The Start of Something Revolutionary

Hi, I’m J. Michael Zenn – creator and founder of Herbal Face Food and The Skincare Revolution. I favor to share a deeply private story with you on how I’ve come to be a creator and founder in a splendor enterprise desperately in want of a makeover.

You see, I without a doubt recognize what it is like to see my face and pores and skin go from youthful, unblemished radiance to some thing an awful lot much less than perfect. It was once extraordinarily painful to experience. My face had end up severely damaged. I spent 15 years exposing my pores and skin to the harsh prerequisites of tanning beds, unwittingly inflicting severe hyper-pigmentation on my face. I used to be instructed via severa skincare gurus that the harm was once permanent. While a rapid repair of bleaching and laser surgical operation may help, it would in no way be cured and the hyperpigmentation would come back. I was once stunned and dismayed that cutting-edge science and the world’s most superior skincare laboratories did now not have a long-term answer for me.
So I had to take my pores and skin into my personal hands, and seem for the reply backyard the lab. That’s when I started out to find out plant-based talent and science. I knew that flora existed hundreds of thousands of years earlier than humans, however what I observed was once that plant Genius and plant-chemicals are certainly a long way greater complicated and effective than their artificial counterparts. Collaborating with main herbalists and botanists, over a decade we sought-out and recognized the world’s most powerful antioxidant vegetation and phytochemicals. Harnessing super-concentrated, whole-plant chemicals, we created the most amazing anti-aging serum ever formulated. 20% OFF with code GCE30
Face serums – Plants have been healing skin, fighting off viruses for eons, and have built up powerful immunities.

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Now I in the end had a product that ought to heal my skin. I started to use the newly minted serum to deal with my pores and skin issues, and inside simply 4 weeks all of the “permanent” hyper-pigmentation had disappeared. I used to be amazed. Excited, I shared the first kitchen-made serums with friends, family, readers and fans- actually everybody I may want to find. This small crew of reluctant volunteers started to ride surprising, unpredictable and pleasant effects throughout a extensive spectrum of pores and skin issues.

It used to be a small begin with a lot of heart. Now, Herbal Face Food has reached lots of followers from over 20 international locations and the extraordinary shoppers of some of the pinnacle aestheticians and anti-aging docs in the world. To our delight, Herbal Face Food has emerge as wildly famous amongst celebrities and skincare aficionados in the International Capital of Skincare- Seoul, Korea.

Our serums have been validated to reverse the 10 most seen symptoms of aging: wrinkles, massive pores, dryness, redness, discoloration, loss of pores and skin tone, firmness, smoothness, radiance, brightness as properly as addressing persistent pores and skin troubles such as acne, eczema, rosacea, melasma, psoriasis. These sorts of lovely outcomes are from a a hundred percent plant (not plant-based) product. That’s truely unprecedented.

Until now, many conscientious girls and guys have been pressured to face what I name the “skincare dilemma”: pick out between a lab-created, synthetic, chemical merchandise that might also produce non permanent outcomes however is poisonous or organic, or plant-based merchandise that might also be secure however does little greater than moisturize your skin.

70% of what you put on your pores and skin goes into your body. It absorbs into your bloodstream inside minutes, and sooner or later motels in your organs. Your pores and skin is your greatest organ and your body’s largest mouth. We love to say, “You Eat What You Put On Your Skin”. If you shouldn’t consume something, then you need to in no way put it on your skin. We stay via that mantra, so all of our merchandise are one hundred percent flowers with no artificial or man-made in ingredients, and are additionally definitely secure to eat. Now, no one has to ever make the horrible preference between their fitness and splendor again.

I’m humbled by means of Mother Nature, and this work is profoundly thrilling to me. I love seeing splendid uncooked plant substances come to existence in our merchandise and demonstrating that authentic luxury, efficacy and fitness awareness can coexist. Now extra than ever, plant-chemicals can provide actual power, and I’d love to exhibit you how.

Plant Science: Anti-Aging, Multi-Correctional, Anti-Viral, Efficacy Research
Herbal Face Food includes 50 of the world’s most effective botanicals together with the pinnacle 20 rarest, most costly plant concentrates on the planet. The fact is, the most high-quality Anti-Aging, Multi-Correctional, Anti-Viral compounds are grown, now not manufactured. Plants have been recuperation skin, hostilities off viruses for eons and have constructed up effective immunities. Herbal Face Food is the last awareness of the world’s most effective Anti-oxidant Plants. These mighty plant chemicals, researched in labs for years, have been sought after for their super-charged activity. Here is simply a sampling of the panoply of the scientific research that have been lately performed around some of our plant ingredients.

Proven Results

The Serum To End All Serums

The Serum I, II, III

  1. For most effects use on clean, dry skin.
  2. Shake the bottle vigorously to spark off uncooked plant ingredients.
  3. Work a half of greenback measurement quantity between your palms and clean the favored quantity over the face, neck and décolleté, each and every morning and evening, or as frequently as desired.
  4. Use an upward sweeping motions, rub down the Serum alongside your jawline, from your nostril to your ears throughout your forehead, beneath your eyes and over the cheeks to your temples.
  5. Take any extra Serum and follow from the base of neck to the tip of the chin. Massage over the décolleté and rub any the rest on the again of the hands.
  6. For most penetration and efficacy make positive you exfoliate your pores and skin twice a week.

The Cure

  1. After making use of The Serum, dispense a dime measurement quantity of The Cure in the palm of your hand.
  2. Dab your fingers into the product, and then press it deep into the pores of your hassle areas.
  3. Take any extra and follow from the base of neck to the tip of the chin. Massage over the décolleté and rub any the rest on the again of the hands.

Revolutionary Plant Science…Real Results.
User Trial Results based totally on 35 days of utility (twice daily); Test crew blanketed ladies and guys a long time 25-65 years.
Immediately after use…

  • a hundred percent felt a tingly sensation which made them sense the product was once energetic and working
  • 99% noticed a full-size enchancment in their skin’s softness, plumpness and firmness after one use.
  • 97% noticed a good sized enchancment in look of satisfactory strains and wrinkles after one use
  • one hundred p.c felt that the product immediately hydrated their skin
  • 99% felt that their pores and skin at once felt extra glowing and rejuvenated
  • 95% felt relaxed, calmness and a feel of properly being right now upon application.

After four weeks of use…

  • 99% stated their pores and skin used to be softer and smoother.
  • 70% noticed a discount in hyper-pigmentation and solar damage.
  • 85% noticed a discount in pore size.
  • 93% noticed discount in pores and skin sagging.
  • 92% stated pores and skin seemed greater radiant and healthy.
  • 91% felt pores and skin used to be infused with moisture.
  • 90% noticed an extend in the tightness and firmness of skin; and in pores and skin elasticity and resiliency.
  • 90% noticed standard youthfulness of their pores and skin & felt extra assured about their skin.
  • 85% noticed an enlarge in the degree of hydration.
  • 85% noticed a discount in the look of horizontal brow lines
  • 90% noticed a discount in look vertical forehead lines
  • 85% noticed a discount in the look of smile lines.
  • 88% noticed a discount in the look of marionette lines.
  • 85% noticed enchancment in thin, fragile and “papery” skin
  • 85% noticed enchancment in the cushiony appear and sense of their cheeks.