Our mission
Healthy Water For All

Motivated by means of a easy query – “what kind of water is satisfactory for my baby?” – two pals set off on a mission to find out the best possible great of water, ensuing in the founding of MAYU in 2018. Their motive used to be distinct: they desired to alternate the water enterprise and make it simpler for human beings to remain hydrated barring impacting the environment.
It takes a village
The Future of Water is Here

An meeting of global professionals in chemistry, engineering, culinary and sketch united with us to understand our imaginative and prescient of a water cycle revolution. Through the use of favourite understanding of nature in tandem with today’s technology, MAYU is main the route for a novel epoch of water excellence.

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Make a splash
1% For Water

With MAYU, we’re striving to provide each person the hazard to make easy water in their houses with no plastic involved. Our mission ties collectively the well-being of human beings and the planet, imparting the proper connection. When you purchase MAYU, you assist construct a higher world, as phase of the income go to help water maintenance initiatives. Let’s experience water, let’s revel in life.

structured water
Unlocking Cellular Hydration

Studies have proven that simply 7 minutes of swirling can instantaneous water molecules to return to their herbal synchronized shape. This structure is diagnosed through the cells in our body, making it less complicated for water to penetrate and efficaciously hydrate the cells.

Why Aerate?
Oxygen Enhancement

In nature, water is naturally infused with dissolved oxygen. Much like the aeration procedure employed in winemaking, permitting water to breathe initiates a transformative journey. Through rigorous checking out with water sourced from more than a few locations, the efficacy of the MAYU Swirl machine in augmenting oxygen stages has been established

A Taste Test Revelation

MAYU carried out an array of style checks and experiments showcasing the discernible variance in style and texture ensuing from the introduction of oxygen to water. Remarkably, 87% of individuals expressed a desire for MAYU Water over different alternatives.

Balancing pH
Alkalizing Effect

As CO2 evaporates from the water, a herbal technique facilitated by means of aeration, the oxygen content material rises, instigating a transformative cascade of chemical reactions. This elevation in oxygen ranges fosters an surroundings conducive to improving the alkalinity of the water, a phenomenon integral for reaching gold standard pH balance

Mineral Deficiency
Essential Nutrients

When water is purified thoroughly, it is stripped of all additives, together with crucial minerals quintessential for human health. Research has set up a hyperlink between desalinated water and magnesium deficiency. These findings underscore the significance of including quintessential minerals returned into purified water.

The Basics:

Structured water refers to the association of water molecules observed in untouched herbal water sources.
Structured water has a precise hexagonal cluster pattern. Think of a snowflake shape. Frozen water is structured.
In contrast, faucet water, which is pressed via lengthy strait pipes or bottled water, frequently loses this special molecular arrangement.
Using vortex technology, water can be restructured into its herbal form

Emoto Proves Mayu Efficacy

The Emoto Institute research how awareness influences water shape to validate the effectiveness of the Mayu water product. Through experiments and contrast of molecular images, they purpose to furnish scientific proof helping the product’s benefits.
How it works?

It’s a recognized reality that substances accumulate special traits when their molecular buildings are altered. Take graphite and diamonds, for example. Both consist of carbon atoms, but rearranging these atoms transforms graphite into diamond!

Water is no different. Its structuring consequences in a shape of liquid crystallization, endowing it with distinct properties. The advantages of structured water encompass stronger hydration considering the fact that its molecular coherence approves for quicker water motion in and out of the body’s cells, main to multiplied cell balanced health, higher toxin removal, and center of attention and greater electricity levels.