to constantly go lower back to the unique region of buy have to you have an trouble with a product from The Daylight Company.

If you sold your lamp thru a retailer, please contact the retailer directly.

If you sold your lamp at once from please contact us via the Contact Form or e-mail and we will assist you with your request.
You will want to supply the mannequin and batch range (located on the lamp itself), a precis of the claim, as nicely as proof of purchase/order number.

Read the full Delivery & Returns coverage here

Bits & Bulbs replacement

Daylight LEDs have a lengthy lifestyles of up to 50,000 hours. Because they are basically constructed into the lamp shade, they can’t be replaced.

Spare components & fluorescent tubes:
Spare components such as clamps and joints as properly as fluorescent tubes that in shape preceding fashions of Daylight lamps, can be ordered by means of contacting OR go to to order directly.

At Daylight we are proud to be capable to hold making lamps real to our three ideas of imparting best lights in phrases of the proper shade temperature, unfold and brightness, the proper ergonomics, and captivating modern designs.

We continuously work on new fashions to provide the high-quality exceptional of mild and the quality designs.

Over the years, our fashions have been updated, replaced, and renewed to meet our customers’ expectations.

Unfortunately, we do now not preserve spare components for discontinued objects and will now not be capable to supply any restore or recommendation on older models. We would propose you to test with hardware shops as they frequently have portions that may help.

At Daylight we put one of a kind care on the surroundings and usually strive to locate what is quality for our customer, consequently we have determined to discontinue all our fluorescent bulbs.

In accordance with the COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2019/2020 of 1 October 2019 laying down eco format necessities for mild sources and separate manage gears, we have taken this selection thinking about that this will gain the environmental and monetary factors of lights merchandise as nicely as real-life consumer behaviour.

All our new merchandise are designed with LED built-in which enable identical brightness and depth and decrease consume, LEDs are extraordinarily electricity environment friendly and eat up to 90% much less strength than incandescent bulbs. They additionally have an prolonged lifespan.

If you have a lamp requiring fluorescent bulbs, you will be in a position to locate equivalence on line with the following information:

Please Note : Please observe that the Lumens will be decrease on new bulbs, which capacity the bulb will be barely much less vivid however nevertheless equivalent.

We do no longer provide a restore service. All our merchandise are, however, assured towards mechanical and electrical defects for 24 months from the date of purchase. You ought to continually contact the unique vicinity of buy in the first instance.

When sold at once from our website, the Daylight Company will substitute the product or provide a spare phase free of cost at some stage in the assurance period.

Read the full Guarantee coverage here

I have positioned an order what’s next?

Once your order is placed, an electronic mail is despatched out to you with the order number. You have to preserve the e mail or make a observe of the order variety till the items are delivered to you. The electronic mail confirming your order can additionally be used as proof of purchase.

When ordering at once from our website, you can count on your transport inside 3-5 working days. Larger parcels are dispatched thru Parcelforce and smaller parcels are dispatched via Royal Mail non-trackable.