Permanent Christmas Lights by means of EverLights

“They seem to be fantastic, hardly ever even important throughout the day, and wow do they pop at night, with a clean, wonderful look. Best everlasting vacation lights ever!”

Why EverLights Permanent Holiday Lighting?

Pick from our preset patterns or graph the precise colorings you choose for any event (you can manipulate each mild individually). Add a bit of Christmas cheer, set a spooky temper for Halloween, exhibit your patriotic colours on the 4th of July and each and every get together in-between. No be counted what form or size, EverLights can be hooked up on any home.

Our patented layout is lightyears beforehand of the competition. This smooth graph ability terrific overall performance and a product constructed to last! EverLights is the most customizable device available, permitting customers to plan one-of-a-kind sequences of up to 250 special color/brightness mixtures at a time. 20% discount BLACK FRIDAY

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The three Must Follow Rules For A Proper Install
If all else fails, comply with these regulations and you will be OK.


Never reduce any wires with the lights powered. The lights are powered each time they are plugged into a strength source, whether or not the lights are on or not. Always installation with the lights unplugged from all strength sources.


Connect like to like wires. The wire labeled “EverLights” solely connects to different wires labeled “EverLights”. Same deal for the different three wires.


Keep the course of the lights constant. Every mild has an enter and output. They should continually join in to out. There is an arrow on the lower back of each mild and on the the front of each and every statistics buffer. Ensure all arrows are pointing in the equal direction.

Permanent Christmas Light Installation

When it comes to easy Christmas mild installation, house owners flip to EverLights. Our patented format capability EverLights are the best everlasting excursion lights to install. Whether you’re an skilled tradesman or a weekend warrior, we’ll stroll you via the gadget and set up manner with the following guide.

Installation Instructions

Network Bridge and Wireless Receiver Setup

EverLights Bridge Setup Video
With the Bridge connected, you now want to pair any wi-fi receivers you have. Make positive to comply with this step in shut proximity to the Bridge to make sure a easy connection. Do no longer deploy the wi-fi receiver outdoor earlier than pairing with the Bridge. To put the bridge in pairing mode, press the black button on the again of the bridge. This will put the bridge in pairing mode for two minutes.

To put the wi-fi receiver in pairing mode, use the covered wire-nuts to connect a energy furnish and plug the wi-fi receiver into an outlet. Like urgent the pairing button on the Bridge, plugging the wi-fi receiver into electricity will put it into pairing mode for two minutes. It does now not depend what order you do this in, it solely things that each devices are in pairing mode at the identical time. Now go into the EverLights app and navigate to Menu/Settings/Zones and click on the plus icon in the backside left corner. Follow the directions on the display to pair your zones.

Wireless Receiver Installation

The Wireless Receiver connects immediately to the lights and tells them what to do by way of receiving a low frequency radio sign from the bridge at distances up to half of a mile. It is usually great to set up the wi-fi receiver on one quit of the residence or another. If you deploy the wi-fi receiver with lights on each aspects of it, any patterns and animations will now not seem to be their high-quality as they will converge or diverge from that point.

In the best situation, an eave outlet or different strength supply will be handy on one quit of the house. If no energy is comfortably available, the storage is commonly the first-class region for the wi-fi receiver. Wherever you are in a position to installation the wi-fi receiver, make positive it is linked immediately to the strength provide with two of the blanketed red butt splice connectors.

If strength is no longer the place you prefer the receiver to be, do now not insert extra wire between the electricity grant and wi-fi receiver, in any other case it will run the danger of no longer working properly. Instead, join the wi-fi receiver without delay subsequent to the energy supply, connect a records buffer to the output wires of the wi-fi receiver, and run unlit wire to the place your lights start.

A information buffer is vital to ship a robust records sign and will be mentioned in depth below. If the size of wire between the wi-fi receiver and first mild is much less than 5 feet, there is no want for a facts buffer. Make positive the wi-fi receiver is hooked up in a dry area as it is splash resistant however no longer waterproof. Also make sure the wire connecting the lights to the wi-fi receiver has a drip loop to stop water from walking down the line and immediately into the wi-fi receiver.

Up to 20 wi-fi receivers can be paired to a single EverLights Bridge, then again they have to in no way be wired into the equal strand of lights.

Wiring and System Basics

EverLights Connection Video
Color Changing EverLights are directional and all arrows need to be pointing in the identical path away from the wi-fi receiver. Each mild has an arrow printed on the bottom of the shell. Likewise, statistics buffers have an arrow label connected to the wiring.

EverLights make use of a 4-wire cable. Each wire is uniquely labeled to designate what it’s for:

EverLights = +5v high-quality wire
Solid White Line = Main facts line
Solid Black Wire = Backup information line
GND = Ground wire

Wire designations can continually be double checked with the labeling on the PCB. At connection points, continually connect like to like wires.

Pro Tip: earlier than crimping any wires together, continually double take a look at you are connecting the right wires. Incorrect connections can be very irritating to come across and restore later, it is an awful lot higher to spend the greater time double checking wires earlier than shifting on than to come again later. For an greater layer of confidence, hint any reduce wires lower back to the shell and affirm the EverLights wire is linked to the +5v element of the PCB.

EverLights can be reduce and custom-made at any point, as lengthy as the energy is unplugged. Simply having the lights became off in the app is now not sufficient, they have to be absolutely powered down. With energy disconnected, reduce and splice at any factor to tailor the lights to your special roofline.

Y-splits can be inserted at any factor to lift the lights on in two directions. Any leg coming out of the Y-split with a part of unlit wire higher than three toes need to have a records buffer inserted at once into the Y-split previous the unlit wire to make certain a sturdy ample sign passes through.

Power Boosters

EverLights Power Booster Installation
Color Changing EverLights are a five volt system. As lights draw on the preliminary electricity supply, the device wishes to get hold of extra energy to preserve steady shade and brightness throughout the lights. There’s no ideal calculation as each roofline is different, however as a generic rule of thumb a electricity booster is required each seventy five feet. However, electricity is no longer directional so if you have a energy grant at the commencing and stop of one hundred twenty five foot run, the load on every furnish would be much less than seventy five ft and the lights would nonetheless have enough power.

Each Power Booster is solely properly for seventy five whole toes of lights though, so don’t assume to put a booster in the center of a run of lights and get seventy five toes in each directions. If a strength supply for a booster is no longer shut to the place the booster is tied in, you can prolong the wire on the output cease of the booster to get to the region energy is needed. Avoid this approach every time feasible as the unlit wire will supply resistance and end result in a weaker increase the place it ties in. For example, extending 50 ft of wire on the output give up of the booster will successfully end result in a negligible boost.

Data Buffers

Every light receives the records signal, takes the records it needs, then sends a sign to the subsequent light. While every mild can ship a dependable sign at brief distances, a information buffer have to be inserted earlier than longer jumps of wire to ship a sturdy signal. As a rule of thumb, any area of unlit wire larger than 5 toes desires a facts buffer established earlier than the jump.

This records buffer will take the susceptible sign from the mild earlier than and ship out a robust sign succesful of going up to 50 feet. This rule applies to the statistics sign coming out of the wi-fi receiver as well. It’s very uncommon and must be averted each time possible, however if a leap of extra than 50 toes is ever required, you ought to insert a records buffer earlier than the lengthy jump, as nicely as a 2nd facts buffer in the center of that leap wire with neither stop exceeding 50 feet. A information buffer will additionally be required without delay after each and every Y-split that leads to any size of unlit wire

Installing Lights

Full Installation Animation Video

In Gutters: EverLights are designed to in shape into the pinnacle attachment lip of gutters. Simply roll out the protected design tape and drill via the bullseyes to function your lights perfectly. It’s a top concept to roll out as a whole lot tape as you can safely attain in every role to seem for any barriers ahead. If the gutters are connected with gutter hangers you can typically pass the clips barring too a lot situation the use of a ¼” hex bit each time there’s a conflict. However, when gutters are connected with gutter nails you by no means choose to come inside an inch of a nail or strive to cross one. Instead, roll out as a whole lot tape as feasible to layout beforehand for obstacles. It’s OK to cheat the lights nearer together, however in no way in addition apart.

Generally dishonest the lights ½” nearer collectively will now not be noticeable, however you choose to keep away from ever dishonest lights inches nearer collectively (doing this will trap you eye when the lights are on). Also strive and hold spacing regular round any corners. Depending on the kind of gutter, the return lip on the interior of the gutter may also be too tight to healthy the shell of the mild into. In this scenario, take some pliers or sheet steel seamers to pinch that lip tight on the bottom to permit the shell of the mild to in shape into the gutter lip. When pinching this lip be cautious no longer to pull up and out, in any other case you may also give up up with seen waves in the pinnacle lip of the gutter round every light.

In Drip edge: Depending on geographical vicinity and builder preference, you can also already have a appropriate set up fabric on your eaves in the drip side flashing. If the drip facet is roughly an inch and a 1/2 tall or larger and pliable, you need to be suitable to go. Otherwise, you will favor to take hold of some channel to put the lights in. When appropriate drip part is present, use the plan tape simply like on gutters, drill a hole, and insert the mild via the backside.

For satisfactory results, begin the plan from the pinnacle of the peak, four inches down on every side. This will make all peaks on the domestic in shape and provide the most polished result. It is feasible to put a mild without delay at every peak, even though it is continually plenty extra work and usually does now not seem to be close to as smooth in the course of the day. This is why we suggest persistently beginning four inches down from the height on every side.

Drip Edge Installation Video

In Channel: If gutters and drip aspect are no longer present, or you certainly decide upon the channel approach, there are a couple of mounting selections handy the usage of the two profiles handy in our shop. Installation standards are very comparable as defined above. For the smoothest set up process, installation one piece at a time. Start by means of inserting the lights into the channel with the exception of the remaining mild in the segment.

The subsequent channel piece will overlap at this light, so it works nice to go away the overlapping mild out initially. Mount the channel with a screw each and every few feet. Once the first channel piece is up, insert the lights into the 2d piece of channel with the exception of the first and ultimate light. Next use the overlapping mild to join the two portions of channel and impenetrable to the constructing with a screw. When the usage of channel at a peak, be positive to begin the format 4 inches down every aspect as with drip facet set up described above.

Terminating wire runs

Wherever you figure out to terminate a run of lights it is very necessary to true shield the uncovered wires. There are a couple of strategies to coat the give up of the wires, however typically electrical tape, silicone, or liquid electrical tape work best. The reason of coating the wires is to forestall the high quality and wires from coming in contact via water, touching towards a piece of metal, or any different conductive material.

A quick in the lights will motive incorrect feature and viable injury to the lights in the system. To in addition defend in opposition to a practicable short, snip the advantageous wire an inch shorter than the different wires earlier than coating.

General FAQ

Can I use EverLights 12 months round?

Absolutely! We have clients the usage of our lights for birthdays, household gatherings, recreation nights, welcome home, and events of all kinds. With our limitless coloration choices you can make any match special. Get a quote now!

Can I set timers & events?

Yes! You can without problems create calendar occasions in our EverLights app.

Can I do heat / gentle white?

Yes! You can create nearly any colour the usage of the coloration wheel. You can colour in shape the warmness of your present exterior lighting. Check them out!

What is your return policy?

Unused fabric can be again however is situation to a restocking price of 20%. This price covers all trying out and repackaging required for us to certify the product is exact as new. Un-used lengths of lights ought to be in 25 foot increments to be eligible for return.

How do you ship your product?

Orders obtained by using 3:00 PM MST usually go out equal day with channel orders requiring extra lead time relying on modern-day demand. We provide USPS Priority delivery and UPS Ground.

Where are orders shipped from?

Orders are boxed up and shipped out of our headquarters in Lindon, UT.

Where are the controller and strength elements installed?

Our community bridge plugs without delay into an Ethernet port on your router. Power resources are hooked up alongside the eaves at each 75ft of lights There is a small community bridge that plugs at once into an Ethernet port on your router. A small wi-fi receiver will be positioned both in the storage or on the facet of the storage to electricity and manage your lights. You can also want extra electricity boosters mounted as well.

How a whole lot do EverLights cost?

All domestic comes in one-of-a-kind sizes & relying on the linear pictures of your roofline and the complexity of the set up will begin round $2000. Fill out the brief shape for a free estimate.

How lengthy do EverLights last?

EverLights are rated for 50k hours of lighting! Which is equal to leaving them on for 24/7 – seven years straight

How many shades can EverLights do at a time?

EverLights is the most customizable gadget available, permitting customers to plan customized sequences of up to 250 special color/brightness combos at a time. In many cases this will enable the person to inform every man or woman mild on the residence what to do.

Are EverLights dimmable?

Yes! There is a dimming change on the app

How do I change a section or get extra parts?

EverLights can be reduce and custom-made at any factor as lengthy as the electricity is unplugged. Lights and add-ons can be observed in our on line shop. View or troubleshooting information and set up guidelines for step by using step directions on all gadget components.