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What Is Signos?

Signos is the solely organization that combines a CGM with an AI-driven app to supply real-time glucose monitoring for superior fitness and weight management.

Signos interprets an individual’s metabolic indicators into well timed guidelines for eating, exercise, and higher health.

A white man carrying a non-stop glucose screen with a blue Signos game cowl on pinnacle on his left arm. His returned is dealing with the digital camera and he is seem to be at the Golden Gate Bridge.
How Does Signos Work?

As individuals start their Signos journeys, they log what they eat, permitting the Signos platform to examine every person’s glucose response to particular foods. Once calibrated, Signos makes use of that statistics to grant personalised vitamin suggestions, such as which ingredients are great for every member, when to devour them, and when to workout to deliver glucose stages again inside their most advantageous weight loss range.

We’re on a quest to handle the weight problems epidemic.

With almost 75% of the American populace obese or obese, Signos gives a new way for human beings to act on their body’s special response to what they consume to lose weight and kickstart a more healthy life.
Photo of Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer, CEO of Signos.
Our Story
Glucose Is the Key

Sharam’s lifelong war with weight and health blended with a want to apprehend his physique introduced him to the notion that glucose ought to be the best biometric to track. He took Bill—who tracked his weight by spreadsheets—out for pizza and they got here up with the notion of developing a new, biodata-centric method to weight loss.

Science of Using CGMs for Weight Loss

Learn how the meals you eat, the way you exercise, your sleep quality, and your stress patterns have an effect on your blood sugar (glucose). Incorporate adjustments to your diet and way of life to preserve your glucose stable. Practice these new habits each and every day and gain higher health, weight loss, and more.

This is the Signos strategy to healthful weight loss.

Our unique-to-you application for weight loss is backed through a developing subject of scientific research—and greater research are coming out all the time.

What is glucose?

Glucose is carried to the cells via the bloodstream. Several hormones, which includes insulin, manipulate glucose tiers in the blood.
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How glucose can affect health

Glucose spikes—or a fast upward push in the quantity of glucose in the body—cause proportional insulin release. Glucose that isn’t used with the aid of undertaking receives saved for later use, every now and then as fat.
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How CGM use can enhance fitness outcomes

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Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) advantages prolong past revealing glucose numbers. Studies exhibit that CGM use can inspire conduct modifications that lead to weight loss, adherence to an exercising regimen, and multiplied nutrition.

How Signos Works

When you grow to be a Signos member, you’ll get 24/7 get entry to to the Signos app plus a non-stop glucose reveal (CGM). Signos teaches you how to apprehend and act on your glucose facts to grow to be the healthiest model of you.

Weight Loss, Powered via AI

Whether you choose to lose weight, find out metabolic insights, enhance health, or speed up performance, Signos combines the electricity of AI, science-backed tools, and conduct amendment prompts to preserve you on track. Pick your No. 1 fitness aim and Signos calculates the endorsed glucose sector to assist you meet it.

Any time your glucose spikes above the pinnacle of your most beneficial zone, you’ll get a spike alert with recommendation on how to decrease your glucose.
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Our AI makes use of your records as nicely as heaps of hundreds of different facts factors from different members. The extra information you provide us [by logging and syncing your fitness information with the Signos app], the higher and greater tailor-made the AI receives for you. This ability logging is key: Log your meals, workouts, activities, and weight.

Stay Accountable to Your Weight Loss and Health Goals
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Glucose is the key hyperlink for profitable weight loss and the cellular engagement from the Signos app gives remarks in real-time. The app builds accountability and instigates sustainable life-style alternate that consequences in weight loss.

Signos: Frequently Asked Questions

Signos helps you recognize your body’s special response to what you devour and gives training to assist you lose weight and optimize your health.

If you’re questioning of becoming a member of Signos, you have questions; membership details, CGM information, and how to get started. This article solutions some of the questions we get most often.

If you don’t see your query listed, please attain out to us at

General Signos FAQs
What is Signos?

Signos is an all-in-one fitness device that gives contributors with get admission to to its app and a non-stop glucose screen (CGM). The CGM sends your glucose facts by using bluetooth to the Signos app, the place you can see a non-stop plan of your glucose, log what you consume and drink, tune your weight, and get get right of entry to to expert-created things to do that educate you how little micro modifications every day can have you living—and loving—a glucose-stable lifestyle. Sync your clever watches, clever scales, or Apple Health records to Signos for simpler monitoring of your fitness metrics.

Read extra about Signos.

How does Signos work?

Your character glucose response blended with the foods and exercises you log grant the real-time records for our platform to endorse the meals that assist maintain your glucose stable. When you devour or drink some thing that spikes your glucose, our AI can endorse exercising and effort degree based totally on your exercise logs so you can deliver your glucose lower back down extra quickly. When your glucose tiers continue to be normally stable, in time, you’ll reap the advantages of greater energy, increased intellectual clarity, higher metabolic health, much less danger of persistent diseases, and wholesome weight management.

Read greater about how Signos works.

Do non-stop glucose video display units (CGM) assist with weight loss?

Yes, non-stop glucose monitoring can assist with weight loss when used to inform positive, long-lasting conduct changes. One find out about posted in Clinical Diabetes discovered that 87% of CGM customers modified their meals options based totally on the glucose facts accumulated from the CGM. What’s more, 47% of CGM customers stated they had been greater probably to go for a stroll or whole bodily recreation if they noticed a upward thrust in their blood sugar. Overall, 90% of individuals felt that CGM use contributed to a more healthy lifestyle.

One learn about of 1,002 human beings determined that glucose spikes and dips can relate to consuming once more sooner—and ingesting extra energy at that meal and for the duration of the relaxation of the day.

CGMs supply non-stop glucose statistics so customers can react hence and so they can be proactive about alternatives based totally on their cutting-edge glucose level.

Your glucose tiers can be used as a device for some thing known as “appetite training,” or recognizing starvation signals. If your glucose is high—how excessive relies upon on the individual—this may be a cue that you have greater electricity to burn. Maybe you nevertheless have electricity from your most latest meal or long-term fats stores, and you may want to lengthen ingesting a snack or meal.

Many human beings get hungry for motives different than the want for energy—for example, social cues or boredom. But if you’re monitoring your glucose by means of a non-stop glucose display (CGM) and the use of the Signos app, you can take a look at your glucose earlier than you sketch to consume to see if your glucose stage is high.

If your glucose is excessive (learn what “high” capability and see regular glucose degrees for non-diabetics), you may additionally have greater power to burn so going for a brisk stroll or doing 10 minutes of push-ups or kettlebell swings ought to be an best way to decrease your blood sugar and perchance minimize appetite. Self-monitoring of glucose (via non-stop glucose reveal or wellknown fingerstick glucose meters) can be an nice device for weight and fats loss, in particular when paired with professional coaching that helps you apprehend which behaviors assist you stabilize your glucose.

For the modern day facts concerning the science in the back of glucose, insulin, fats storage and weight loss, study The Scientific Evidence for Using CGMs for Weight Loss.
Can I use Signos to manipulate my diabetes?

Signos presently solely affords membership get admission to to non-diabetics. If you’re diabetic and would like get admission to to a CGM to tune your glucose, discuss to your medical doctor or diabetes administration team.
Should I be involved about any doable allergens?

Our kits are shipped to you with our companion CGM machine and adhesive patches that are usually utilized on pinnacle of the sensor to maintain it in place. Our patches are latex-free and made of a clinical grade, hypoallergenic, acrylicsure polymer. In uncommon instances (<1%) if you are allergic to the sensor adhesive, you can follow the patch first and then the sensor on top of it. Some of our contributors with touchy pores and skin have viewed success when making use of Flonase to the software region earlier than inserting the CGM sensor.
Does the Signos membership consist of get right of entry to to prescription medication?

No, we do no longer provide any prescription medicinal drugs or clinical supplements.

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Pricing FAQs
How tons does Signos cost?

Signos gives 1, 3, and 6 month plans which are priced as follows:

1 month: $399
three months: $199 per month ($597 total)
6 months: $159 per month ($954 total)

NEW – Pay As You Go Plan

Pay your subscription on a month-to-month foundation for three and 6-month commitments.

three months: $249 per month
6 months: $199 per month

You are committing to a three or 6-month subscription time period however can pay monthly. If you pick to terminate your three or 6-month dedication earlier than the dedication is fulfilled, you are situation to a rate up to $199.

All pricing consists of get entry to to the Signos App, a CGM for the length of your subscription, and a free digital telehealth evaluation for participation in our application and a prescription for the CGM.

We automatically have promotions, so if you are no longer already on our e-mail list, signal up now to get hold of emails about future promotions.

You can choose a Signos graph here.
Is Signos blanketed through insurance?

Our provider is no longer presently included by means of insurance. We are capable to provide get admission to to our research-based metabolic fitness and weight administration application consisting of get admission to to a CGM for the period of your subscription at a fraction of what a CGM would value out-of-pocket.

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CGM & Device FAQs
What is a CGM?

A non-stop glucose display (CGM) is a tiny wearable gadget that reads the glucose degrees in your interstitial fluids continuously. It is connected to your physique (usually the higher arm or on the stomach) and consistently video display units glucose tiers by using a microfilament—not to worry, it’s now not uncomfortable to put on and you barely note it’s there as soon as applied.

For extra records on CGMs and how they work, see How Does a Continuous Glucose Monitor Work.
How do I observe the patch?

The patch can be utilized like a band-aid. You would first do away with the adhesive cover, then area the patch with the central non-adhesive phase over the CGM.
Do I want to scan or wand over my CGM?

You will now not want to scan the CGM with your phone, as the gadget transmits facts continuously—every 5 minutes—to your phone. To make positive your cellphone is taking pictures the readings, you simply want to allow bluetooth, and make certain your cellphone is inside 20 ft of you.
Can I take showers whilst sporting a CGM? What can (and can’t) I do with my sensor?

You can take showers, exercise, and even swim with your sensor. The sensor is designed to be in a position to work in up to eight toes of water and at altitudes of up to 13,800 feet. You can additionally use it in a warm bath as lengthy as the temperature does now not exceed 107.6°F. Live someplace tropical? No worries, the sensor can feature in up to 95% humidity.
Is the machine invasive?

The CGM system is minimally invasive. Each gadget has a filament the dimension of a kitten’s whisker that sits simply beneath the skin. You put a new sensor on each and every 10 days and simply take off the ancient one (it’s like peeling off a band aid).
Can I request patch and/or sensor replacements?

Yes, if a patch and/or sensor fails, you can request a substitute by using writing to us at Please note: If you’re experiencing gadget issues, contact Signos Support BEFORE putting off a sensor, and they will be blissful to assist you troubleshoot. Subscriptions do now not encompass free replacements for gadgets incorrectly utilized or eliminated prematurely.
Can I use the CGM past 10 days?

Each sensor is designed to closing for 10 days. You will be induced from the Dexcom app to swap out the sensor to a new one after the 10 days are complete.
What have to I do if I experience ache or pain from the CGM?

It is uncommon, however if you sense ache or discomfort, strive altering the placement of your subsequent sensor to some other phase of your body. We propose now not the usage of the equal area twice consecutively, however altering the vicinity with each and every new sensor. If ache or soreness happens and you take your sensor off early, please contact You can continue to be on tune by means of placing on one of the sensors in your package deal vs. ready for the arrival of the replacement.
What are Signos well suited devices?

We are presently handy on:

iPhone (versions 6s or newer)
Android: Please verify gadget compatibility with the aid of checking to see if your gadget is here:

Can I use my Apple Watch with Signos?

Absolutely! Signos helps any Apple Watch that runs WatchOS 7.0+ This requires an iPhone 6s or later, with iOS 14 or later, and one of the following Apple Watch models: Apple Watch Series 3, 4, 5, SE, 6, 7 or 8+.

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Joining Signos
How can I signal up for Signos?

You can signal up right here and whole our quick quiz on our website. After submitting your email, you’ll get hold of an e mail that confirms you signed up successfully. Next steps will be an electronic mail welcoming you to whole the signup process. We be aware of you’re busy and price your time—there are a few steps, however you can signal up and choose a Signos membership diagram in one day.
Can I get get entry to to Signos except a prescription?

Prescriptions are a quintessential phase of the process, however relaxation assured, an impartial health practitioner will manage the prescription for you so you may not want to organize for a medical doctor visit. It is covered in the price of membership.
What is the scientific seek advice from process?

Based on your responses to a unique clinical questionnaire, our medical doctors will assessment your records to decide if you are clear to use the Signos platform. If approved, our medical practitioner will routinely ship your prescription to our pharmacy partner, and the package will be shipped to the mailing tackle you provide. You’ll acquire an e mail as soon as your package has shipped, together with monitoring information.
How do I pick the proper subscription plan?

If your No.1 purpose is weight loss, wholesome weight loss is normally in the vary of 1–2 kilos a week. We advocate you select the design period based totally on how tons weight you desire to lose. For example, if you choose to lose 25 pounds, consistent and sustainable weight loss ought to be manageable with our 6-month plan. When you subscribe to Signos, you’ll get get admission to to our weight loss application by our app and a non-stop glucose screen for the length of your subscription.
What is covered in the subscription?

A Signos subscription consists of a Signos kit, get entry to to our weight loss software with the aid of our app, the fee of the devices, and a scientific session for medical doctor approval for the CGM. The Signos package has a transmitter, sensors, overall performance covers, alcohol wipes, glucose drink for the glucose calibration test, and a welcome booklet with data on downloading our app and making use of your first sensor. Our weight loss application consists of a host of activities, recommendations, and prompts to assist you select the pleasant meals for you, examine the most recommended instances to exercise, get in tune with your starvation signals, study how to manipulate stress, and more.
Can I switch my subscription?

Since our companion CGM machine is an FDA regulated classification III clinical device, it need to be used solely by using the individual for whom the prescription has been prepared. Your CGM and corresponding subscription can’t be transferred to absolutely everyone else.

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Account & Membership FAQs
How do I replace my account info?

You can replace your account and private data in the Signos app via going to the Settings tab in the backside proper corner. Once you click on on the gear, you can exchange your required statistics through going to “Account”, “Profile”, or “Payments”.
How do I trade my password?

You can replace your password in the Signos app via going to the Settings tab in the backside proper corner. Once you click on on Settings, you can exchange your required data via clicking on the Account button.
How do I cancel my subscription?

You may additionally cancel your auto-renewal through logging into your member portal or in the Settings of your Signos app. Cancellation takes impact after your contemporary subscription duration has ended for all plans. Signos does no longer provide pro-rated refunds on subscriptions that are cancelled early. Subscriptions that are terminated prior to all repayments being gathered are situation to a rate of up to $199. If you want help please contact us at For extra records on our cancellation policy, please see our Terms & Conditions.
What is your refund & return policy?

Sales, as soon as completed, are final. As our companion CGM machine is FDA approved, it comes underneath the classification of regulated scientific devices, and can’t be again as soon as it has left the pharmacy. If you want to discontinue a 6-month subscription earlier than assembly the minimal month-to-month commitment, you will be introduced with a non-refundable early cancellation fee. We will now not pro-rate any unused weeks of subscriptions. For extra facts on our refund and return policy, please see our Terms & Conditions.
When will my order be shipped?

Your order will ship inside 1–3 weeks from health practitioner approval. As quickly as your clinical seek advice from approves you for participation in the Signos program, your prescription is despatched to our pharmacy, and your package deal will ship within 1–3 weeks. You will acquire an e mail with your monitoring quantity as soon as it ships, alongside with unique onboarding information.