Luminalia 2953 Referral Bonus

The season of giving is upon us, and that continues with our Luminalia 2953 Referral promotion! This time, you and a buddy will every acquire special rewards designed to assist new gamers begin out in the ‘verse, while offering extra skilled gamers the equipment to take it to the subsequent level.

For You:

Starting December 11, our brand new referral bonus can provide you the referrer:

CCC Aves Armor Set (CCC Aves helmet, legs, arms, core)
Beacon Crimson Undersuit
Aril Quicksilver Backpack
FS-9 “Stoneface” LMG
Pyro RYT “Bloodline” Multi-Tool + Attachments (Mining, Salvage, TruHold Tractor Beam, Healing)
Gemini LH86 “Pathfinder” Pistol
Sawtooth “Bloodstone” Combat Knife
Luminalia “Deck the Hull” Drake Caterpillar Paint

For A Friend:

The participant you refer at some stage in the merchandising will receive:

Aves Talon Armor Set (Aves Talon helmet, legs, arms, core)
One Light Undersuit (Teal)
Aril Quicksilver Backpack
FS-9 “Evergreen” LMG
RYT Multi-Tool + Attachments (Mining, TruHold Tractor Beam, Healing)
Gemini LH86 Pistol
Sawtooth “Squall” Combat Knife
Luminalia “IceBreak” RSI Aurora Paint

Star Citizen + 5000 Credits + Bonus Items

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Referral Bonus FAQ

What is the referral bonus?

The referral bonus offers you free equipment for getting new gamers into Star Citizen. This time, you and the gamers you refer get an Aves armor set, undersuit, Aril Quicksilver backpack, FS-9 LMG, Sawtooth fight knife, RYT Multi-Tool and attachments, Gemini LH86 pistol, and Luminalia ship paint.

The bonus is granted when a new player makes use of your referral code and pledges for a starter pack or ship (minimum $40) on the Pledge Store.

The traditional referral bonuses practice too, such as 5000 aUEC and a factor in the ordinary Referral Program.

This bonus advertising runs till January 8, 2024, 20:00 UTC.

How do I refer a friend?

Your buddies ought to add your private referral code when growing their accounts. This is crucial, as the code CANNOT be brought after the account is created.
Where do I discover my private referral code?

You can discover it on the Referral Program Page. Your Referral Code is special and can be shared somewhere you like, consisting of on social media, with the aid of email, or on your website.
What’s in it for me?

Recruiting one buddy at some point of the merchandising receives you the CCC Aves armor set, Beacon Crimson undersuit, Aril Quicksilver backpack, FS-9 “Stoneface” LMG, Sawtooth “Bloodstone” fight knife, Pyro RYT “Bloodline” Multi-Tool and attachments, Gemini LH86 “Pathfinder” pistol, and Luminalia “Deck the Hull” inexperienced and purple Drake Caterpillar ship paint.
What’s in it for them?

The participant you refer all through the merchandising will get hold of the Aves Talon armor set, One Light Teal undersuit, Aril Quicksilver backpack, FS-9 “Evergreen” LMG, Sawtooth “Squall” fight knife, RYT Multi-Tool and attachments, Gemini LH86 pistol, and Luminalia “IceBreak” blue and white RSI Aurora ship paint.
Can I earn extra than one armor, paint, and tools set?

No. Only one armor, paint, and equipment set can be earned per player.
What is the ordinary Referral Program?

The normal Referral Program empowers you to end up a riding pressure at the back of the increase of the Star Citizen community. Plus, you’ll free up cool in-game rewards, from one of a kind hangar gadgets to ships. The Referral Program Page small print the entirety presently available.
When do I acquire my referral reward?

The veteran participant will get hold of their reward without delay as soon as when the new participant they are referring pledges for a starter pack or ship (minimum $40) on the Pledge Store. The new player’s reward will be granted as soon as the advertising ends on January eight Rewards may additionally be allotted in waves, so if you do not see it exhibit up proper away, it have to populate soon.
Are there any boundaries to the referral reward?

Yes. The Aves Armor, ship paint, and equipment set given out as a referral reward is non-meltable and non-giftable.
Do the widespread Referral Program and the constrained Luminalia 2953 Referral Bonus work together?

Yes. All referrals won in the course of the bonus length go closer to your whole in the preferred Referral Program.
Where can I discover greater statistics on the Referral Program?

Click right here to test out our everyday referral program.

Click right here to discover the Referral Program FAQ.

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