Go from correct to great! ATaPa is a non-public pink mild remedy system that can assist you rapidly attain your body’s most potential, anything your health level.

Whether you’re an athlete or simply searching to decorate your daily fitness and well-being regime, pink mild remedy can substantially enhance muscle overall performance via elevated blood go with the flow causing, quicker post-workout recovery, and elevated muscle tone.

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Red mild remedy science improves the body’s herbal restoration process, making it simpler to recover, and permitting you to get returned in the gymnasium quicker and improved than ever before.

It’s the best way to pace up recuperation time, decrease muscle fatigue, decorate muscle staying power and strength, amplify fats loss responses from exercising and enhance lean muscle mass. You’ll see consequences inside days of use!


All it takes is 20 minutes a day to restore and rejuvenate your skin! Red mild remedy is an enormously positive anti-aging and pores and skin rejuvenation cure that helps to enhance your pores and skin tone, firmness, and elasticity. Efficiently minimize irritation and acne, fade darkish spots, and repair any wrinkles or exceptional strains whilst enhancing blood circulation. Since crimson mild penetrates deeper into the pores and skin than different mild therapies, it will increase collagen regeneration, elastin, and different critical proteins.

Full-body Light Therapy

What’s covered with each device?

High-quality LEDs -Medical grade LEDs with highest quality beam angles supply powerful wavelengths of purple and NIR light.

Clinically verified wavelengths of herbal mild -Not all mild is created equal. Clinical lookup has constantly proven that purple and close to infrared (NIR) mild is most high quality for human health. Each machine is geared up with the most top of the line wavelengths for cell overall performance

Powerful Irradiance – ATaPa presents the most effective irradiance of any light remedy machine on the market. This is established with third birthday party trying out outperforming opponents for a fraction of the cost.

Low therapy instances – Thanks to our effective irradiance and highest quality LEDs an positive cure time with ATaPa is as low as eight minutes.


YOGA a exercise of stability dwelling and self-recognition. It teaches you how to stay efficiently. Following the nice practices, appreciation the genuine which means of existence is the actual essence of yoga. But you ought to wondering, how Red Light Therapy is linked with Yoga. Red Light Therapy is a herbal non-invasive technique which penetrates your physique and recharges your cells such as your talent cells. This permits you to center of attention and listen better. Hence, growing the productiveness of yoga.

How does pink mild remedy work?

Red mild remedy is gaining extra and extra recognition these days and for accurate reason. There are hundreds of research that have been accomplished on the therapeutic purposes of infrared light, and we have simply scratched the surface. What is it about infrared mild that gives us with so many benefits? How ought to some thing as simple as sitting in the front of a crimson mild trade our lives for the better?

The reply lies inside your cells, your mitochondria to be exact. Your mitochondria are tiny constructions inside your cells that have developed to be the powerhouse, or electricity factories of the cell. They are nearly like a cell digestive machine that takes in vitamins from the meals we eat, breaks them down, and produces power for your cells. This technique of strength advent is known as cell respiration. Not solely do our cells produce electricity from the meals we eat, however additionally from the mild we absorb. The strength we produce from this act of mobile breathing is referred to as ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate), this has additionally been referred to as the “energy currency” of life. Only sure wavelengths of mild have been demonstrated to be nice at producing extra ATP. These wavelengths of mild manifest to be pink mild at 660nm, and close to infrared mild at 850nm (which occurs to be invisible to the human eye, and additionally the wavelengths your ATaPa machine are calibrated too). So as you soak up these precise wavelengths of light, you are developing extra strength for your cells to thrive.

Remember, your cells run on ATP, besides ATP your cells lose their electricity supply and commence to degenerate. This is the place the crimson and close to infrared performs a large role.

Not all mild is created equal. (This receives heavy for a second, grasp with us)

However, there is greater to this sport of ATP production. Researchers in photobiomodulation have located that In the 4th section of mobile respiration, sure wavelengths of pink and close to infrared mild have an exquisite potential at activating an enzyme known as Cytochrome C- Oxidase (CCO). What does this mean?

Our cells will produce immoderate Nitric Oxide (N.O) as a byproduct of cell stress, which will bind to CCO and in the end halt the ordinary manufacturing of ATP. This is NOT good. In short, mobile stress produces too lots N.O which binds to C.C.O and stops ATP production. No ATP, no energy. This is the place purple mild and close to infrared mild comes in. Those particular wavelengths of mild noted beforehand (red 660nm and close to infrared 850nm) do an gorgeous job at breaking that bond between N.O and C.C.O for the duration of that final section of mobile respiration. This lets in oxygen to bond with NADH, restoring the ordinary pathway for hydrogen ions to create the viable for ATP, which is how mild prices your cell batteries. For this reason, mild is an essential and effective signal, simply as vital as food; and in present day present day world had been getting simply as a whole lot junk mild as have been are getting junk food.

The act of cell breathing is the most essential job the mitochondria have, and in every phone there ought to be somewhere from a few hundred to a number of thousand mitochondria inside your cells. It is proven that via weight, up to 10% of the human physique is mitochondria, from this factor of view; you ought to say there is certainly power in numbers.

There is additionally a clinical idea known as the “Mitochondrial Theory of Aging”, which argues that getting old and any of the ailments that are related with it, is prompted via a sluggish degeneration in the fine of our mitochondria. This principle exists due to the fact at some point of the duration of mobile respiratory the place the mitochondria burn up the meals we consume the use of the oxygen we breathe, free radicals are created which assault adjoining constructions consisting of the DNA inside the nucleus. This takes place day by day and the restore occurs shortly besides us feeling the actual results of it. However, when the exceptional of our mitochondria come to be compromised, and we produce much less power (ATP), the harm from free radicals reaches a threshold and cells commence to die. This system is what’s stated to be the procedure of aging, and the motive of many degenerative diseases. This is however one greater cause why pink and close to infrared mild are splendid for anti-aging purposes.

So now that you recognize the vital position your mitochondria play in your life, how do our ATaPa purple mild remedy units work?

Our units work through the use of scientific grade LEDs to supply crimson and close to infrared mild at clinically verified wavelengths to your cells. These herbal wavelengths of mild penetrate your pores and skin except the extra warmness or risky UV rays. We provide more than one fashions for each centered use and full physique mild therapy. Obviously, the greater insurance the better, however regardless of size, it is the place the mild hits and your motive for pointing it there that matters.

The crimson mild candy spot.

As cited earlier, no longer simply any mild will show really useful to your cells. In this case, its pink mild at 660nm, and close to infrared mild at 850nm (which additionally debts for up to 40% of all sunlight) that come with all the benefits. This is why we advocate mild remedy as antagonistic to infrared warmness lamps which are turning into extra and extra popular. Heat lamps have their place, however do not come somewhere close to the quantity of advantages that come from mild itself. You can examine greater about warmness lamps HERE.

Red mild at 660nm helps add greater electrons to your physique and is extra quite simply absorbed with the aid of your skin; main to higher pores and skin fitness and higher collagen production. Collagen is the most ample protein in your physique and assists in retaining your hair, skin, nails, and fascia healthy. Red mild at 660nm has additionally been proven to amplify the recuperation time of wounds, enhance intellectual clarity, enhance the look of scar tissue, enhancing oral care, and even the reversal of hair loss.

Near infrared mild at 850nm which is backyard the seen mild spectrum, penetrates a good deal deeper inside your body; as a whole lot as four inches! This makes close to infrared mild ideal at decreasing joint ache and growing muscle healing instances after excessive workouts. It additionally helps with detoxification, structuring the water in your cells, DNA repair, mobile regeneration, reduces physique fat, improves circulation, reduces inflammation, and will increase energy. In short, Near infrared prompts the mitochondrial recuperation systems.

This is what makes the mixture of pink and close to infrared mild clearly amazing, defending you from early onset mitochondrial dysfunction. Let us additionally no longer fail to point out that purple and close to infrared mild can enhance sexual overall performance in each guys and women. It has additionally proven to enhance testosterone protection, enhance temper disorders, autoimmune dysfunctions + so an awful lot more!

These reality make pink mild remedy an absolute no brainer for most. Getting the advantages is as convenient as turning your ATaPa pink mild remedy gadget on, doing something you want in the front of it, and to start taking part in the benefits. Remember to maintain as a whole lot as your pores and skin uncovered as possible. If you already have your crimson mild remedy device, you can locate out how to get the exceptional use out of it HERE. Whole physique mild remedy is best due to the fact the entirety in your physique requires electricity which is produced by way of your mitochondria in order to work. So with the aid of immediately affecting our mitochondria, we make bigger our strength manufacturing and the entirety improves as a result. You will additionally locate that the heat crimson lights supply you a enjoyable sensation, and act as the ideal mild the do work in the front of, exercising with, shower, or even take a seat in the front of the T.V with. Simply put, these purple mild remedy units are the fantastic way to take your existence to the subsequent stage in each way.

Why select ATaPa?

Photobiomodulation or LLLT is turning into extra famous and for right reason. The clinically demonstrated advantages of crimson mild remedy are in reality existence altering and grant a non-invasive method with genuinely zero aspect effects. This is huge information for human beings struggling from continual conditions, pain, low energy, and signs and symptoms that fluctuate from moderate to severe. Red mild remedy is turning into the famous desire to deal with a multitude of signs and it looks like we have not even scratched the surface.

With a few extraordinary preferences to pick from, acquiring a pink mild therapy gadget isn’t very difficult. But, how do you select the proper one? What need to you appear for in a system earlier than you make your first purchase?

Here are a few matters to consider:


Irradiance refers to the strength of your device, the decrease the power, the greater the remedy time. The greater your units irradiance, the decrease your therapy time. For comfort sake, you will desire a gadget that offers you an nice cure in a shorter quantity of time. Some of the units on the market these days have a decrease strength output, meaning, you can locate your self sitting in the front of your gadget for over 30 minutes. Not solely is this inconvenient, however that additionally tells you that the fine of LEDs your machine is outfitted with is enormously low.

The energy of your machine is measured in mW/cm2. Other famous units do a exact job claiming that they supply “medical grade irradiance” however nonetheless fall brief in evaluation with ATaPA. The main issuer in income for purple mild remedy produces 100mW/cm2, whilst ATaPa produces 110+mW/cm2. What this skill for you is a decrease cure time and you do not want to be so shut to your system to get the related benefits. This is no longer solely extra convenient, however extra high-quality and environment friendly as well.

When it comes to the first-rate of our crimson mild remedy device, ATaPa’s units are laboratory examined and have exceeded all requirements with EMF safety, RoHS, and CE trying out for health/safety/environmental safety standards. Our manufacture additionally affords a two 12 months guarantee and 50,000 hour lifespan. They additionally come geared up with a constructed in timer for putting remedy times, and cooling vents/fans to make certain that your system does now not produce any needless heat.

Cost is another element to reflect onconsideration on when buying your first purple mild remedy device, and it is no secret that some of these gadgets can get extraordinarily expensive. ATaPA is the main manufacturer to select from in phrases of imparting clinical grade energy the quality price. ATaPa is on common 35% much less costly than the main issuer of pink mild therapy, making it greater reachable for a higher quantity of people. Our faith is that the future of fitness starts with LIGHT and we desire each person to ride the benefits.

The wavelengths of your system are any other essential piece of what makes your system effective. The widespread for most crimson mild remedy gadgets is a 50/50 combo of purple mild at 660nm and close to infrared mild at 850nm. This combo has tested to be the most clinically positive wavelengths of mild and you will discover this fashionable combo with all of our ATaPa devices.

The closing issue to reflect onconsideration on when getting your first system is coverage. The large the machine the higher due to the fact it permits you the probability to do full-body treatments. The gain of a smaller panel is that it nevertheless offers all the advantages that a large one would however with much less floor area. This potential if you desired to do full physique remedies you would have to go the panel round in order to attain each and every vicinity of your body. Having a large system with a stand or mount lets in you a committed house for your treatments, whilst the smaller panel allows you to tour with it very effortlessly inside your suitcase.

In summary, ATaPa offers you all the notable advantages related with crimson mild remedy in a excessive best and secure gadget whilst saving you an common of 35% when it comes to fee assessment with extra famous brands. This makes ATaPA the effortless desire and why so many human beings are now in a position to experience the massive listing of benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Red mild remedy is the therapeutic utility of herbal wavelengths of pink and close to infrared mild which provide your cells the increase they want in order to thrive. This leads to more desirable ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) production, a discount in oxidative stress, quicker muscle recovery, much less inflammation, accelerated collagen production, and a complete listing of different advantages from herbal mild absorption.

LED mild remedy works by using exposing your naked pores and skin to clinically established wavelengths of pink and infrared mild which are proven to grant overwhelmingly tremendous advantages in thousands of scientific trials. This mixture of close to infrared and purple mild is proven to be the best pair that your cells want in order to create greater power + more!

Red and close to infrared mild are each in the herbal mild spectrum and proven to furnish their personal special benefits. The primary distinction is that crimson mild at 660nm is greater without problems absorbed via the skin, enhancing pores and skin health, collagen manufacturing + more. While close to infrared mild at 850nm penetrates into deeper tissue, assisting with muscle recovery, joint pain, cognitive fitness + more.

Near infrared light, in distinction to crimson light, at 850nm is invisible to the human eye. Therefore, they are now not as shiny as the 660nm LEDs, you can on the other hand see a faint glow. Rest certain that if your crimson LED lights which are set at 660nm are on and working, your close to infrared LEDs at 850nm are working as nicely due to the fact they are wired thru the equal circuitry.

You can contact My ATaPa at info@myatapa.com. For statistics on monitoring numbers, transport updates, or guarantee issues, please contact us thru email. Our purchaser assist team of workers will get lower back to you by using e mail (or smartphone if you supply a number). Our purchaser aid group participants are in the Eastern and Mountain time zones, so please word that you can also no longer get a response same-day.

As a widely wide-spread rule of thumb, the farther you are away from your device, the longer your cure time. We propose somewhere between 8-12 minutes from a distance between 6-12 inches.

Our merchandise come with a 50,000 hour lifespan, and a two 12 months manufacturer’s warranty. If your product proves inaccurate from the producer and is no longer working up to its standard, we will put you in touch with our producer and they will take the product lower back for substitute or repair. My ATaPa is no longer accountable for any trouble that is prompted with the aid of injury ensuing from negligence, wrong maintenance, or modification; injury through herbal reasons like lightning, floods, or different herbal disasters; theft or loss of the Product. If provider is required, the client is accountable to return the machine to the producer inside the 2-year assurance period. The guarantee shall no longer observe to tools that has been abused, modified, damaged, or equipped with replacement parts.

Once your order is processed and your machine is inspected and ready, we will start shipment. From this point, delivery can take somewhere from 7-10, days relying on your area and excessive extent times. Please observe we provide free transport and some areas will take longer than others.