Supercharge your fitness (re)solutions.

Use our groundbreaking vitamin science to reset, rejuvenate, and add wholesome years returned onto your life, one day at a time.

Precision vitamin for fitness and longevity.

Tailored to reverse & gradual down organic age (through our 5-Day and every day nutrition), Prolon Nutritional merchandise are found and licensed from the Longevity Institute of the University of Southern California and 18 different college lookup institutions. Food is the solely product we eat each and every day of our lives. It used to be time for moral science, alternatively of for-profit business, to enhance vitamin formulations aimed at improving human fitness and helping medicine.

The Longevity Diet Book summarizes the foremost discoveries at the back of Nutrition for Longevity and Food as Medicine. Get your free reproduction below. 20% off all products code: GCE

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Why remain youthful than your age?

You have 87% threat to gather and die from one of 4 age associated conditions: Diabetes, Cancer, Cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s diseases. When your cells and metabolism get older, you lose the energy of rejuvenation and self-healing, and emerge as inclined to continual conditions. Between age forty and 70 you begin experiencing getting old signs with muscle mass loss, cussed weight gain, temper and focal point change, blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, inflammaging, pores and skin changes, etc. Prolon Nutrition helps you ignite the cell rejuvenation energy of your physique (a system known as autophagy which was once awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in Medicine), sluggish down your bioaging rating and create years of distinction between your chronological age and organic age so that you remain wholesome nowadays and extend your probabilities of delaying the onset of age-related conditions. A youthful you at any age helps your metabolism higher battle weight gain, muscle loss, blood sugar, metabolic markers, inflammaging, and different age-related fitness issues.
Read the scientific articles here.

How Prolon continues you youthful than your age?


Awakens the system of mobile rejuvenation and metabolic reset.


Mitigates food-induced spikes in growing older elements such as insulin & IGF1


Nutraceutical substances to promote healthful mobile aging
Prolon 5-Day Program

Prolon 5-Day Program

5-days to cell rejuvenation
How Prolon continues you youthful than your age?
ReSet 1-Day Kit

ReSet 1-Day Kit

24 hour idea & physique reset
Fasting Shake

Fasting Shake

Nutrition science shake
Fasting Bar

Fasting Bar

Nutrition to quickly for longer


Apulian almond & cocoa spread
L-Pill Supplement

L-Pill Supplement

Support wholesome aging
L-Biome Supplement

L-Biome Supplement

Gut Health

Your pleasure is vital to us, and we are dedicated to making sure the best of our products. Please contact us the usage of the shape below, or with the aid of smartphone if you have any worries about your ProLon® merchandise or services.

Nutrition that induces cell rejuvenation & a couple of metabolic modifications inside the body.

Dr. Valter Longo, pinnacle 50 most influential human beings in health, uncovered a dietary system that result in cell rejuvenation and a couple of special metabolic adjustments inside the body. In addition to the fasting-like nutrition, referred to as the Prolon 5-Day and to be finished three instances per yr for most, the entire Longevity Program consists of as nicely Prolon Everyday merchandise that are precision diet sourced from round the world and tailor-made to now not spike ageing elements and to assist cells and organs age gracefully.

Prolon, fundamental to bright life!

Everyday we stress and intoxicate our physique and thought with our cutting-edge lifestyle, nutrition, surroundings we stay under. As we age, our cell functionality to detox, get better and heal limit and older senescent cells outnumber younger vivid cells.

Our ancestors had a herbal secret to shield towards accelerated growing older and to rejuvenate youthful cells: proLonged fasting (> three days). When fasting, the physique makes use of its reserves (fat and glycogen) for the first two days (Intermittent Fasting period) however when fasting crosses three days or greater (the extended fasting period), the physique undergoes a subsequent degree of ‘protective and rejuvenative protection known as autophagy.

In cutting-edge days, we speed up mobile harm and growing old vs going into durations of autophagy, restoration and rejuvenation.In five brief days ProLon lets in your physique to go into a rejuvenating state, whilst ingesting macro and micro vitamins to hold your physique nourished.

Healthy Aging
Cellular Rejuvenation
Metabolic Support
Healthy Aging
Protect Lean Muscle
Changed Relationship with Food
More Energy
Mental Clarity
Rejuvenated Skin

Backed via & consistently advancing thru science.

After two many years and tens of thousands and thousands in Research & Development, L-Nutra (a main Nutri-tech company) and The University of Southern California, led by means of Dr. Valter Longo have been capable to perceive mobile radars that become aware of nutrition, referred to as Nutrient Sensing Pathways, and to improve a five day Nutrition Program that nourishes the physique whilst the food sensing pathways are now not precipitated and consequently presenting the extended fasting benefits.

Prolon offers the physique with healthy, plant-based substances that have been scientifically confirmed to furnish the physique with best nourishment whilst now not activating the key pro-aging pathways, or meals sensing pathways — pathways which are activated by using regular diets.


How many instances do I do Prolon every year?

The fantastic phase about ProLon is it can without problems suit into your lifestylle and is solely a five day exchange to your ordinary life.

Suggested consumption with the aid of Dr. Valter Longo, head of the Longevity Institute at University of Southern California and Author of the Longevity Diet.

  • If you have a fitness or metabolic goal in thought and prefer to obtain quicker the metabolic and rejuvenative successes of ProLon, then you can do ProLon each month for three or four months and then do it as soon as each three months to keep the benefits.
  • two instances solely per yr for Healthy Aging (10 days out of 365 days!)
  • three instances per yr for Healthy Aging and delivered Weight Loss (15 days out of 365 days!)

Some humans do ProLon as soon as a month for motives that are in line with therapeutic outcomes of fasting that we are additionally learning and will launch underneath a dietitian guided application in 2023.

How must the Prolon software be used?

The weight-reduction plan have to be used for 5 consecutive days, after which the man or woman will transition on the sixth day and then resume their everyday diet. The software presents a meal card that recommends how to eat the objects for every day, however every day’s objects can be ate up in any order you wish, as lengthy as you solely devour every day’s objects in the course of that day (do now not lift them over to the next).

What are the meals pathways affected with the aid of Prolon?

While there are many exceptional signaling elements in the “nutrient-sensing pathways” worried with cell fasting, the three main nutrient-sensing pathways that ProLon and fasting down-regulate are IGF-1, mTOR, and PKA. The procedure is complex, and every pathway can have interaction with different pathways, however in general, PKA responds chiefly to sugar and carbohydrates, whilst IGF-1 is specifically responsive to protein (and extra strongly brought on by using animal protein), and mTOR is prompted by using IGF-1 and amino acids. Sugar and carbohydrates (and to some extent caffeine) will prompt PKA. These nutrient-sensing pathways all assist alter the cells’ increase cycles and stress-resistant “fasting” state.

What occurs to my physique for the duration of the fasting mimicking program?

ProLon gives the physique with a scientifically developed, naturally taking place aggregate of macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates, proteins) and micronutrients (essential nutritional vitamins and minerals) designed to maintain the physique nourished whilst going thru the rejuvenating procedure of the fasting state.


Day 1: Transforming to a Fasting State: Your physique is transitioning to a fasting kingdom and fat- burning mode, and starts training for cell clean-up.

Day 2: Fat Burning & Ketogenesis: Fast Burning & Ketogenesis: Fat-Burning ramps up, contributing to the initiation of ketogenesis (ketone production). By the quit of this day (48 hours), ketosis may additionally occur.

Day 3: Autophagy Clean Up State: Cellular clean-up (autophagy) Fat-burning and ketone production/utilization continues and increases.

Day 4: Cellular Rejuvenation:Cellular cleaning/renewal & fat-burning You’re in the closing stretch.

Day 5: Renewal & Change: Fast completed, cell renewal continues past Day 5.

How a great deal weight am I anticipate to lose?

While the reason of the ProLon weight loss program is to set off rejuvenation, weight loss may additionally occur. Everyone is different, and weight loss relies upon on a variety of factors. In a scientific learn about of contributors who carried out a 5-day ProLon cycle as soon as a month for three months, the common weight loss at the cease of the learn about was once about 5.7 pounds. This was once exceptionally belly fat, whilst lean physique mass used to be preserved.

What is the each day caloric consumption in the course of Prolon?

Day 1 has about 1100 energy (kcals), whilst Days 2-5 have between seven-hundred and 800 energy (kcals) per day.