About Us

We are a registered commercial enterprise in Ontario Canada focal point on luxurious consignment. We additionally have save positioned in Toronto for over10yrs. (Since 2011)

All the merchandise have been authenticated through our expert character who works on this region over 10 years. Authentic assured or cash back! Also we work with Entrupy organisation expert 0.33 birthday celebration authenticator to assurance of authenticity.

Canaan Luxury Consignment Store location: King Square, unit 1D26, 9390 Woodbine Ave, Markham, ON, Canada. L6C 0M5

Buy And Sell Authenticated Pre-Owned Luxury

Luxhub has been in promoting luxurious baggage and add-ons in Toronto location for over ten years. We have constructed our loyal client neighborhood who love to purchase and promote their treasures with us.

Enjoy a $100 discount on second-hand treasures, including brands like Chanel, Gucci, Fendi, and more. Whether it’s bags, shoes,
or jewelry, indulge in the luxury of pre-loved elegance. For additional discounts, please consult our customer service.

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Free return if you locate the object is now not authentic. We do NOT promote fakes, replicas or any counterfeit items. You additionally can buy Entrupy Authenticate with us.


We acquire all primary payments. We be given Affirm fee that you can Buy Now and Pay later on your favourite items. We additionally furnish Layaway Program.
Sell / Consign

We take delivery of handbags, accessories, jewelry, watches, and manufacturer new or lightly-worn footwear and outerwear.


LuxHub is now not related or affiliated with any company holder.

All copyrights reserved to the unique manufacturer holders

Sale With Us

We are accepting objects with the minimal resale price of $150. We normally take delivery of handbags, accessories, jewelry, watches, and company new or lightly-worn footwear and outerwear.

Current Consignment Rates

For gadgets below $300.00 CAD – $60 flat fee
$300.00 – $2000.00 CAD – 20% fee
$2001.00 to $10000 CAD – 15% fee
For all objects over $10001.00 – 10% fee
*Minimum flat rate quantity of $60

How It Works

  1. Fill out the ‘Consignment Quote Form’ and supply as lots element as feasible for an correct quote. With your quote, consist of indispensable images of the item(s) you desire to consign which includes a the front photo, and snap shots of any flaws.
  2. Once our crew receives your submission, we will ship you a consignment and/or a buyout quote (if applicable). Please wait for 3-5 enterprise days to acquire your quote. The consignment quote skill we will listing your object at the quoted rate and as soon as sold, we will pay you your component of the sale, and take our commission. The buyout quote capacity if you do no longer prefer to wait for the object to sell, we will provide you a some other quote alternative for immediate funds. All prices are listed in Canadian dollar and legitimate for 30 days only. Quotes are difficulty to exchange after the 30-day post-quotation period.
  3. If you take delivery of our consignment or buyout quote, print out the e mail quote(s) and your consignment form(s) and connect the corresponding quote to every object and circle consignment or buyout alternative (if applicable). If your consignment structure and quote are now not with your bag, we can’t technique your item. Once this is complete, please drop off or ship you object to our location.

Drop off hours: By appointment
If you want an alternate drop off vicinity please contact us at luxhub.ca@gmail.com. If you have chosen the consignment choice the buyout quote will no longer be legitimate and can be modified if you request buyout after.

  1. Once we have obtained your item(s) we will look into for authenticity and situation stated. We have the proper to modify the quoted charge if circumstance was once no longer noted efficaciously so please make certain you kingdom the flaws. We will then take expert pix of the object and submit it for sale. Please permit 5-7 commercial enterprise days to see your object posted from date of delivery/drop off as all our gadgets go thru a rigorous authentication process.
  2. Your object is required to continue to be with us for a minimal of 60 days to sell. After the 60 days if you prefer your object lower back you will want to pay for the transport charges or pick out it up at our location. You can additionally go away it with us till offered by means of telling us to flash sale the object at a new price. If you desire to withdraw your object early earlier than the 60 days you will be difficulty to an early withdrawal rate of 10% of list rate which covers our time and labour for photographing and marketing the item.
  3. If your object does sell, we will contact you to get your e-mail tackle for paypal/email switch to ship you the money minus our fee fees. We payout each and every Friday via stop of day, so if you have no longer bought your bag via then you will have to wait till the following Friday. You MUST make certain you are registered for PayPal to keep away from fee delays when our eTransfer has handed its limit.
  4. If you choose the buyout option, as soon as our group methods your object (3-5 commercial enterprise days as soon as we obtain it) our fee supervisor will contact you for your buyout.
    Important Notice
    By submitting this form, you agree that if any of your objects are deemed non-authentic by means of our team, it effects in a obligatory a $250.00 CAD fee/per object in order for you to acquire the object back, this covers our delivery fees and our authentication time and labour. Any more moderen baggage with a microchip or new sticky label for serial numbers require the authentic receipt.

Consignment Agreement

THIS AGREEMENT is made through and between you(“Consignor”),and Canaan Luxury Consignment, Located at unit1d26, 9390 Woodbine Ave, Markham, ON, L6C 0M5
WHEREAS the Consignor needs to promote private item(s) on consignment and Canaan Luxury Consignment needs promote the item(s) on behalf of the Consignor.
The CONSIGNOR has the same opinion to indemnify and store Canaan Luxury Consignment innocent from any and all claims, action, damages, losses, liabilities and fees pertaining to to the breach or alleged breach of any of the CONSIGNOR’s agreements, representations or warranties as set out below.


The CONSIGNOR acknowledges that at the sole discretion of Canaan Luxury Consignment, Canaan Luxury Consignment reserves the proper to:

Decline acceptance of consignment from any purchaser for any item;
Return any consigned objects to the CONSIGNOR any time all through the time period of this Agreement (e.g. if Canaan Luxury Consignment is unable to affirm authenticity of the Consigned Items) so as to assurance its authenticity, Canaan Luxury Consignment will return the Consigned Item to the CONSIGNOR, or if the Consigned Item is deemed out of trend and is unsalable, etc.);
Sell the Consigned Items) with the aid of any potential of sale (in the boutique, thru on line store, thru social media and different promoting venues);
Consult with specialists re authenticity and pricing;
Catalogue the Consigned Item (i.e. photograph, set descriptions, make willpower involving the circumstance of the Consigned Item, etc.);
Control the last sale charge of the Consigned Item and keep any and all differences


The CONSIGNOR declares/ warrants/acknowledges to Canaan Luxury Consignment the following:

All facts furnished by means of the CONSIGNOR for the functions of this settlement is proper and correct.
The CONSIGNOR is the lawful proprietor of the Consigned Items) as listed in this Consignment Agreement.
The stated Consigned Item(s)is now not difficulty to any object or encumbrance, and shall stays unencumbered whilst the object is below consignment pursuant to the phrases of this.
The CONSIGNOR has the proper to promote the consigned item;
The listed unique buy charge as referred to by way of the CONSIGNOR in this Agreement is true;
The CONSIGNOR acknowledges that Canaan Luxury Consignment retains the proper to cost a penaltyfee of $100 to be utilized to the CONSIGNORS account for any false records (false retail price) supplied to Canaan Luxury Consignment
All Consigned gadgets are real and if authenticity is in dispute, the CONSIGNOR consents to pay for the expenses of authentication price of $100.
The CONSIGNOR acknowledges that a processing charge of $50-$250 will be charged per object to the CONSIGNOR’s account if the Consigned Item is deemed non-authentic.

The CONSIGNOR acknowledges the keep coverage concerning authenticity warranty and refund coverage to the purchasers, and shall particularly indemnity and shop Canaan Luxury Consignment innocent from any disputes with the purchasers) due to authenticity problems and/or any statistics supplied herein by means of the CONSIGNOR.
Payment to the CONSIGNOR will be launched solely after decision of dispute concerning authenticity if authenticity is challenged with the aid of the purchaser.
While Canaan Luxury Consignment shall take life like care of the Consigned Item whilst in our possession, Canaan Luxury Consignment is no longer accountable for the real looking put on as the end result of managing and showing the Consigned Item at some point of the time period of this Agreement.
The CONSIGNOR acknowledges and knows that all prices noted inside this area are cumulative.


During the consignment time period of Sixty days, Legal title to and felony possession of all Consigned item(s) stay the consignors’. However, Canaan Luxury Consignment shall declare possession of the consigned item(s) on behalf of the consignor at some stage in the contract length of sixty days.
The term of this settlement is for a length of days from date of this settlement (the”Consignment Period”).
In the match the CONSIGNOR decides to terminate this Consignment Agreement prior to the consigned object being offered and prior to the give up of the Consignment Period, the CONSIGNOR shall pay to Canaan Luxury Consignment an Early Termination charge of 10% of list fee per item.
If the consigned object is now not offered inside the Consignment Period, the CONSIGNOR will nonetheless be capable to consign their items) at Canaan Luxury Consignment. Any pickup after this settlement expires will exempt from Early Termination charges.
Canaan Luxury Consignment retains the proper to terminate any settlement at our discretion. In such cases, Consignor will be notified with the aid of Canaan Luxury Consignment that the lower back items) have to be picked up inside ninety calendar days following the notice, Failing which, Canaan Luxury Consignment will cost a storage price of $100.00 per item,per 30 calendar days.
Unless similarly preparations have been made in writing between Canaan Luxury Consignment and the CONSIGNOR, any object no longer picked up inside the requisite time shall turn out to be the property of Canaan Luxury Consignment; the CONSIGNOR shall have deemed to have relinquished its possession rights. No repayments shall be made to the CONSIGNOR for the item.
The CONSIGNOR acknowledges and is aware that all costs referred to inside this part are cumulative.
g Canaan Luxury Consignment has a seven-day length to maintain our precedence transient possession proper of an object after Consignor first notifies Canaan Luxury Consignment to take lower back any consigned item, to make sure the sustainability of enterprise operation.

The CONSIGNOR acknowledges that he/she has been counseled of Canaan Luxury Consignment’s Life-time Authenticity Money-Back Guarantee to the give up purchasers.
The CONSIGNOR is of the same opinion and acknowledges that any offered object that is deemed to be non-authentic through the customer shall be lower back to the CONSIGNOR besides any time body restriction.
The CONSIGNOR is of the same opinion and acknowledges that Canaan Luxury Consignment will solely pay the CONSIGNOR the Consignment Price (including any revised price) for the Consigned Item if there is no dispute related to the Authenticity of the Consigned Item.
The CONSIGNOR ought to inform Canaan Luxury Consignment at least one commercial enterprise day in advance of their intention to select up the price for the Consigned Item, in any other case Canaan Luxury Consignment shall have the proper to refuse in imparting the payment.

Layaways are obligatory for all consignment objects above $500 CAD.
Depending on the charge of an item, a consumer has between 60-90 days to pay off fee has been made via the client, the consignor will then acquire the payment.
Once the object been paid

Consignor is of the same opinion to acquire fee inside (6) month from the date of price Notification Email. If the cheque/cash is now not picked up for the duration of this period, the fee will end up Null Void, and Canaan Luxury Consignment will now not honor the payment
We trouble consignment repayments with the aid of Email Transfer Money or Cheque
Consignor is of the same opinion to cllect the quantity that consignor listed the fee on this agreement.

a.Canaan Luxury Consignment accepts the property from you on a consignment foundation only. You are accountable for all the chance of loss or harm to the property till Canaan Luxury Consignment takes bodily possession of it.
b. If an object of property us damaged, stolen, or loss whilst in Canaan Luxury Consignment, it will be deal with as Sold( described in “Title to property” below) and Canaan Luxury Consignment will pay you a fee on that item. The fee will be based totally on the damaged, stolen, or misplaced objects estimated Net Selling Price, which will be decided entirely through Canaan Luxury Consignment

Title to property
You will proceed to very own and have title to every object of Property till that object is “Sold”. An object will be regarded Sold when:
(a) it is offered via Canaan Luxury Consignment to a customer
(b) it is lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed whilst in Canaan Luxury Consignment possession.

Canaan Luxury Consignment takes each measure to guard consignor’s item(s) whilst they are in our care and in our facility. However, if any objects are misplaced or stolen between the contract date and inside one (1)month after the termination date, we will pay 50% of the predicted payout to the customer in lieu of the items. Canaan Luxury Consignment will no longer be dependable for harm that incurs to merchandise whilst in store. Consignor warrants to Canaan Luxury Consignment that the item(s) pursuant to this settlement is now not in violation of any trademarks, copyright, different
proprietary proper of 1/3 parties, or that any of the item(s) is stolen items from different parties.

Canaan Luxury Consignment reserves the proper to aid police authorities of suspected unlawful change of item(s) obtained on consignment by way of the consignor. Canaan Luxury Consignment collects a piece of cellphone ID at the time of the preliminary consignment appointment regardless who the consignor as per police authorities’ instruction.

Consignor hereby is of the same opinion to indemnify and maintain innocent Canaan Luxury Consignment from all damages, fits litigation, awards and cost, inclusive of however now not constrained to attorney’s fees, which occur out of the show or sale of the consigned item(s) for any cause whatsoever, along with however confined to civil or crook fits over the authenticity, legality, ownership, infringement or copyright or trademark of any different claims or litigation.

If a dispute between the consignor and Canaan Luxury Consignment occurs, each events agree to negotiate in appropriate faith, if negotiation is now not successful, the dispute will be mediated. If the mediation is no longer profitable , binding arbitration will clear up the dispute.

In no match will Canaan Luxury Consignment legal responsibility beneath this settlement exceed the quantity it has without a doubt obtained as a end result of promoting your property hereunder.

Consignor knows that phrases and stipulations are concern to alternate barring word by means of Canaan Luxury Consignment