Find Your VIBE: The Austen 30″ Fireclay Kitchen Sink
The VIBE Color Collection through Sinkology facets our liked farmhouse fashion fireclay sinks—but with a colourful strength you haven’t viewed before. VIBE presents our most famous fireclay sinks in an array of family- and memory-inspired colors.

Whether you make your sink the focal factor or combination with your coloured cabinetry, the VIBE Collection from Sinkology gives you manipulate of the power your kitchen creates. Go daring with our rich, beautiful colors, or add delicate attraction and persona with our softer hues—all whilst relying on the time-tested sturdiness and performance of our hand-selected fireclay material.

Design Made Simple

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Boldly Durable
The Austen is handcrafted from pure fireclay cloth to provide the herbal sturdiness of fireclay that is strengthened and throughout the firing process. The Austen is completed with Sinkology’s signature SureFire Glaze to create an extra-thick floor that is convenient to easy and locks in the color, durability, and reliability of your fireclay kitchen sink.sinkology bradstreet ii reviews

Timeless Charm
The Austen comes in an array of stunning hues as section of the VIBE Collection of kitchen sinks. Each colour enhances the timeless seem to be and diagram of a basic farmhouse fashion sink like the uncovered front, swish edges, and deep walls. The Austen makes it enjoyable and effortless to convey a new electricity to the coronary heart of your home.

Sinkology SK499-30FC-GB-AMZ Austen Farmhouse 30 in. Single Bowl Tea Kettle Gloss Black Care IQ Kit Fireclay Kitchen Sink

  • Included: Tea Kettle Gloss Black Fireclay Kitchen Sink and Fireclay Care IQ Kit
  • Outer Dimensions: 30 in. x 18 in. x 10 in. Bowl Dimensions: 28in. x 16in. x 9in. Cabinet Size: 33 in. recommended
  • Durability: Fired at extra than 2100*F ranges and bolstered with the Sinkology SureFire Glaze, the Austen aspects an extra-thick floor that serves as a protective, easy-to-clean guard to hold your sink wonderful 12 months after year.
  • Apron-Front Appeal: The Austen showcases the easy-to-love elements of a farmhouse-style sink. This facets the basic seem to be of an exposed, apron-front layout that brings the allure of a typical farmhouse sink to the coronary heart of your home.
  • Recommended Accessories: Daily drops, bangs, and slams are phase of each and every busy kitchen. Bottom grids, like the Wren (SG008-27ST) provide improved resistance to scratches and scuffs from pots, pans, and dishes. Sinkology fireclay sinks are well suited with each basket strainer drains (TB35-03) and InSINKerator-compatible disposal drains (TD35-03).
  • 3D interactive meeting guidelines for this product are handy thru the free BILT app.

Product description

The Austen 30 inch Single Bowl Colored Fireclay Kitchen Sink from Sinkology brings a new strength to your kitchen. Find your special VIBE with an array of colour alternatives beneath Sinkology’s VIBE Collection and let the Austen single-bowl farmhouse sink steal the exhibit in the core of your home. Handcrafted with naturally long lasting fireclay material, the Austen is designed for busy kitchens and can face up to the needs of day-to-day life. The Austen is fired at 2100 levels to lock in fireclay’s herbal durability, and it is completed with Sinkology’s signature SureFire glaze to create an easy-to-clean, non-porous surface. With easy renovation and simple installation, the Austen makes it effortless to add new strength and a contact of shade to your home. Glossy and glamorous, Tea Kettle’s reflective black fireclay kitchen sink floor is daring besides being overbearing. The darkish coloration is forgiving of meals particles and minor scrapes and scratches, and the high-gloss end provides a high-impact shine for your apron-front fireclay sink. The Austen comes blanketed with Sinkology’s Everyday Promise lifetime guarantee.

Sinkology SK404-30FC Turner Farmhouse 30 in. Single Bowl Crisp White Fireclay Kitchen Sink

About this item

  • The Turner elements a basic uncovered apron-front plan of a farmhouse-style sink. The flat, clean floor extends from your counters and wraps round to create soft, curved exterior edges for a swish centerpiece in your kitchen.
  • The Turner is designed with an 8.5″ bowl, which is barely shallower than our deepest Sinkology farmhouse fashion kitchen sinks. This permits for less complicated reaching, greater family-friendly accessibility, and less complicated installation.
  • Sinkology chosen its fireclay cloth for its herbal potential to stand up to the drops, bumps, and bangs of day-to-day life. The Turner is handcrafted from fireclay and fired at 2100° to support the material’s nature-made sturdiness and resistance. Our SureFire end is utilized to our INSPIRE Collection of fireclay sinks to lock in sturdiness and add every other layer of protection. The SureFire end additionally creates a shiny, easy-to-clean floor that prevents stains and wipes clean.
  • Recommended Accessories: Sinkology’s Wren backside grid (#SG008-27ST) is reachable to assist you entire your Turner kitchen sink as it is custom-designed and in my opinion handmade from heavy-gauge metal to defend the floor of your sink. Complete your kitchen sink with a Sinkology drain – basket-strainer drain (Stainless #TB35-03) or an InSinkErator (ISE)-compatible drain (Stainless # TD35-03).
  • The Turner single bowl, fireclay farmhouse kitchen sink comes backed with the Sinkology Everyday Promise lifetime guarantee.

From the manufacturer

With the Turner fireclay kitchen sink, concept comes fantastically packaged in this high-durability, 30 in. single bowl design. The Turner used to be handcrafted with busy households in mind—the beneficiant floor house go away room for filling pots, stacking dishes, cleaning, and getting ready meals. Best of all, the Turner affords entire performance except sacrificing the timeless fashion of an actual apron-front farmhouse kitchen sink and sinkology bradstreet ii reviews.

Design Made Simple
Boldly Durable
The Turner is handcrafted from pure fireclay fabric to provide the herbal sturdiness of fireclay that is bolstered and all through the firing process. The Turner is completed with Sinkology’s signature SureFire Glaze to create an extra-thick floor that is convenient to easy and locks in the color, durability, and reliability of your fireclay kitchen sink.

Apron-Front Appeal
The signature Crisp White color, high-shine surface, and swish edges exhibit the easy-to-love aspects of our farmhouse-style sink. The Turner aspects the traditional exposed, apron-front layout that brings the attraction of a normal farmhouse sink to the coronary heart of your home.

Product description
The Turner Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink blends the appeal and relief of an apron-front sink with the useful sturdiness of fireclay material. With a shallower 8.5″ single bowl design, doing the dishes will become less complicated on the lower back and greater handy for the total family. The Crisp White colour is smooth and lovely and Sinkology’s SureFire end creates a simple-to-clean, brilliant surface. The Turner’s fireclay fabric is fired at 2100° to lock in its herbal durability, and your sink is assured now not to chip, crack, rust, or stain, and we stand by way of that assurance with the Sinkology Everyday Promise lifetime warranty. The Turner’s uncovered apron-wrap graph gives the traditional attraction of a farmhouse sink, and with matching add-ons available, you can entire the best sink for the coronary heart of your home.

Houzer PTG-4300 WH Apron-Front Fireclay Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

About this item

  • Timeless Fireclay with Contemporary Radius
  • Chip, crack and scratch resistant
  • Non-porous semi-glossy surface
  • Dual Mount Option: Apron Front or Under mount
  • External Dimensions: 33″ L x 20″ W x 10″ D
  • Internal Dimensions: 31. 31″ L x 18. 25″ W x 9. 25″ D

Platus Fireclay Apron-Front Farmhouse & Undermount Sinks
We begin with a proprietary combo of Fireclay slip that is formed the use of the most superior injection molding strategies on the market today. After being hand-brushed and sponged, the uncooked sinks are cured for up to forty eight hours. Then they are sprayed with glazing substances and fired for over 20 hours in a kiln at 2200° F.

Being fired at such a excessive temperature motives the Fireclay cloth to fuse collectively with the glaze, developing the glossy, cool-to-the-touch end that defines great Fireclay. Our modern-traditional technique outcomes in sinks that are chip, crack, and scratch resistant-ideal for high-traffic kitchens. Fireclay sinks will ultimate a lifetime, some of the oldest sinks in use nowadays are of this variety. Our Fireclay sinks additionally have the soul-satisfying gain of being made from all herbal substances that are totally lead-free.

Platus Fireclay Series
Fireclay is the most long lasting of all ceramics. Found solely in particular areas of the world, our actual natural fireclay is delivered to lifestyles as a work of art.

Crafted by means of fireclay artisans for over 70 years in Israel and Turkey, our timeless traditional conjures up modern-day fashion with usual farmhouse elegance. Created in modern-day ISO-certified Houzer factories the use of reducing side technological know-how to bake our real fireclay in 2200 stages Fahrenheit for over 20 hours, ensures precision manufacturing quality. Expert artisans then hand-finish our work of artwork into an high-quality sink that is made to final a lifetime to create the centerpiece of your kitchen. The coronary heart of your home and sinkology bradstreet ii reviews.

Product description
Houzer PTG-4300 Apron-Front Fireclay 33-inch sinks function sharp corners with present day traces that add a European aptitude to modern-day kitchen designs with a normal accent. Fired at excessive 2200 ranges Fahrenheit, Houzer’s proprietary clay and mineral mixture fuses with the nonporous glaze, growing a luxurious, glossy, cool-to-the-touch end that is chip, crack, and scratch resistant. The bowl measures 31.3125-inches by way of 18.25-inches through 9.25-inches deep and is furnished with instructions. The Houzer PTG-4300 33-inch Apron-Front Fireclay sink requires customized base cupboard and is included by way of a restricted Lifetime Warranty. For over three decades, Houzer has been enhancing tens of millions of kitchens throughout America and overseas, one sink at a time. sinkology bradstreet ii reviews . Houzer provides (112) sensational fashions in granite, granite composite and extra to in shape any graph from usual to contemporary. Houzer believes that sinks can make your existence in the kitchen less difficult and greater enjoyable.

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