We exist to trade the way human beings join with their net provider company (ISP). We accept as true with that the intangible bonds that we weave are the strongest.
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What we
We consider in equal get entry to to the possibilities that the net provides.

The web ability some thing one-of-a-kind to everyone. A way to remain in touch, travel, shop, learn, create. To us, it’s a way to empower people—to join all of us to the possibilities the web affords in a secure, handy and handy way. We’re right here to share the significance of equal get entry to one story, post, meme, stream, game, wiki, email, connection (phew) at a time. We‘re right here due to the fact we accept as true with that if all of us had equal get right of entry to to the possibilities discovered on the internet, we’d see a lot of extraordinarily brilliant matters from a lot of surprising people.
Give a rattling (aka our values)
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Empathy & purchaser obsession.


1 Free month of internet for new subscribers at oxio.ca. Your third month is billed at zero.

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We’ve all been clients before. And that potential we be aware of how to provide our clients an journey they’ll in reality like. You know, deal with ‘em the way we’d choose to be treated. Put ourselves in their shoes. Understand the place they’re coming from. Obsess over their experience. And do it all barring being asked. Why? Well, if actually the whole lot we do is for our clients (it is), we’d higher apprehend them. Be empathic. Actually provide a damn.

Okay, okay, but: WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! Well, we’ve been acknowledged to hand supply oxio tools to clients who simply can’t wait. To ship a bottle of wine when we comprehend that, if we had been in their shoes, we clearly could’ve used a drink. In short: put the patron first.

Radical transparency.

What’s the huge deal with transparency? Well, we’re section of an enterprise that’s the contrary of obvious (as in notoriously untrustworthy and opaque). And, we’re right here to exchange that. How? By being the whole thing the huge telcos aren’t: trustworthy, transparent, likeable— oh snap! Being radically obvious is a massive phase of who we are. We’re now not right here to cover at the back of the way it’s constantly been. We’re right here to share truly the whole lot with everyone. We prefer to be held accountable. To educate. To listen. To adapt. We all deserve to recognize what’s going on—to have all the facts earlier than we make a decision. We choose to lead through instance in the telco enterprise and each industry.

We’re placing the bar ridiculously high. How? Our obvious profits policy. Our blog. Our inner processes. And these are simply a start. The listing is going to get longer and longer.

Free spirit.

Bureaucracy, politics and frigid hierarchy have no area at oxio. We’re a meritocracy that values consequences over titles. Come with an open mind. Be independent. Keep learning. “We’ve usually carried out it that way” is a lame excuse. We favor you to attain your full possible and we prefer you to pick how. oxio is a dwelling organism that places residing above all else. Sure, that can take a little trial and error, however we suppose it’s really worth it. We care about what we’re doing and the lives we’re leading. In short, we’re all about making positive there’s a little chaos in the whole thing we do.

Play lengthy time period games.

We are all about lengthy time period relationships. And, we know, we know, humans are going to take some convincing. Well, we’re ok with that. We choose to show ourselves. We understand exchange takes time. And, like we said, we’re in this for the lengthy term. A lot of businesses desire to innovate however aren’t inclined to make investments the time or cash to observe through. We are. Other businesses declare simplicity, however their satisfactory print says otherwise. Not us. Changing the way it’s continually been ability accepting that it may additionally take a lengthy time earlier than it’s all understood. We’re right here to make the elaborate awesomely simple. And doing that ability being capable to act and assume lengthy term.

Think no time period contracts. No random charge increases. Powerful tech designed to make our and our customers’ existence on line extra secure, reachable and convenient. Everything we do, each motion we take, is due to the fact we’re in this for the lengthy term.

Unlimited domestic internet. Because the net wasn’t made to be limited.

The fundamentals are all included.

Everything you want to truely use your web is included.
Because it must be.
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Because net must work when you want it to. Simple.
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There’s no longer a whole lot to say here. Not along with installation would simply be straight-up mean.
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Modem and
router included.

Tech-y modem. Yup. Awesome router. Absolutely.
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Share, meme, stream, game, wiki, email, join till your heart’s content.
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No term

Term contracts? lol. What is this 2001? At oxio there are no time period contracts. Ever. Like in no way ever.

The eero 6 is no everyday router

We’ve teamed up with eero to provide our intelligent, thrifty, lovely clients the eero 6 router. The eero 6 makes use of Wi-Fi 6 to help quicker speeds and is clever ample to prioritize the web sites you use most. And, most importantly, it takes your privateness significantly with built-in ad-blocking and parental controls that are as effortless as 1, 2, 3.

Oh, and it’s blanketed with your net package.
You manage your internet.
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Wifi here, there and everywhere.

The eero machine makes use of a couple of units to ship wifi down halls, and round walls. We name it TrueMesh and it lets in your wifi to hop between eeros so your sign stays robust and uninterrupted.
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We care about your safety.

eero 6 helps defend you from malware, phishing attacks, viruses, and by chance travelling websites that are out to get you.
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Parental control.

Content filters make parenting easier—at least when it comes to the internet. Set restrictions for unique gadgets based totally on default settings or personalize your own.
Sticker that symbolize privateness protection.
Your web continues no secrets.

Track information usage, display community activity, and see how eero’s been defending you.
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Corrects itself.

Automatic velocity exams and fitness exams will make certain you’re getting the pace you’re paying for.
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A neat and tidy clever home.

Your eero 6 makes it convenient to join and manage smart units by means of doubling as a Zigbee clever domestic hub well suited with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.
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Don’t sense stalked anymore.

Ad blockading will assist declutter your on-line lifestyles by using blockading these annoying, intrusive ads—which is a quite fantastic nice-to-have.
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That’s right, you can pause the internet.

Wifi scheduling units offline instances for man or woman gadgets or for the complete house.

Internet it is received your back
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Installing oxio web is as easy as can be.

We’ve performed our nice to furnish you with step-by-step directions for putting in your oxio internet. But, in some cases, a technician is wanted to take a look at your coaxial cable and set off oxio services. This generally occurs due to the fact your domestic isn’t always set up for coaxial web or your coaxial cable is not active. Either way, we’re right here to assist if you want it.