A Business Credit and Funding Suite to co-pilot you from start-up to enterprise

Accelerate your boom with the aid of having correct insights of your commercial enterprise financials, savings scores, and same-day get admission to to capital with the FairFigure Business Capital Card from $500 to $500,000
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Establish Business Profile

Keep commercial enterprise data present day with the bureaus
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Build Trade Experiences

Use your FairFigure Business Capital card for your each day expenses
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Monitor Business Credit

Check your enterprise credit score rankings and Net30 accounts
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Get Capital Now

Get up to 500k for gear or to amplify your enterprise

FairFigure Business Capital Card

New Businesses can get permitted for the FairFigure Business Capital Card, cash can be used to pay different companies or prices whilst constructing exchange experience. There are no challenging inquiries and making use of will now not have an effect on your deposit score.

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Monitoring Your Business Credit & Finding Funding Options Has Never Been This Simple

FairFigure is a no cost, on line carrier that helps enterprise proprietors acquire perception into their finances, budgeting, actual time safety alerts, fundability, and enterprise scores.

Accurate & Same Day Funding

The Fundex scoring mannequin calculates your company’s income and increase possible and offers lenders sufficient statistics to make an correct mortgage decision, and for you: SAME- DAY Funding !
Inventory Capital Funding

Your stock is a large phase of the operations that assist propel and maintain your business. It’s challenging at instances every time you want to buy these items, particularly if you have to forecast for a giant match or a massive contract.
Expand your Operation

Congratulations! Now, you’re going to want extra area for your employees. You don’t favor to spend a lot of money on this when you should be the use of it for advertising or different expenses. Let us put the bucks in your pocket to make it happen!
New Equipment Capital

The gear that you want to provide your product or carrier might also be a no-brainer for financing. That’s the place your Fundex comes in. Your capital is ready for you!
NEW! Advertising Funding

Creating a top advertising design is a splendid location to start, however it might also require enterprise advertising and marketing dollars to act on these plans. We have tailor-made mortgage merchandise from our lending companions that will now not solely get you on the street to success however provide a cut price on marketing costs!

Access to Capital when you want it & Know your Fundex score.

With a Fundex score, you can see your funding quantity in real-time, and see it replace each day. When you want capital, honestly request your dollars and a FairFigure Virtual card comes to you in the mail, equipped for you to prompt and commence spending today. What do you want capital for?

New Business Looking for Funding?

The FairFigure Capital Business Card presents quick funding besides private ensures or challenging deposit checks. With this card, you can have same-day get admission to to the funding you want to develop your business, and earn money lower back on each and every purchase. Plus, through making on-time payments, you can enlarge your credit score limits and earn even extra rewards. It’s the best answer for entrepreneurs searching to take their ventures to the subsequent level.

What is FairFigure Capital?

FairFigure is the all-in-one commercial enterprise monitoring tool. With FairFigure, you can test your commercial enterprise and non-public credit score scores, get professional budgeting advice, and even get entry to real-time funding for your new venture. It’s the entirety you want to remain on pinnacle of your price range and maintain your enterprise transferring forward.

Business Credit + Spending Cards
No tough savings tests *
On time repayments are rewarded

Get 95% of your Business Clients Funded Today

Add the FairFigure Capital card to your current affiliate roster and earn up to $120 per signal up.

Clients can use the card to pay current NET Vendors all whilst constructing superb price experiences.

We count on you’re right here due to the fact like many of our clients, you are searching to construct commercial enterprise savings quickly and get get right of entry to to capital
FairFigure Card
Manual Connection PC
Establishing Initial Profile

New organizations may additionally no longer have a profile hooked up but with the bureaus. FairFigure searches these databases, helps replace and put up their profile for them.

Building Net 30

The FairFigure Capital Business Card has minimal stipulations, so most of your purchasers will be approved.

95% of agencies can assume to get at least $1000 of preliminary funding.

Check Business Credit

How frequently do you have purchasers asking why their ratings have no longer elevated or why they do not see some thing reporting?

The fact is the different monitoring offerings are both gradual and inaccurate, or steeply-priced and solely take a look at one bureau.

That is why we have the merge rating and fundex score. These now not solely supply you the likelihood of getting funding these days on a 1-100 scale, however about how a lot you can get today.