About Hardy Nutritionals®

Hardy Nutritionals® is a manufacturer of NutraTek Health Innovations Inc. designed mainly for fitness gurus and their sufferers who use our merchandise as a first line of protection towards mood, stress, and anxiety-related disorders.

Our founder, David L. Hardy, started Hardy Nutritionals® in 2011 after spending the previous almost 15 years co-developing† a specialised micronutrient components which has grow to be regarded amongst vitamin researchers as the most studied micronutrient components for intellectual fitness of any different complicated formulation in the world. Independent lookup carried out at many universities round the world has proven that the micronutrient formulations David co-developed† supply extensive enhancements in mood, stress and nervousness signs and symptoms in problems such as bipolar disorder, depression, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, and OCD.

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Hardy Nutritionals® micronutrient formulations are powered by using our proprietary NutraTek™ mineral shipping technology, which combines every mineral with specialised natural molecules—just like nature—to optimize absorption and distribution to physique cells.

We are dedicated to supporting as many humans as viable ride the marked upgrades in fitness and first-rate of existence our merchandise deliver.

Consult with your physician when altering your remedy routine and earlier than adjusting your medicinal drug dosing.
Information from Hardy Nutritionals® is for academic functions only, and tips must now not be regarded clinical advice.

Our Vision, Mission & Values
Our Vision

Inspired by way of our founder, David Hardy, we envision a world except intellectual illness;

A world in which the stigma and struggling of intellectual sickness are eradicated thru a frequent perception that it is preventable and reversible;
Healthcare which optimizes the herbal capacity of the human physique to heal itself by way of the use of diet as the first line of protection in opposition to disease;
A lifestyle of well-being in which individuals, families, and societies can liberate their full manageable for happiness and productivity.

Our Mission

Develop and supply the most positive and clinically tested nutrition-based options for mental wellness.
Guide as many human beings as feasible to an increased high-quality of lifestyles with the aid of teaching and coaching these who suffer, their caregivers, and healthcare professionals.
Advance the scientific understanding helping diet as an high-quality skill of accomplishing long-term well-being.

Our Shared Values

Dedication: Helping human beings is our passion.
Integrity: Our basis for success.
Results: Delivering the promise.
Excitement: We are altering the world!
Collaboration: How we act and speak matters.
Teachability: Willing to learn; striving to improve.
Innovation: Connecting the dots…
Organization: Pursuing operational excellence.
Nurturing: Building lasting relationships.

Working with Health Professionals

We respect working carefully with revered fitness authorities round the world who endorse Hardy Nutritionals® merchandise as a first line of defense towards mood, stress, and anxiety-related disorders.

We additionally recognize working with forward-thinking researchers who find out about how our technology-enhanced micronutrient merchandise can enhance more than a few therapy modalities.

We motivate each of our clients to work intently with a certified healthcare expert to make sure that they realise superior consequences whilst the use of Hardy Nutritionals® products.

For example, expert coaching is crucial for humans taking Daily Essential Nutrients collectively with psychoactive medications. According to research, as nutrient remedy restores neurochemical balance, psychoactive pills may additionally want to be step by step decreased or eradicated to keep away from over-medication consequences (see Clinical Reference for Healthcare Professionals).

We revel in working with all fitness specialists who share our imaginative and prescient of supporting persons enhance their fitness and best of life.

Research & Development

Our micronutrient formulations are the end result of many years of lookup and product development.

Product Research

At Hardy Nutritionals®, we are very passionate about making sure that all our formulations are research-backed. For example, our founder David L. Hardy, spent almost 15 years co-developing† a specialised micronutrient system which is broadly researched, earlier than founding Hardy Nutritionals®.

David’s products† have been studied substantially via impartial researchers at a many universities, which includes Harvard, Ohio State, Calgary (Canada), and Canterbury (New Zealand), for more than a few components of health—particularly temper and anxiety-related issues such as bipolar disorder, depression, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, and OCD. This lookup has resulted in over forty publications in clinical journals. A latest article in BMC Psychiatry referred to that there is “more posted and ongoing lookup on this formula† [the micronutrient system David co-developed] for intellectual fitness than on any different complicated formulation somewhere in the world.”

Exciting double-blind lookup at more than one facilities round the world is presently underway or in the planning levels with David’s latest micronutrient formulations, Daily Essential Nutrients and Optimal Balance. We are dedicated to chronic product improvement as new lookup is posted and as we get hold of precious remarks from fitness specialists and their patients.

NutraTek™ Mineral Delivery Technology

Hardy Nutritionals® micronutrient formulation are powered by way of our proprietary NutraTek™ mineral shipping technology, which combines every mineral with specialised natural molecules—just like nature—to optimize absorption and distribution to physique cells. This proprietary science is unmatched in the nutraceutical industry.

Our Hardy Nutritionals® crew of scientists is excited to stay at the forefront of dietary fitness lookup and product development.