A Note From Alex and Michael, The Guys Who Started This Thing.
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We began Kiss My Keto due to the fact we had been serious sugar addicts. We had a love-hate relationship with carbs – no remember how tough we tried to end them, we could not say no to a container of donuts.

So we’ve made it our mission to convey returned these identical ingredients – however except the sugar, processed carbs or synthetic nonsense. Now a wholesome keto weight loss plan has by no means been so easy, so fun, and so enjoyable to stick to!

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Website: kissmyketo.com

Hey, I’m Alex, founder of Kiss My Keto.
And 4 years ago, my mother was once identified with cancer.

At the identical time, I located out I’m a braca one gene service – which makes me greater probably than everyone else to contract specific types of cancer.

So in my case, the first-class of my weight loss program is some thing my lifestyles depends on.

That’s why I dedicated to one of the healthiest diets on the planet – the Keto Diet.

The BIG hassle with keto.

But if you’ve ever tried Keto then you’ve in all likelihood realized one thing:

Sticking to it can be virtually hard to do.

You have to supply up ingredients and treats like cookies, muffins and bread. And who wishes to do that for the relaxation of their life? That’s why Michael and I set out to remedy this problem.

So our search commenced – and then failed.

I have in mind roaming the aisles of endless neighborhood grocery stores. We weren’t even searching for keto merchandise – simply low-carb ones.

But what we determined dissatisfied us.

Most “healthy”, low-carb or keto snack options had too a lot sugar, now not sufficient fats or too an awful lot protein for keto.

Or they reduce corners with low-quality synthetic ingredients. There sincerely wasn’t a gold popular for keto products.

AND THEN, we created it.
Enter Kiss My Keto

We’ve spent various years and heaps of hours getting to know the keto diet.

We’ve painstakingly perfected the recipes at the back of every and each and every one of our products.

The quit end result was once our miracle moment:

Delicious, healthful and keto-friendly variations of the meals you notion you had to provide up.

Ones you can devour every day whilst understanding you’re doing wonders for your body.

We make no compromises
Quality is our largest obsession.

We in no way settled for less. We by no means made compromises.

That’s why you’ll by no means discover any synthetic elements or preservatives of any variety in our products.

We additionally don’t put any substances that exceed a macronutrient ratio of 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs.

Simply put, it’s the whole thing your physique wants to prevail on the keto food regimen – and nothing it doesn’t.

Now it’s your turn.
Fast ahead to now, and lots of clients agree

Achieving exquisite outcomes on keto has in no way been so fun, so easy, and so delicious.

And we can’t wait for you to see it for your self with our scrumptious keto meals and snacks!

So if you’re prepared to make keto less difficult than ever earlier than with pleasant merchandise your physique will thank you for…

Then on behalf of all people at Kiss My Keto, I promise no longer to disappoint you.

Stay Keto,
Alex, Founder Kiss My Keto
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To carry a new stage of ease & accessibility to the keto diet.

Our #1 aim is to assist encourage extra ketogenic fitness transformations round the united states – and round the globe.
Here’s how we’re doing that:


We agree with that keto must now not be hard or intimidating. It ought to be reachable and possible to every person who needs to undertake it.


We trust it’s necessary to assignment societal norms on what’s “healthy” for you. We comply with the science first and primary – and if keto isn’t the great choice in any scenario we’ll fortunately say so.


We accept as true with sharing understanding and studying from every different empowers us all to make the proper decisions. After all, keto is a life-style preference and we are in this together.


We trust that closing high quality and assured on your keto ride is the key ingredient to success. Listen to your physique first, it is aware of best.


We agree with in absolute accountability for our ingredients. And we promise that each single product we put out is keto-friendly with the proper components and macros.