Why Sara Started SHEFIT Sara and her daughters

Here’s what I think. A sports activities bra is the most essential piece of equipment we female have. So it higher rattling nicely do the job.

Before I started out SHEFIT®, I by no means had any intention to begin a business. I was once simply making an attempt to clear up my personal problem. After years of frustration with the sports activities bras on the market, I used to be nonetheless doubling up. And tying off the extra straps with a rubber band.

Well, I known as bullshit. And after loads of trials, I designed a prototype sports activities bra that I was once capable to modify to my body. I felt amazing, and my self assurance soared.

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That’s what I choose for all female and girls. No depend what measurement or structure or age or capacity level. To understand that exquisite feeling of being supported and confident. Not simply on the enjoying field, however in life.

Performance equipment for kickass girls who refuse to settle.
It’s time to demand equipment that works with us. Not towards us. SHEFIT’s progressive healthy and guide is designed to healthy us pass for move.

It all commenced with the Ultimate Sports Bra® – a bra that disrupted a 40-year-old enterprise with unparalleled control, raise and fit. And we have by no means stopped innovating since.

Flawless Fit For Every Shape and Size From XS to 6Luxe
Flawless suit for each and every structure and size.
The proper equipment can make or smash a workout. At SHEFIT, we take the time to sweat the details. To make certain that each and every bra and piece of clothing we graph matches flawlessly and without problems for each and every form and dimension – from XS to 6Luxe.

Fit and support.
For each and every body.

The proper fit. And a sisterhood of support. Our educated in shape specialists are on name to make certain that you discover the proper match and the proper bra.

Schedule A Fitting
Love Your Bra Love Your Planet
Love your bra.
Love the planet.

We’ve changed all of our plastic packaging with laundry bags, purchasing baggage and delivery luggage made out of recycled and biodegradable materials.

Leveling the taking part in field

No lady or girl must have to drop out or keep lower back due to the fact she doesn’t have get right of entry to to the proper gear. We’re supporting to degree the taking part in discipline by means of donating SHEFIT bras to girls, ladies and companies round the world, inclusive of The Sports Bra Project.

Let’s work together!

SHEFIT started out with the Ultimate Sports Bra® – a bra that disrupted a 40-year-old industry. We accept as true with the proper tools can make or wreck a workout. We make sure that the whole thing we plan suits flawlessly and quite simply for each and every structure and size. Our tools modifications lives. Join us on our mission. We love our ever-growing neighborhood of ambassadors and prefer human beings passionate about fitness, wellness, and supporting ladies raise every different up to attain their achievable to be part of our efforts with the aid of merchandising our brand. SHEFIT ambassadors are given an affiliate hyperlink to submit and share with their social following the use of the posting requirements we provide. In alternate you will acquire fee on sales generated via your hyperlink as nicely as extraordinary product releases and free merchandise monthly.

Fit or Sizing Questions

Using your bust and rib cage (under bust) measurements are the great way to make sure you are in the right dimension SHEFIT® bra. We suggest measuring your bust round the fullest section and at once over your nipple line. To measure your rib cage, put the measuring tape tightly beneath your bust, the place your breast meets your rib cage. Make certain that the measuring tape is flat on your body. Here is a video to assist give an explanation for how to measure. CLICK HERE

Do you have a bra that is now not X-back or Racer back?

Both the Ultimate Sports Bra and Flex Sports bra can be worn in H-back or X-back style. Your bra will arrive in X-back style. To go to H-back, really undo the straps and uncross them.
What if my measurements fall into a couple of sizes?

SHEFIT sports activities bras are designed with customizable features. Because of this many women’s measurements fall into two sizes. The excellent measurement is frequently a private preference. For greater insurance select the large size, for much less insurance and greater compression select the small of the encouraged sizes.
Do I put on the identical dimension bra in every style?

We dimension all our bras with the identical sizing standards. You need to put on the equal measurement in all four styles. However, some girls choose a special match for every style. The Flex Sports Bra has a V-neckline and the Ultimate Sports Bra has a U-neckline. This can end result in much less insurance in the Flex than the Ultimate.

Some girls who are on the part of sizing will pick to go up a dimension in the Flex Sports Bra.

Our Low Impact Sports Bra and our Lounge Bra are made of a
seamless fabric that matches cushty when you first put it on, some ladies choose to
size up in these styles, and some experience the compression of their equal size.

For extra cup house in the Ultimate Sports Bra, Low Impact
Sports Bra and the Lounge Bra, strive eliminating the breast cup inserts earlier than you
go up a entire size.
Why is my Low Impact Sports Bra and Lounge Bra so tight?

These bras are designed to have a decreased variety of seams. The seamless layout is a very one-of-a-kind cloth and weaving manner that creates a tighter sense when you first put it on. The cloth will settle and loosen a little bit after wear.

What are some signs and symptoms that my bra doesn’t fit?


There shouldn’t be any gapping in your bra. It must in shape your physique cushty and cross with you as you move.
Your rib band need to lay absolutely flat in opposition to your body, barring any breast tissue underneath the rib band.
The cups ought to be full and snug, there ought to be no slack in cloth when you move. If you have area in your cups you will jump or sway.

Arm Pit Skin

THIS IS NORMAL! Everyone has that little bit of arm pores and skin that is normally known as “Boob Fat”, your bra need to no longer go all the way up into your armpit. If your bra is in your armpit, you ought to chafe and rub your palms and get sores.

Need More Cup Space?

The Ultimate Sports Bra, Lounge Bra and Low Impact Sports Bra all function detachable cups. These detachable cups can provide you more cup area when your bra suits ideal in all places else, however you simply want a little greater cup house to limit minor budging. Try eliminating the breast cup inserts earlier than you go up a total measurement in these bras.
Can I use my normal bra measurement to discover my SHEFIT bra size?

You can use your ordinary bra dimension to discover your SHEFIT size. However, did you recognize 80% of girls are in the unsuitable regular bra size? This is why the usage of your bust and rib cage measurements in inches and following our dimension chart is the fantastic way to discover your SHEFIT size.