Discover the energy of our wise voice manipulate system! Play your favourite music, alter the volume, and easily manipulate the lights. Experience the last comfort with a couple of modes like Sleep Mode, Reading Mode, Game Mode, and more. Revolutionize your life-style with our ultra-modern technology.

Why SitJoy
Smartsofa X1 makes use of a exceptional Fabric with the present day technology.It feels clean and gentle simply like child skin.You will be amazed at its comfort.More importantly, it boasts excellent material performance. 35% Off Your Order With Sitjoy Use This Promo Code

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Adjustable lumbar cushion comprises a number of body sizes, imparting ergonomic help with human factors.
Intelligent voice system
With an wise voice manage system, you can alter the attitude to your preference, play music, and flip on the mild strip.

6-gear armrests provide flexibility for discovering your desired angle, whilst storage lets in handy get admission to to snacks or books.
Stereo Sound
4 Loudspeakers double song interior the sofa, with Bluetooth two connection.
Silicone fabric
Silicone cloth with robust wearability, effortless stain removal, and flame-retardant properties.
Satisfy you in quite a number relaxation postures such as sitting, reading, staring at TV and taking a candy nap.

Comfortable Comes First
Silicone fabric

The Sitjoysmartsofa X1 makes use of 80% Silicone fabric, imparting a remarkably easy and tender texture reminiscent of child skin. You will be pleasantly amazed by using its magnificent comfort. Moreover, it boasts exceptional material performance.Pass the DT21120084 check and the IOS-MAT-0079: AA-336472-8, 1.4 Quality (Q) requirements.
Soft & Safe
With its excessive durability, it efficiently prevents pet scratches from detrimental the chair. Additionally, it is effortless to easy stains on the fabric, be it from food, drinks, or even oil. Furthermore, it is flame-retardant, safeguarding in opposition to by accident dropped cigarette ends.
Best Formula 1:1
In order to make certain assist and remedy at the equal time, It took us many experiments to figer out the pleasant formula. Finally, we fill the cushion and backrest with fiber and feathers at a charge of 1: 1.

Our Promise

Taking an notion and bringing it to lifestyles is a complicated procedure and we’ve discovered so plenty about it in the previous year. We recognize there would possibly usually be challenges when growing a new product, however we’ve performed our satisfactory to minimise them.

The suppliers and factories we are working with have dozens of years of experience. We’ve already iterated 6 variations of the smartsofa .

The solely assignment is bringing Smartsofa to a large audience, we can be positive that you’ll continually be free to… sit down in joy.

SmartSofa is constructed through a crew of buddies with many years of ride in sitting and furniture. We sit down in an office, we sit down working from home, we take a seat down to relax, we take a seat whilst eating. But no matter our years of experience, we suck at it.

So we started out to be aware how our friends, household and co-workers behave when sitting……

Global delivery and logistics is mind-boggling, which is why we enlist professionals to assist with that. Because Smartsofa is a pretty giant item, we’ve opted for sea freight in bulk to distinctive hubs round the world, which is extra environmentally pleasant than air shipping.

That additionally capacity we can solely use sure carriers, which comes with its very own unpredictable challenges, however we’ll do our exceptional to go via this technique hiccup-free.

Sometimes, notwithstanding all people doing the entirety perfectly, stuff happens. Snow storms, hurricanes, substances getting caught in customs or factories dropping electrical energy for a day.

We’ve achieved our exceptional to account for any unexpected challenges and we’ve set a conservative timeline.

In all honesty, some thing can happen. We may find out we’re all dwelling in a simulation sport the following day and such a factor would possibly sluggish down the transport of your Smartsofa.

But no remember what happens, we promise we’ll usually be trustworthy and obvious with you and we’ll constantly hold you up to date with our growth post-campaign.

Whatever comes our way, we’ll get via it together.

Stereo Sound
Inside the Recliner, we have set up a dual-track gadget with 4 loudspeakers, linked through Bluetooth 2.0. This approves you to recline and totally immerse your self in the track or film experience.

Cell Phone Holder
When you are mendacity on the sofa staring at a film with your cellphone phone, your palms emerge as sore in a few minutes. With this holder, you can free your hands.

With the multi-functional mechanism, the couch can go well with your requirements. You can loosen up through swiveling or rocking the chair. If you desire to take a nap, you can set the chair to “sleep mode”.

Creative Design
6-gear armrests
Smartsofa 6-gear armrests can be adjustable to any perspective you like. You have greater flexibility to discover your favored posture. With storage, it is handy for you to get snacks or books.
3 IN 1 Pillow
A exceptionally realistic throw pillow each purposeful and stylish. Adorned with cowhide ropes, it exudes a charming aesthetic. Not solely does it grant superb aid for your waist and neck, however it additionally doubles as a comfortable blanket for these chilly moments.
It swivels, glides, and reclines quietly and easily with a push of button. Just plug the smartphone twine into the charging port, and hold it charged whilst you loosen up in your favourite recliner.

Breathing Light
A charming respiratory mild that mesmerizes and relaxes. With its mild pulsating glow, it without problems transforms your area into an spell binding haven. Elevate your ambiance and immerse your self in pure tranquility.
Ease anxiety

Get The Most Value
SITJOY,with its 2000 m2 factory, offersyou the nice rate for a top rate recliner reducing out the middlemen.
Sitjoy has developed a crew of professionals to plan and engineer thebest Recliner worldwide.
Every components of an Sitjoy Chair have long past via a serious of checking out to make sure the excessive high-quality of the chairs you received.
Extended Warranty To three Years
We provide you a confort recliner of the first-rate pleasant with a assured Warranty.