What’s Our Secret?
It’s Freeze Dried!
We are Canadian

Owned and operated in Calgary, Alberta, Freeze N Dried is placed in the town the place cleanliness is subsequent to godliness with the earth’s grandest rodeo (Stampede) going on annually.
We stand by way of our merchandise 100%.

Our workforce commonly checks our merchandise so we can supply private recommendations. We style the food, examine the certifications, and go above and beyond, all so our clients can relaxation certain that they are getting solely the exceptional from Freeze N Dried.
Welcome to Freeze N Dried

Freeze N Dried is a household owned freeze dried keep in Calgary, AB, Canada. We use the freeze drying procedure to beautify the taste and texture to some of the most famous candies, fruits, veggies and different snacks from round the world.

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We are top notch excited about sharing our flavorful treats with these who crave some thing special and unexpected.
Reducing Food Waste

We commenced this experience with the purpose of lowering meals waste. Our freeze dried fruits and veggies make contributions to decreasing meals waste at each stage of the process.

There is a frequent false impression that rotting of fruits and veggies is right for the soil, however nothing may want to be similarly from the truth. Rotting of fruits and veggies reasons greenhouse fuel emissions by means of releasing methane into the atmosphere, a fuel over 20 instances extra effective than carbon air pollution from cars.
Quality & Integrity

We entirely lookup our merchandise so you don’t have to. Our team of workers in many instances assessments our merchandise so we can supply non-public recommendations. We style the food, examine the certifications, and go above and beyond, all so our clients can relaxation certain that they are getting solely the first-rate from Freeze N Dried.

If some thing ever does go awry, our patron trip experts are with you each and every step of the way. Our help doesn’t stop when the product ships, however is handy and handy on every occasion you want it.

We stand by means of our merchandise 100%.

We’re right here to reply all your questions, no be counted how simple, complex, big, or small they might also be. Freeze N Dried is glad to assist people apprehend the freeze drying system so we can elevate a frequent appropriate together.

Freeze N Dried believes that the greater human beings be aware of about freeze drying process, the greater we can unfold a sustainability consciousness to assist our future generations. We write weblog posts, share records on social media to unfold as a whole lot know-how as viable to our clients and the public.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write us.
Email: hello@freezendried.com

Benefits of Freeze Dried Fruits
Preserves Original Flavor

The freeze-drying technique commonly preserves the authentic taste of the candy, making sure you nevertheless get to revel in the style you love.
No Preservatives Needed

Freeze-dried sweets do no longer require any preservatives as the freeze-drying method successfully inhibits bacterial growth.

Freeze-dried goodies symbolize an modern strategy to candy-making, displaying that there are constantly new methods to experience our favourite sweets.
Unique Texture

One of the key advantages of freeze-dried sweet is the special texture it offers. It offers a enjoyable crunch that is extraordinary from common candies, making it a exciting choice for sweet lovers.
Long Shelf Life

Properly saved freeze-dried sweets can ultimate for greater than 25 years.

Without the water content, freeze-dried goodies are lighter than ordinary candies. This makes them less complicated to raise round and best for on-the-go snacks.
Unique Candy Experience

For sweet enthusiasts, making an attempt freeze-dried sweets can furnish a new and special sweet experience, a variant from the regular confections.
Perfect for Gifting

With the growing recognition of freeze-dried candies, they make for a special and modern gift.
Fun for Kids

The special texture and style of freeze-dried sweets can make snack time exciting and interesting for kids.

Benefits of Freeze Dried Vegetables
Long Shelf Life

One of the important blessings of freeze dried greens is their prolonged shelf life. They can be saved for years barring any loss in dietary value, making them a dependable and long-lasting meals source.
Nutritional Integrity

Unlike different maintenance methods, freeze drying retains most of the vegetables’ dietary value. This skill you get all the necessary nutritional vitamins and minerals, simply as you would from clean vegetables.
Lightweight and Portable

Because most of the water is eliminated at some point of freeze-drying, these greens are tremendously light-weight and convenient to transport. This makes them ideal for tenting journeys or long-term storage.
Easy to Use

Freeze dried greens are exceedingly handy to prepare, cook dinner or even snack on. Just add warm water and you are prepared to enjoy! They can be delivered to stews, stir-fries, and casseroles for taste and texture. They can additionally be creatively used as toppings for salads, soups, and grains, and even integrated into baked items or blended into sauces and dips.
Variety of Choices

With freeze drying, a large range of veggies can be preserved, from tomatoes to corn to mushrooms. This lets in you to revel in low season or amazing greens any time of the year.
Versatile in Cooking

One of the quality matters about freeze dried veggies is their versatility in cooking. From adding them to smoothies for an more dietary boost, the usage of them as a topping, incorporating them into baked goods, to developing your personal path mix, there are severa methods to contain freeze dried greens into your foods or snacks.
Emergency Preparedness

Given their lengthy shelf life, freeze dried veggies are best for emergency preparedness. They grant a dependable supply of vitamin in conditions the place sparkling produce might also no longer be available.
Healthy Snacking

Freeze dried greens can be changed into healthful snacks, such as home made chips. They are additionally exceptional additions to selfmade path mixes, presenting a nutritious and tasty choice to typical snack options.

Freeze drying is an energy-intensive process, however as soon as the procedure is complete, freeze dried greens require no extra strength for storage, in contrast to refrigerated or frozen foods. Moreover, because they are light-weight and compact, they require much less house for storage and transportation, lowering their carbon footprint.

Why Choose Freeze N Dried for Freeze Dried Vegetables?

Freeze N Dried is a organization that gives a range of freeze-dried foods, consisting of vegetables. The organisation was once installed in 2022 and is a hundred percent Canadian-owned and operated. Here are some motives why one may pick out Freeze N Dried for freeze-dried vegetables:

Sustainability Commitment: Freeze N Dried is dedicated to lowering meals waste and retaining a low carbon footprint. They goal to assist limit meals waste from the farm to the domestic and are taking steps to preserve their carbon emissions low, compensating for what they cannot eliminate.

Quality Control and Customer Support: Freeze N Dried takes satisfactory manipulate seriously. If there is ever an issue, their patron trip professionals are reachable to grant help and support. This aid does now not give up when the product ships, however is with no trouble on hand on every occasion you want it.

Positive Customer Reviews: The business enterprise has obtained fine comments from its customers. Customers have praised the taste of their products, the range available, the right prices, and their transport process.

In phrases of commonplace advantages of freeze-dried vegetables, they have a longer shelf life, are lightweight, take up much less space, and do not require refrigeration. They continue all different dietary values for longer barring dropping the freshness and taste of the authentic vegetable. They can additionally be used in a range of ways, such as in smoothies, as a topping for salads, soups, and grains, in baked goods, and in stews, stir-fries, and casseroles. The first-class way to keep freeze-dried greens is in a cool, dry place, away from moisture, in an hermetic container or a plastic bag with as little air as possible. Different kinds need to be saved one after the other to keep away from taste and texture contamination.
Process of Freeze Drying Vegetables

The system of freeze drying veggies entails countless steps:
Choosing and Cleaning

The procedure starts by means of deciding on high-quality, ripe vegetables. These greens are then fully cleaned to do away with any grime or impurities.
Rapid Freezing

The greens are swiftly frozen to structure small ice crystals. This step is imperative as it helps to hold the shape and dietary content material of the vegetables.

Exploring Types of Freeze Dried Vegetables

There are severa kinds of freeze dried greens available, and right here are some favorites:
Freeze Dried Tomatoes

Freeze dried tomatoes maintain the tangy-sweet taste of sparkling tomatoes. They can be brought to pasta dishes, salads, or pizzas for an immediate burst of flavor.
Freeze Dried Corn

Freeze dried corn is sweet, crunchy, and a terrific addition to soups, casseroles, and salads. It can additionally be eaten as a snack straight from the bag.
Freeze Dried Mushrooms

Freeze dried mushrooms provide a centred umami flavor, making them a awesome addition to stir-fries, soups, and sauces. Just a small quantity can extensively beautify the taste of your dishes.

The frozen greens are then positioned in a vacuum chamber the place the water in them sublimates, going immediately from ice to vapor, besides passing via the liquid phase.

Why Choose Freeze N Dried for Freeze Dried Fruits?

Freeze N Dried is a company born in 2022, dedicated to bringing exceptional freeze dried treats to your home. They are one hundred percent Canadian owned & operated, and emphasize on sustainability and first-rate control. Their experience started with a purpose to limit meals waste, from the farm to your home. They attempt to preserve their carbon emission low and compensate what they cannot eliminate, supplying their clients with a guilt-free indulgence.

Quality manage is at the coronary heart of Freeze N Dried’s operations. Their devoted purchaser ride professionals make sure that your ride would not give up when the product ships however continues every time you want it. This dedication to high-quality and purchaser carrier is mirrored in the glowing evaluations from their customers, praising the whole thing from their freeze dried skittles to the vary of picks available.

Freeze dried goodies are a special deal with that will maintain you coming returned for more, thanks to their wonderful texture and extreme flavor. The alternatives are aplenty, from freeze dried Airheads, Apple Rings, Blue Raspberry Rings, to Caramel M&M’s® and even freeze dried Cheesecake. These treats are now not solely scrumptious however they additionally convey a novel ride to the table.

What are freeze-dried candies?

Freeze-dried sweets are a kind of deal with the place the moisture is eliminated from the sweet the use of a method known as freeze-drying or lyophilization. This manner effects in a light, crunchy texture.

How are freeze-dried goodies made?

Freeze-dried sweets are made by means of a procedure referred to as freeze-drying or lyophilization. This includes freezing the sweet and then lowering the surrounding stress and including warmth to enable the frozen water in the cloth to sublimate.

Are freeze-dried goodies healthy?

Freeze-dried candies, like all candies, must be enjoyed in moderation as phase of a balanced diet. The freeze-drying manner keeps the dietary price of the unique ingredient, however the common future health will rely on that unique ingredient. Freeze-dried sweet is higher for teeth, mainly for these with dental work. It doesn’t get caught in tooth like normal candy, making it a safer preference for these with spacers, fillings, dentures, and braces

Can I use freeze-dried chocolates in recipes?

Yes, freeze-dried sweets can be used in a range of recipes. They can add a enjoyable crunch to desserts, like Freeze Dried Marshmallows.

Do freeze-dried chocolates have a lengthy shelf life?

Freeze-dried sweet can final up to 25 years if saved correctly, making it a long-term funding in particular with rising meals prices.