In our CBD oil selection you will find different concentrations to suit individual preferences and needs. Get 10% discount on our
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CBD oil is cautiously extracted from the vegetation and leaves of the girl hemp plant (Cannabis sativa L) and then mixed with a vegetable oil (carrier oil) to reap a product of the perfect purity and quality. In our choice you will discover unique concentrations to go well with person preferences and needs. The time period “CBD” itself stands for cannabidiol, the identify of which is derived from the reality that cannabidiol makes up the biggest percentage of all cannabinoids contained in hemp extract. This share can be up to 40%. CBD oils are the transformative strength for the concord of physique and mind.

Get 10% off our premium CBD oils

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Since industrial hemp is used for production, which legally carries a most of 0.2% THC, CBD hemp oil does no longer include any full-size quantities of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is the solely way CBD oil can be legally bought in Germany.

The impact is consequently no longer intoxicating or psychoactive. Cannabidiol is the fundamental non-psychoactive ingredient of the hashish plant and is presently being researched greater and more, specially for this reason. Similar to the body’s personal endocannabinoids, CBD can naturally inhibit the sensation of pain. There is a variant of oils with Tom Hemp’s CBD content.

Our vary consists of Full Spectrum oils with 5% or the richer Full Spectrum with 12%, as nicely as Aroma oils with 7%, 12% and 18% CBD content. But how precisely the CBD oil impact is used relies upon completely on the consumer.

A 10 ml bottle of Tom Hemp’s oil yields approx. 250 drops, which can be dripped onto a pillow or similar, for example.


Advantages of CBD Full Spectrum oils:

Entourage Effect: Full Spectrum oils include a vast range of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that work collectively synergistically to create what is regarded as the entourage effect. This aggregate enhances the practicable fitness advantages of CBD.

Traces of THC: Full Spectrum oils can also incorporate minimal quantities of THC (below the felony restrict of 0.2% or 0.3%). This small quantity contributes to the entourage impact besides inflicting intoxicating effects.

Range of applications: Due to the various cannabinoids and terpenes, Full Spectrum oils are appropriate for a large vary of applications, from relieving stress to helping sleep.

Natural style and aroma: The herbal style and aroma of Full Spectrum oils are regularly extra excessive and provide an actual hemp experience.

Benefits of CBD Broad Spectrum oils:

No THC content: Unlike Full Spectrum oils, Broad Spectrum oils are definitely THC free.

Possible applications: Similar to Full Spectrum oils, Broad Spectrum oils additionally provide versatile purposes for accelerated relaxation, stress administration and sleep support.

Suitable for sensitivities: Individuals who are touchy to THC frequently decide upon Broad Spectrum oils as a THC-free alternative.

Both sorts of CBD oils provide special benefits, and the preference between Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum relies upon on man or woman wants and preferences.

Tom Hemp’s Mission

At Tom Hemp`s, we envision a world where the transformative manageable of CBD is seamlessly reachable to humans from all walks of life, empowering them to embody a holistic strategy to well-being. As we navigate every day guided with the aid of the trust that CBD is our mission, we are devoted to fostering a tradition of transparency, integrity, and compassion. And therewith make it yours too.

Our imaginative and prescient is now not simply about enterprise success however about contributing to the normal fitness of the world community. We aspire to be a catalyst for fantastic change, fostering a society that embraces the doable of CBD for a balanced and thriving life. Through education, advocacy, and accessibility, we always bring up the requirements of CBD merchandise to decorate their high-quality have an effect on on human fitness and wellness.
Sold in extra than a hundred locations

We’re constantly accessible thru our on line shop, however nevertheless favor to be there for you in stationary retail shops. You can presently find out and purchase Tom Hemp’s merchandise in greater than a hundred locations.

CBD transcends the realm of mere merchandise for us; it embodies our very essence. Immersed in the world of industrial hemp, our product portfolio encompasses a complete spectrum, leaving no stone unturned. Yet, our dedication to excellence propels us to constantly develop our offerings. The range of our choice mirrors the boundless potential.

Our dedication to our chosen choice goes past the normal – it’s a ardour that fuels our relentless pursuit of innovation and expansion. We get stimulated no longer solely by means of journey however additionally curiosity. Our relentless pursuit of innovation and growth drives us and makes our merchandise section of a life-style described by using the notion of universal existence quality.

Our story

Our narrative unfolds from humble beginnings in a quaint café to the attention of a ardour undertaking that has advanced into the esteemed way of life manufacturer acknowledged as Tom Hemp’s – your premier CBD vacation spot in the coronary heart of Berlin. Founded by using Cristian Accardo, our trip commenced amidst the shiny power of Kreuzberg, the place hemp-based grocery merchandise and culinary delights had been brought lengthy before the extensive attention of CBD’s myriad benefits.

From this pioneering spirit emerged the thought for Europe’s inaugural CBD shop, marking the inception of a groundbreaking venture. Today, we proceed our relentless pursuit of reworking our imaginative and prescient into a tangible reality. Together with our companions and franchisers, we are discovered at over one hundred shops all over Europe. So even inside all matters evolving and changing, one factor remains: We firmly agree with that CBD deserves heightened attention, and every day is a testomony to our dedication to this cause. So right here is to be part of our story to bring up this inexperienced enterprise with its widespread potentials from a area of interest to a mainstream spotlight, the place its advantages are celebrated and handy to all.

Tom Hemp’s – the place the love for merchandise comes from the wish of wellbeing.
Our fine promise

Tom Hemp’s stands for herbal merchandise made with love and ardour from the German capital, Berlin. All of our merchandise are made with one hundred percent European industrial hemp, are EU-certified, and free from pesticides and herbicides. Our personal manufacturing ensures no longer solely that all our merchandise meet our requirements, however additionally ensures sustainable manufacturing and consistent pleasant control. To make certain an unvarying first-rate of our merchandise the manufacturing manner is surveyed from our Berlin headquarters.

Our product vary often covers objects that had been made in our personal production, with a few 1/3 celebration merchandise in between, which we examine underneath the identical rigorous fantastic requirements and requirements. You can locate targeted facts about every product underneath our product descriptions.