Our Story

Hey there! We’re extremely joyful you have stopped via to examine a little extra about us, the people at the back of Furnished MN.

We’ll let you in on a little secret proper off the bat – we’re no longer simply a website, we’re a passionate group of persons who agree with in the electricity of growing warm, inviting areas that sense like home, no count the place you are.

After infinite experiences of staying in impersonal, sterile accommodations, we knew we had to make a change. So, we determined to take create a area that would embody the essence of “home” in each and every feel of the word.
Our Mission

At Furnished MN, our mission is easy – we prefer to make your tour or relocation trip unforgettable.

We’re on a mission to banish the idea that a transient house cannot be as cosy and inviting as your very own place.

We attempt to create an surroundings that exudes comfort, wrapped in the warmness of personalised touches and considerate details.

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What Sets Us Apart

We agree with it is our non-public contact that clearly units us apart. We do not simply provide accommodations; we provide a slice of home. From the second you step into one of our fully-furnished spaces, you may observe the difference.

Our crew handpicks every piece of furniture, and all the necessities that make your continue to be simply exceptional. We take high-quality care in curating a house that fits your special wants and preferences, making certain you experience like you belong from day one.
Let’s Connect!

Reach out to us on social media, drop us an email, or provide us a call. We’re all ears to hear your stories, suggestions, and feedback. After all, it is your experiences that encourage us to preserve developing and improving.

Cleaning Team

Our cleansing team, affectionately recognized as the Cleaning Angels, consists of passionate persons dedicated to retaining the perfect requirements of hygiene. Trained in the artwork of spotless perfection, they are the unsung heroes making sure each and every nook of your condominium is a testomony to cleanliness.

The Cleaning Process

Cleaning Angels observe a rigorous cleansing system tailor-made to increase the preferred of cleanliness in your furnished rental. They make use of eco-friendly cleansing merchandise to make sure a protected and healthful residing environment.


● Make Beds/Replace Bed Sheets (If supplied with the aid of the client)

● Dust off /Wipe Down all Furniture Surfaces

● Dust-Off/Wipe Down Window Sills

● Clean Mirrors

● Dust off Electronic Devices

● Empty out Trash Cans and Replace Liners

● Sweep/Vacuum and Mop Floors


● Scrub, wash and sanitize toilet

● Wash, rinse and dry shower/bathtub

● Clean mirrors

● Clean sink

● Dust off reachable mild fixtures

● Empty out trash cans and change liners

● Mop and dry floor


● Clean/wipe Counter Tops

● Clean Stove Top

● Clean Microwave (Inside & Outside)

● Clean Refrigerator (Outside Only)

● Clean Sink

● Load Dishwasher (upon client’s request)

● Wipe Down Cabinets (Outside Only)

● Empty out Trash Cans and Replace Liners

● Sweep/Vacuum and Mop Floor

Living Room

● Organize/Tidy Up Room

● Dust off and wipe down all Furniture Surfaces

● Dust off Electronic Devices

● Wipe Down Window Sills/Ledges

● Clean Mirrors

● Organize/Tidy Up Couches (Fold Blankets)

● Wipe Down Glass Surfaces

● Sweep/Vacuum and Mop Floors